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sensuality - practical help with life on a difficult topic. Sensuality is the sensual essence of something. Sensuality also describes the ability to enjoy. One speaks of sensuality as the surrender to the pleasant experience through the senses. Sometimes sensuality is also seen as a form of eroticism. One can experience the beautiful and stimulating things in the world through all of the senses.

It is sometimes said that India is a very sensual country: bright colors, intense smells, intense spices, exotic sounds - all of this makes a trip to India an experience of sensuality. In Hinduism, church services and holidays are also a festival of sensuality: in a puja, for example, all the senses are addressed very strongly. God can also be experienced in the senses.

This sensuality of worship can also be felt in some Catholic services, while Protestant services, for example, are less sensual. Protestant Christianity is also referred to as an ear religion: the emphasis is on the preached word, the spoken prayers, the sermon and the music. In contrast, in many other religions all the senses are involved. Great sensuality is part of most religions.

So sensuality has meaning in a biological sense (perceptual ability of the senses), in an erotic sense (sensuality as erotic), in an artistic sense and in a religious sense. It is not for nothing that the words sensuality, senses, sense, reflection are all closely related.

Longing for beauty, a reason for sensuality

Dealing with the sensuality of others

Maybe you are someone who practices yoga, practices meditation and maybe you are the ascetic around you. And there are others who claim to practice yoga, but they always tell how great the senses are and how important it is to satisfy the senses and how important sensuality is. You may not be able to do too much with it, or you don't have to. There are many paths to spiritual enlightenment. Some achieve it through a lot of meditation and others see the goddess, the divine mother, in the creation that can be experienced through the senses. For some, the Apollonian, the more cognitive, applies. And for others it is more the Dionysian, the more sensual.

In India, too, there are certain Tantra philosophies, where it is more about pleasure and experiencing the divine through pleasure and sensuality. Different people are different, as long as everything remains ethical and remains healthy, everything is fine. It is less a question of sensuality and more a question of whether what you do is ethical.

For example, there are certain sexual practices that are not necessarily ethical. Talk about kids or being rough around women. There are things that are important on the level of sexual morality, such as conjugal fidelity. In today's society, not every form of sensuality can be accepted. But as long as it is ethically OK, in the sense of Ahimsa - non-injured, in the sense of Asteya - not cheating, in the sense of Brahmacharya - avoiding sexual misconduct. And you can also see that in a legal sense.

As long as all of this is guaranteed and as long as what is done respects the feelings of others and as long as the health of everyone involved is not endangered, sensuality can also be a path for spiritual growth. So now there were a lot of ifs and buts, maybe you will notice from this that I am more of a person who does not practice sensuality in excess, but I am also married.

Sensuality in relation to other personality traits

Sensuality belongs to the group of personality traits, downsides, vices and virtues. To better understand this character trait, let's relate it to others:

Synonyms sensuality - similar characteristics

Synonyms sensuality are for example Desire, lust, sensual pleasure, lust, reproductive instinct, libido .

The synonyms can be divided into two groups, those with a positive connotation and those with a negative connotation:

Synonyms with negative connotation

Synonyms that are commonly interpreted as negative are, for example

Synonyms with positive connotation

Synonyms with a positive connation can help to see an apparently dark side positively. Synonyms with positive connotation are for example

Antonyms sensuality - opposites

Antonyms are opposites. For example, antonyms, i.e. opposites, of sensuality Tantra, frigidity, sexual coldness . You can also divide the antonyms, the opposites, into those with a positive connotation and those with a negative connotation.

Antonyms with positive connotation

Antonyms, i.e. opposites, to a vice, a shadowy side, a negative personality trait, are commonly interpreted as an opposite pole. These can be cultivated in order to overcome the vice, the dark side. So here are some opposing poles to sensuality that have a positive connotation:

Antonyms with negative connotation

The opposite of a shadowy side, a vice, is not always positive. Here are a few examples of antonyms about sensuality, but they are also not considered to be that beneficial:

Properties in the alphabet before or after

Here are some characteristics that come before or after sensuality in the alphabet:

Property group

Sensuality can be counted under the following two groups of characteristics:

Related words

Related words to sensuality are, for example, the adjective sensual, the verb sinnen, and the noun sensual man.

Whoever has sensuality is sensual or a sensual person.

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