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Tatsu fears for his job in Japan - Triple H's strategy for the development league - Pre-PPV show should be on TV - Consequences of JTG's remark

- WWE is still trying to find a suitable slot for the pre-PPV shows, similar to what FX is showing before the UFC shows. Both WWE and WCW showed some live matches on TV in the 90s to push the PPV at the last minute. Funnily enough, the concept was not profitable and both promotions quickly discarded the idea. UFC has been following this concept for years and on paper it makes perfect sense, but some employees point out that an hour is just right, while 2 hours are too much of a good thing. The goal of the WWE remains to bring the YouTube / Facebook pre-show to television by 2013. So you want to do a countdown show for WrestleMania, much like you did last year at the Cena vs. Rock Match. One would like to generate additional last-minute PPV buyers through these pre-shows, which of course is much easier with a show on TV with millions of viewers than with a pre-show on YouTube, which is only clicked on by approx. 46,000 people.

- Tatsu was extremely reluctant to talk to Japanese media during the WWE tour of Japan. A month ago Tatsu wrote in Japanese on Twitter that he regretted that WWE was not putting on a benefit show for Fukushima to raise some money for the disaster-stricken region. When Tatsu came to Japan, he was downright pinned down by all the media on this tweet and refused to testify for fear of suffering a fate similar to that of AW and Tensai. Fan movements in Japan immediately after the tour called for Tatsu to be signed by New Japan, as it was assumed that the WWE would soon fire Tatsu anyway. In 2007 Tatsu decided to continue his career at WWE as a rising star of the New Japan Promotion himself in order to be able to become a global star there, although his WWE development contract brought a substantial cut in salary with it. He had to convince the WWE himself that he had the necessary potential, because the WWE did not offer him a contract of its own accord and remained suspicious. Tatsu spent 18 months in the development league, even though he was already a trained wrestler.

- HHH was obviously never a big fan of women wrestling and it is therefore not surprising that male top stars have been recruited for the development league lately. Women are still integrated into the development system, but since Laurinaitis was kicked out of office, the days seem to be over when a fashion catalog was opened and corresponding bikini models were hired as divas. According to some sources, HHH plans to revive the Tag Teams division first, which would result in the Divas fading into the background.

- Triple H also wants McGillicutty to get a new gimmick. HHH should still see great long-term potential in him and McIntyre.

- All WWE employees who were deployed at the show in Brazil received the following SMS:

“There was a problem with the checks for the shows in Brazil. You will get a new check as soon as possible. "

The show on May 24th in Sao Paulo, where Jericho was also suspended, had revenues of $ 240,000. As is well known, JTG publicly snubbed his check for $ 500 last week, as this sum is the typical wage for a SmackDown show with only $ 100,000 in revenue. The text was sent immediately after JTG's public criticism. JTG is said to have gained significantly in popularity among the undercard wrestlers as a result of this action, as he is seen as the guy from the bottom who gives the management a proper opinion, from which everyone benefits. At RAW, JTG then got a public rubdown. So he was squashed by Ryback and smiled at by Vince, via Michael Cole's voice, for his tweet.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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