Animals enjoy sunsets

What could make the day even more perfect on an already beautiful beach with bright sunshine? How about bright and curious animals that sweeten your time in the floods and provide plenty of action? I have picked out the best beaches that are the heart of each Animal lover let it beat faster.

Here you will find beaches with cute animals

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Flamingos in Aruba

Imagine a gorgeous Caribbean beach in the Caribbean. The crystal clear, turquoise blue water reflects the shining rays of the sun and the fine, white sand plays around your feet. In the background, the palm trees sway slightly in the warm summer breeze.

Suddenly a group of bright pink flamingos stalk past you ...

Suddenly a group of bright pink flamingos stalk past you. Sounds like a dream? It is! The feathered dream can soon come true, because you can experience this paradisiacal scenario on Flamingo Beach in Aruba. Unfortunately, you cannot find the pink exotic species on the entire island. Only the private island of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino accommodates the long-necked comrades. What options you have to visit the feathered beach dwellers and take wonderful souvenir photos with them can be found in my travel magazine article about the Flamingo Beach.

Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

Pigs are probably not one of the animals you would expect on a Caribbean beach. Nevertheless, you have probably already moved from the wonderful beach to the Bahamas heard where the cute animals have made themselves comfortable. Nobody really knows how exactly the pigs got there. But that doesn't matter as long as we can bathe with them now. You can meet the pigs on the Big Major Cay Island, which belongs to the Exuma Islands. The easiest way to get to Pig Beach is from the main island of Great Exuma with the capital George Town. Before your trip, it's best to buy bread with which you can attract the animals for a photo, then nothing stands in the way of your bathing fun with the lively pigs. You can find out what a trip to Pig Beach in the Bahamas can look like in the experience report about swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas.

Penguins in South Africa

South Africa not only has a wonderful, colorful culture to offer with cheerful residents and delicious wine. When you think of the wildlife of the South African country, the first thing that comes to mind is the national parks and the wonderful safari tours that can be undertaken from the capital.

Even penguins don't put up with everything. If they shake their heads, don't get any closer, or it could pinch.

But animal lovers also get their money's worth on the beach. If you sizzle in the sun here or want to refresh yourself in the cool water, you will get company from small, lively contemporaries. The african penguin, also called the Jackass Penguin, has settled on 24 islands between Namibia and Port Elizabeth. But only on Boulders Beach, south of Simonstown, you can get very close to the bright animals. It's best to join the little penguins in July and August and share the sun with them. Where a lonely pair of penguins was first found a few years ago, there is now a whole colony with almost 2,500 animals. The residents feel disturbed by the noise of the animals, but since the African penguin is one of the animal species threatened with extinction, its territory on this stretch of coast is safe for it. But not only in South Africa you can get up close and personal with the penguins. In my travel magazine you will find a list of the places where you can Penguins in the wild can watch.

Monkeys on Koh Phi Phi

The name suggests that monkeys are not only found in the jungle and on trees Monkey Beach. The small islands of Koh Phi Phi enchant tourists with their rugged rock formations with caves, the lush green vegetation and the many deserted, dreamy bays with crystal clear, bright blue water.

A fewBehavioral tips:
  • Do not feed or stroke the monkeys
  • Do not get closer than five meters to the animals
  • Keep children away from the monkeys
  • Remember: even monkeys can feel threatened and snap

A day trip with a longtail boat typical of Thailand is not only worthwhile because of the island's impressive flora. The monkey beach on Phi Phi Don has been attracting tourists for years and is sure to inspire you too. After all, where can you go for a walk on the beach, cool your feet in the water and watch small, curious monkeys who like to get close to people? Since the cute little animals live in hordes and are diurnal, you will definitely meet them when you stay on the island. But take good care of your valuables, the monkeys are by no means shy of people and also like to help themselves to the tourists' belongings.

Kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough

They jump, sometimes they box and now they relax with you on the beach. Granted, you can find kangaroos almost everywhere in Australia. But the Cape Hillsborough National Park in the east of the state Queensland is known for the fact that many of the jumping animals can be found here - and that on the beach too! The bagged animals seem to be drawn to the water, especially at dawn and dusk. Since this national park is currently rarely listed in the travel guides, it is considered by backpackers as Insider tip. Even if the kangaroo beach may not be that easy to find straight away, with a little luck you will be the only ones on the beach - apart from the cute animals that keep you company, of course.

My advice: If you are enthusiastic about kangaroos and you want to see more of the cute animals, you should definitely check out my travel guideRottnest Island read through. Here you will meet the most photogenic of the kangaroos, the quokkas.

Cows in Goa

In Goa you can enjoy the sunset together with cows

You are probably aware that the cow has a very special status in India. On the beautiful Palolem Beach In Goa you have the opportunity to relax on the beach with these peaceful animals and enjoy the sunset. The coast of Goa lies on the Arabian Sea and you can expect a tropical climate and at least 25 degrees all year round. The best conditions to make yourself comfortable with the horned animals and enjoy a cocktail in the best company. What else you can experience on the west coast of India and why the popular destination for India beginners is exactly the right destination, I have you in my tips for Goa summarized.

Ponies on Assateague Island

Attention horse lovers! A dream could come true here: between fine sand dunes and the light surf of the sea, dozens of wild ponies cavort on Assateague Island. The 60 kilometer long island is on the east coast of the United States of America and belongs to the states of Maryland and Virginia. Similar to the pigs in the Bahamas, no one knows exactly how the ponies got to the uninhabited island. The ponies, which were only discovered on the island in 1920, have delighted visitors of all ages since then. Since the horses have adapted to the conditions on the island, they are smaller than normal ponies and thus inspire even the smallest holidaymakers.

Do you know other animal beaches?

I am completely enchanted and thrilled that there are beaches all over the world where you can meet cute animals. But remember: animal welfare should come first everywhere! In order not to endanger them and yourself, always keep enough distance and do not press them. You can get more tips on how to deal with wild animals in my article on selfies with animals. Now the question is: do you know any other animal beaches? Which ones did you like the most so far?

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