People take life for granted

Take of course - good or bad?

After a few years, your partner is someone who is just there. Always. They are taken for granted. The same applies to the job you've been in for a few years now. The colleagues are still the same people, their own tasks rarely deviate from the norm and the coffee machine is always in the same place anyway. Taking people and things in our lives for granted is human nature. But what's so bad about living with the habit and taking something for granted? There are a few good reasons why taking something for granted is far from negative.

What you have is more positive than you think

Everyone has probably heard it at least once from their own circle of acquaintances: “I want to get out of everyday life.” There is nothing wrong with that. Changes are good, but they are often based on wrong motives. We humans have a habit of questioning things that are always there with increasing duration.

The oh-so-annoying job is suddenly the most hideous thing in the world. He pours a decent salary into your cash register, but that's not the point. You would have that anywhere, you tell yourself. After all, you know what you can do. Might be. But apart from your colleagues and your employer, this is still relatively unknown to other employers. The same appreciation that you enjoy in your company will normally only come after years elsewhere. So pay attention to the other side of the coin, which only becomes apparent when you look at the coin from both sides. Sure, if you don't dare, you won't win. But whoever just dares is more likely to be wrong more often. Just remind yourself every now and then: what you have is more positive than you think.

Ordinary security is not a shame

The bourgeoisie is - and this is no joke - one of the greatest ways to live. Others say you are not cool with your nine-to-five job? So what, maybe the others are just jealous. Why? Because you can drive to work day after day with a relaxed, natural way, no nasty surprises await you and you simply know what to expect in your job and at this job.

It goes without saying that you make sandwiches for the next day for yourself and your partner in the evening. Better than spending a fortune in the hip organic shop every day. There is also no shame in paying into the pension fund every month. You must live now. Here and now. Already clear! But also in 40 years. Not in a one-room rat hole, just as you imagine it. Being a philistine means taking good precautions in this case. Oh yes, the philistine existence. A heavenly way to live.

True love is so natural because you don't question it

Relationship life. Let's not kid ourselves: the point comes when the rose-colored glasses of the first fall in love are a thing of the past. You discover the first quirks in your partner. Not every evening is planned with absolutely great, revolutionary activities, the couch is now too. And yes, after a while, the person by your side who, despite all their quirks, can still make you laugh wonderfully, is something like a matter of course.

She cooks your favorite tea every evening, on Sundays parents visit and on Wednesday evenings we go to the gym together. The first fall in love and the rose-colored glasses become "then" and everyday grind creeps into the relationship. Everything becomes a matter of course. Separation is now being considered. Was that really all that could be expected of a relationship? Then maybe the breakup will come. Because the action is missing. The special moment.

Many people then say that it no longer worked. Not correct! Perhaps, and only everyone can judge for themselves, it was even perfect. But you knew that the obvious has now replaced the surprises and the unexpected. But what's wrong with going around the world as a well-rehearsed team, knowing when it's time for each other's favorite tea? And what's wrong with running to the gym together every Wednesday? Nothing. So, don't torment yourself wondering if the tension is out of your relationship. If the tension is replaced by being yourself, it can also be simply love. You don't have to exert yourself every day. Let yourself go, look into your partner's eyes and be happy to have someone by your side who is a part of it. Just because. Of course.