How are you doing right now

How are you?How are you?What are you doing there?What are you doing?What are you doing there?What are you doing there?If you know what I mean, don't think, dutustes,IYKWIMAITYD: IfyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkyoudoDo what I say, and don't do what I do!DWISNWID: DowhatIsaynotwhatIdo!Tit for tat.Titfortate.Life is what happens when others are making plans.Lifeiswhathappenstoyouwhileyouaremakingplans.take what's just theretotakepotluckknow where to go (what matters)toknowwhichsideone´sbreadisbutteredonhow it just comesasthecasemaybeHow are you?How are you doing?behave yourself as well as you feel comfortablepleaseyourselfYou can stall what you want, if you want what you can.Youcandowhatyouwantifyouwantwhatyoucando.Do it?Areyouon?It goes through marrow and leg.Itgoesrightthroughme.[ ]You., You. : directorDir.: DirectorSpain (es)Spainsmallbusiness (es)Middle classDaresSalaam (cityinTanzania)Dares Salaam (City in Tanzania)Storm and stressSturmundDrang (lit.)merchant and adventurerBusinessman and adventurerSturmundDrangliteratureSturm und Drang literatureStorm and rush periodSturm-und-Drang-Zeit (lit.SturmundDrangwriterStürmerundDränger (lit.)Theweatherwasbadandthemoodwasthesame.The weather was bad and the mood was right,WhatwasWhatbeenWhathas beenwas absentwas missingwasallowedcould[ ]