How much money does Bollywood earn

Millions of earnings: Bollywood actor earns more than DiCaprio


Bollywood films are very successful. But what hardly anyone knows: Indian actors earn more than some Hollywood stars.

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Robert Downey Jr. (50) is still the highest paid actor in the world - last year the American earned $ 80 million. That comes from a ranking of the business magazine «Forbes». This time, however, three Indian Bollywood stars also made it to the top spots - displacing some internationally known actors from the top.

Do you know Bachchan and Kumar?

While Leonardo DiCaprio (40) landed in 13th place in 2015 with an income of 29 million dollars, Aksha Kumar earned around 3.5 million dollars, Amitabh Bachchan even 4.5 million more. The latter became known through films such as “Bhoothnath - A Spirit to Love” (2008) - a film that cinema-goers outside of India should not be too familiar with.

The Indian actors are in 7th, 8th and 9th place of the highest paid actors in the world - and also outshone Daniel Craig ($ 27 million) and Johnny Depp ($ 30 million).

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