What is Justin Bieber's nickname from fans

Justin Bieber

yeah, I don't belong in this teenage class here in terms of age, but at β€œ66” I got lost here and I want to leave my picking list before I lose myself again. Some hate him, others adore him. In JB I see a guy who knows his way around self-marketing and who has fulfilled childhood dreams that so many kids want and JB now has everything he wanted, even if Yellopress reports so much about him, from paths Burnout, tribulation, etc I think the boy does it quite well by bathing in his Persocult and just raking in the money. And he also testifies that appearance still means success. What I like about him is how he handles clothes, he can wear whatever he wants, he makes his beaver trend and they run after him, even stars and those who think they are stars are happy to be with you "selfen" him. However, and I want to mention that in passing, I still wear the asymmetrical hairstyle today and my role models were the cartoon characters Dennis and his fluffy dog. To JB; it fully meets my idea of ​​naturally pretty to beautiful looks. His face cut is top-notch because the front and profile for me are even and then the accentuated, beautiful, expressive brown eyes. Slightly arrogant Mimig, but it has to be, because his fans love him so much! I like to hear him because of his velvety soft, cuddly voice, which can also be very powerful. JB can sing, model and be decadent, he deserves it! What I can't believe, but that's his too; the tattoos. I think they distort him and so he eats one of many who walk around in the Maorie body look. JB wouldn't need that at all with his otherwise well-built body, but just eat his. To all those who put JB down, please consider whether you let off steam your own inadequacies on him because you just did not achieve what he did. Or your chique raves about him and you as the current lover are annoyed by the crush, which I can understand. My advice; the boy doesn't notice anything about your rascals, does his gigs and the money and messes around with his probes about brides and other things and has to see that he is not history yet. Have a look where your plus points are, definitely where you are by the side of your chique and make it clear that you are there and JB is, unless you have tickets for a concert, only partially and remotely. Girls have fun with JB, scream their souls out of their bodies to the point of exhaustion, howls and trembles and enjoys swarming around and adoring the unattainable JB, because you deserve it, because you are the fans, you are allowed to do that! !! Also dream of JB, because he is your idol and what else are idols there for? Honestly, I would really like to go to a JB concert, but with now "66" it doesn't fit anymore and the field belongs to you girls and Junx, because you have the privilege of young people, like me back then! Finally, if JB had already been there from my youth to maturity, I think I would have been one of his fans, because the boy just comes across as cool to me and really hits my nerve and that is really meant positively. So, thank you for reading and that I was allowed to be with you for a short time and now I'm sneaking back and you girls and Junx, now not shitstorming over me and right away as a precaution: you don't dredge old guys from the side , because so much decency has to be ok?! ... and all of it stays nice and creamy πŸ˜‰ Greez from Dedee