How are weeds growing in Africa

The sun is high in the sky above the blackberry plants of the Sämann Nursery and pelts the fields. The air shimmers hot. Three schoolgirls crouch in the middle of the bed. They eagerly pull weeds out of the pots. Their faces have turned red from the exertion.

But Franziska Krebs, Anna Dittmar and Jennifer Schneider don't toil to supplement their own pocket money. This morning they sweat to help people in need. As part of the “genialsozial” project, young people across Saxony work for a day for a good cause. The campaign brought the Saxon Youth Foundation into being in 2005. Last year, 25,000 students took part and earned 450,000 euros.

This money is used to support projects in poorer countries. This year the young people will enable the expansion of medical facilities in Madagascar, Mozambique and Guatemala. “This gives you the uncomplicated way to support social causes and help other people,” is how the students at Schiller-Gymnasium describe their motivation and continue to pull weeds out of blackberry cuttings.

Your school is participating in the project for the ninth time. The responsible teacher, Christiana Stephan, is pleased about the interest. "The pupils are encouraged to do good and get to know companies in the region at the same time". Last year 180 students from eighth to tenth grade took part and earned over 4,000 euros. The school itself can also benefit from this. 30 percent of the income can be used for our own projects in the region. This year, the students of the Schiller-Gymnasium want to financially support flood victims in their area. The children and young people are also involved in this way at many other schools in and around Bautzen. The work ranges from administrative tasks at the Sparkasse to pulling weeds in grandma’s garden - or at the Säann tree nursery. Your boss Philipp Sämann is enthusiastic about the campaign: "Ingeniously social shows that young people are very much committed to social issues". For Franziska Krebs, Anna Dittmar and Jennifer Schneider, their working day ends at 1 p.m. There are no more weeds in the black pots with the blackberry plants.