What are your favorite VSCO filters

BLOG TIPS: This is how I edit my Instagram pictures

The question you probably asked me every day: How do I edit my Instagram pictures?

I have to say that that too has evolved and changed over time. Because some time ago I wrote a blog post about this, but a lot has happened since then.


First of all I have to disappoint you, because the whole editing takes place not just in an app. But let's go ...



  1. Facetune


I always start with this app. It costs around € 4.99 but it really pays off directly!

  • After I uploaded the picture, I brighten the background a little. If you like, you can also make different parts or objects of the picture brighter.
  • Then comes my favorite function: Details! With the details function, I go over objects or parts of the picture that should come more into focus. For example a watch, a bag or my eyes when taking a selfie.
  • Last I go to the Filter function. Here I choose the sub-category 'Light' and choose 'Lighter ' and thus brighten the picture a little overall. (Mostly 10-15). Then I go to the filter function and choose the first option ,Paper' choose the Filter 'Orchid' on 15 off.








My absolute favorite app! The filters are divided into different filter rows. So there are always several filters from one category. I use the 'HB' and 'C' series. I think both series cost a few euros, you will probably have to download them.

  • HB2 filter to approx. +6.5
  • C7 to about +4


Often I only use C7 or only HB2. It really depends on the picture and the colors. C7 makes the picture much warmer, which I like very much to get more color. HB2 brings some saturation out of the picture, which can often be useful. If you want to use both filters, you have to save the image and upload it again to use the second filter.


Then I go to the manual settings of VSCO to adjust the picture in terms of brightness & Co.


  • Exposure approx. + 0.6
  • Sharpness approx. + 1.2
  • Saturation approx. +0.3
  • Temperature about -0.2
  • Skin color approx. +1.2
  • Grit approx. +5





That was it! Which apps do you like to use to edit your pictures? Please let me know your tips J


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