Abs are really useful

Pillar - ABS, which is useful

I drove quietly in the built-up area. On a priority road. From the left, I think, came a modern motorcycle in a fast Tupperware outfit. We approached the intersection. He braked. And went to his plate. I thought all modern motorcycles had ABS. That's the only cousin with electronic controls I would like to have. But apparently this copy didn't have such a nice function. Or what ever.

Modern, sporty motorcycles nowadays easily have 150 hp and are attached to the electronic measurement and control systems on their axles to control all this power. When someone proudly mentioned this, they got a frank question from a Kawa Z900 pilot: "Why don't you just learn to ride a motorcycle?"

Either way, the engine on the left knocked to the ground

Kept shuffling. Stopped just before the intersection. I stopped and got out. You can do this with a classic sidecar combo without the thing falling over. The fallen knight picked himself up and jumped to his fallen steed. He stopped and raised his hands to the sky. I asked what actually happened. “I saw you pull up. And braked. And then I fell. Look at that! "He pointed to his engine, which was now marking its place on the asphalt with gasoline." But why didn't you brake? "Asked the man in what I think was the hippest outfit.

In my limited opinion he was really "dressed 2 impressive". However, this approach has not really worked in the current situation. I felt a little under-profiled. Since I decided not to fall off that day before getting in, I wore jeans, a t-shirt, and clogs. In 1997, clogs were recognized as safety shoes. Various clog manufacturers were later able to receive the CE mark for their clogs. And if you have a classic heel / toe switch, you can use it to switch very subtly. What can clogs do in conjunction with a quickshifter? I have no idea My classic likes very quiet switching sequences. He tried unsuccessfully to get his engine back on the rubbers. It's a trick to put a dropped engine back on its wheels. He didn't master this trick. Or maybe it was the stress after the fall. I explained to him, “I was on a priority road and came from the right. Something about traffic rules and stuff. “" But I've only had the bike for two days! " Well, the first scratch always hurts.

I put the bike upright

The owner repeated again that he only had the bike for two days. I asked him if he was insured for all risks. "Of course not! Don't you know what it costs "I looked at the sliding damage. Scratches in the cockpit, on the mirror and a broken flashing light. The brake pedal was bent. I know that such an impressive fairing sticker set can only cost 800 euros. In the meantime, the victim called:" But then one came Motorcyclist and I suddenly had to brake. And then I fell. Can you come here? "I asked him if his injured pride had an ABS. He didn't know that.

The engine seemed to have had very drivable damage

It wasn't my problem. I also didn't feel compelled to fill out an application form. But that high-quality plastic is also very fragile? I should have had that nice again. And my ABS? There has never been a KMZ 750 cc side valve with a wheel locked when braking. A small emergency stop on the light blue tricycle therefore takes about five minutes. But again: you won't fall over with it. And it can withstand all seasons.