What are some things that you find overrated

Be successful? These 5 things are totally overrated!

For years we struggle through our studies, live in constant scarcity of money, eat pasta with pesto and torment ourselves through the seemingly endless exam times. What is it all for? Sure, because we want to be successful later. For some, this means doing a good job without worrying about money, while others want to start a great career. In any case, for years we have been chewing on some myths over and over again, according to which we must absolutely meet a few requirements in order to be successful. Here you can find out which things are totally overrated on the way to success!

1. Have as many tasks as possible at the same time

The key to success is always to be busy. A full schedule, parallel projects, meetings after meetings. Anyone who has to do a lot of things at the same time wants to show that I'm in demand, and rightly so. This approach leads more to the fact that it only appears as if one is achieving a lot instead of actually doing it. Because instead of tackling every project with full energy and attention, you are not 100 percent involved in several projects. Therefore: it is better to concentrate on a few matters of the heart and invest your time there.

2. Outstanding grades

Right up front: good grades can always be a door opener. But don't let yourself be persuaded that without being the best of the year, you can't achieve anything in your career. Because in later professional life it is no longer primarily a matter of simply knowing things or of having passed exam XY with a 1.0. Instead, it helps you to approach your tasks passionately and ambitiously, to constantly bring in new ideas and to be able to win over people for you. Grades and references may still play a role in the hiring process - but when it comes to advancement and career, your experience and social skills will increasingly be of use to you.

3. Countless references

It is similar with the references in the curriculum vitae. The general tenor here is: the more references and stations in the résumé, the better. But isn't it more profitable, both for the company and for you personally, if you are employed there on a long-term basis? After all, this not only shows your loyalty, but also gives you the opportunity to take a higher position in the company and bring your own ideas to the company. Instead of the quantity of your references, you should rather pay attention to the quality.

4. Be a lone fighter

To be successful, you have to be ruthless. Always extend your elbows, only be careful about your own advantage. After all, you can only rely on yourself anyway, right?

Not correct. Your career will not be in good shape without contacts, relationships and the right amount of teamwork. Here too, on the one hand, social skills play a role again: someone who is empathetic, can deal well with people and is good at communicating climbs the career ladder faster than the lousy loner.

In addition, you always see each other twice in life: you never know whether you will eventually have to depend on the person you are messing with now. If you also have a good business idea, you should definitely not keep it to yourself! The right teammates are half the battle on the path to success.

5. Always winning

If we could choose our path to success, it would certainly look like this: steeply upwards, from one victory to the next. Setbacks? There is not any.

In reality, however, it usually looks quite different, because you can't always get what you want or do everything on the first try. But instead of despairing of it and burying our heads in the sand, we should learn to see setbacks as something positive. Because who knows what the setback was good for? Perhaps completely different perspectives will open up for you or you will find your dream job where you did not expect it. For long-term success, you don't always have to get what you want straight away. As the saying goes: Success is a marathon and not a sprint.

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