How much do private music teachers earn

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  • Salary: What does a music school teacher earn?

    Your salary as a music school teacher (m / f) is between € 3,390 and € 5,370 per month after completing the relevant training.

  • In which sectors can you find job offers as a music school teacher?

    As a music school teacher, for example, you will find jobs in the following areas and companies: music schools, adult education, elementary schools, cultural lessons, music lessons, music teachers

  • What activities does a music school teacher do?

    In professions that require training as a music school teacher, you will, among other things, give music lessons in singing, playing instruments, reading music and music theory, and you will motivate music students to take part in competitions and exams. Furthermore, in your work you will, for example, develop and implement teaching concepts, and possibly also teach composition.

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Teacher (m / f / d) for recorder

Recorder teacher wanted by state capital Potsdam in Potsdam.
The job description of Music school teacher* inside the VdM in the subject of recorder for the widest possible range of ages, styles and levels - ensemble management ...
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Duties of music school teacher


Music school teachers usually give lessons in the rooms of the music school. If the prerequisite is met (qualification as a teacher), some of them also teach at general schools and other institutions. You work independently and on your own responsibility, but regularly discuss with colleagues, superiors or employees of the school administration

Pedagogical skills as well as flexibility

Music school teachers need experience, sensitivity and a good knowledge of human nature in order to recognize talents, to encourage them and to motivate their students. They give lessons for individuals or groups, and they are in contact with students and possibly their parents. When conveying specialist content, you also need patience and empathy. Since the motivation to learn as well as the performance of individual students can be very different, pedagogical skills as well as the ability to respond to some students in a targeted manner and to encourage them are necessary. As long as the number of lessons has been determined, the music school teachers have regular working hours. However, the preparation and follow-up of the lessons usually entails additional expenditure of time. They also lead a choir or an ensemble independently. If performances or concerts are to be prepared or held, there may be temporary work in the evenings or on weekends.

Your activities

  • You work a lot on the screen, for example setting appointments and concert programs.
  • Most of your work takes place in offices.
  • Your job requires work in classrooms - in private and public music schools.
  • In your job, you will work in groups or as a team, for example leading music ensembles.
  • You will be in contact with children and young people, for example by providing assistance in practicing pieces of music.
  • In your job, you take responsibility for people - for the students during class.

Did you know...

... that jobs in the profession of music school teacher (m / f) are often advertised in these industries:

  • Music schools
  • Adult education
  • Elementary schools
  • Culture class
  • music-lesson
  • Music teachers

Required skills and knowledge as a music school teacher are e.g.

  • Speech design
  • didactics
  • Music education
  • Early education
  • pedagogy
  • pedagogy
  • singing
  • Instrumental education
  • Instrumental music
  • composition
  • Concert singing
  • Learning objective control
  • methodology
  • Musicology
  • Orchestrate
  • psychology
  • School psychology
  • rhythm
  • Voice training
  • classes
  • training

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