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Commercial flight operations

The commercial transport of passengers, freight and / or mail in aircraft is reserved for tested and approved airlines. The approval of aviation companies depends on the intended operation and the size or type of aircraft used

  • the Federal Aviation Office or
  • the aviation authorities of the countries.

The Joint Upper Aviation Authority Berlin-Brandenburg is responsible for issuing permits for:

  • Companies that carry out commercial sightseeing flights in aircraft that are not connected to transport between different points [Section 20 (1) No. 1 LuftVG]
  • Companies that carry out the commercial transport of people and objects with balloons [Section 20 (1) No. 2 LuftVG]

provided that the operator / company is based in the federal states of Berlin or Brandenburg.

Evidence of organizational, personnel, operational and technical requirements is required before a permit is issued. The safety-relevant prerequisites to be verified result from standards that are currently based on the following aviation law principles:

For companies that carry out commercial sightseeing flights in aircraft with which a transport is not connected between different points, Annex III Regulation (EEC) No. 3922/91 applies.

For companies that carry out the commercial transport of people and things with balloons, the operating regulations for aviation equipment (LuftBO) apply.

! Note:

For companies that carry commercial passengers at Rundf├╝gen, the provisions of Annex IV [Part-CAT] of Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012 apply
as of April 21, 2017 in force.
The application of Part-CAT for the commercial transport of passengers in balloons or in gliders has been changed as follows:

  • CAT operation - balloons: April 08, 2018
  • CAT operation - gliders: April 08, 2019

Solutions are currently being developed to regulate the basic principles and the corresponding procedures for the commercial operation of balloons from April 2017 (Air Traffic Act comes into force). The LuBB informs about the progress.

Companies with an operating license as an aviation company for commercial sightseeing flights or with the operation of balloons are subject to ongoing supervision by the aviation authority.

Non-commercial flight operations

Any operation of an aircraft [airplanes, helicopters, motor gliders, gliders, balloons].

Flights for the transport of passengers, mail or freight are permitted if they are not carried out for remuneration or other monetary benefits, or any remuneration for flight operations or flights within the framework of specialized flight operations are divided (including pilot) and limited to direct costs stay.

For "NCC operations" (non-commercial transport of passengers and / or freight with technically complex aircraft), a declaration according to ORO.DEC.100 VO (EU) No. 965/2012 must be submitted to the Federal Aviation Office.

Specialized flight operations

! On April 21, 2017, the following requirements apply to specialized flight operations:

  • Annex VIII - specialized flight operations [Part-SPO] VO (EU) No. 965/2012,

in force.

Please note that from this point on, commercial, specialized flight operations are subject to the declaration requirement and, under certain circumstances (specialized flight operations with high risk), are subject to authorization.

Specialized flight operations is the use of aircraft on flights e.g. B. in agriculture and forestry, for construction and assembly activities, aerial photography, surveying, observation and surveillance or aerial advertising. Specialized flight operations can be both commercial and non-commercial.

The operation of the aircraft is based on the corresponding flight operations in accordance with the requirements of Annex VIII [Part-SPO] of Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012.

Commercial specialized flight operations

The previously license-free operation of commercial specialized flight operations as well as non-commercial specialized flight operations with technically complex aircraft is for 21.04.2017 DECLARATION REQUIRED and is then subject to ongoing supervision by the aviation authority.

Corresponding flight operations are permitted after April 21, 2017 if a declaration has been made to the responsible aviation authority in accordance with ORO.DEC.100 VO (EU) No. 965/2012 on the implementation of commercial, specialized flight operations.

If your place of residence or the registered office of your company is in the federal states of Berlin or Brandenburg, please give your declaration to the Joint Upper Aviation Authority Berlin-Brandenburg using the relevant Form (see downloads).

Specialized flight operations with high risk

For the implementation of specialized flight operations which could result in an increased risk for third parties due to special geographical conditions or local conditions and / or the type of operation, separate approval from the aviation authority is required, which must be applied for in good time before the intended start of operations .

According to the determination of the national aviation authorities according to AMC1.ARO.OPS.150 in the Federal Republic of Germany, the following types of operation are considered to be specialized flight operations with high risk:

  • External load transports over cities, densely populated areas or crowds of people,
  • Flights with human external cargo (HEC),
  • Avalanche explosions,
  • every specialized flight operation which takes place below the minimum altitude according to SERA.5005 f),
  • any other flight operation for which the risk assessment carried out by the operator in accordance with SPO.OP.230 results in a "high risk" within the meaning of ORO.SPO.110 (a).

Specialized high-risk flight operations are permitted after April 21, 2017 if the aviation authority responsible for the place of residence or business has issued the relevant approval.

Please submit the application for authorization to carry out specialized flight operations using the relevant Form (see downloads) as well as enclosing the documents required for the decision.

! The joint upper aviation authority Berlin-Brandenburg asks operators based in the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, the corresponding (so far license-free) flights commercial to get in touch with our responsible employees as soon as possible.

Non-commercial specialized flight operations with other than technically complex aircraft

These are z. B. to flights to drop off parachutists, flights to tow gliders or aerobatics as well as competition or show flights.

If such flights are carried out within the scope of an ATO permit that has been issued or to ensure the club's flight operations and / or any remuneration is limited to the direct costs, the obligation to declare does not apply.

In these cases, operation is subject to the requirements of Annex VII [Part-NCO] of Regulation (EU) No: 965/2012.

For flights in non-commercial, specialized flight operations, reference is made to the requirements according to NCO.SPEC.105. According to this, a clear list must be drawn up for the respective type of specialized flight operation on the basis of a risk assessment that has been carried out and checked regularly.