Why are people against brothels

I. Today. 10 to 8.

Human dignity and employment ...
Oh yeah, how "respected" is the job? - Human dignity - EVERYONE sells - as good as they can. Men e.g. - as mercenaries (also like “technicians” in high-risk areas). Risks are bought - dealing with poisons, working at heights… .. working under voltage, including deaths from occupational diseases. Here “life” is traded directly. 1 million work accidents in 2012.

My BG (professional association) only costs EUR 200 a year. My former 800 Eu. (different risk tariff)

Is it “worthy” to expose people to a different ..... HIGH risk at work?

Is it “worthy” to pay different “responsibilities”? - But surely it is “worthy” to pay according to “degree of confidentiality”? ... to be paid very differently?
Perhaps you are concerned with the “disgust” limit ... bad smell, handling body secretions ... as with geriatric nurses - who cannot choose “your” customers either. In bad working conditions - which might be like a “lady” on the street under dop. - Work for pocket money.
Already noticed - that there are also shops here in D that are not heated? ... KIK for example.

What does MAN / WOMAN not do for money. There are people who go to work.

Prostitution is a service. Very unregulated. No pension insurance, no BG, no “protection” ex officio. Equipment standards ... shower areas ... operating room size ...
Cities are building bump boxes in parking lots. Minimum standard? Women's business license? Invoicing .... VAT? P18 - nothing more.

EVERYONE can exploit in this trade. Pimps, cities, insurance companies, landlords ... ..

I have to see a doctor regularly for my job. If you are unsuitable, your job is over - (as is the case with every bus driver, ... meatball smith .., or doctor)

... Oh yes - we already live in a lying - immoral society - which rubs itself against a few girls - declares that “IT” is no different (???? by the way, but EU-wide prohibits lightbulbs ????) and the system of the scandal banks leaves the whole of society “as collateral”.

100 bankers have spent 100 billion…. Their “pimps” and board members are immoral.

Sure, it's “not” nice - when a mother from Southeast Europe sells the body here - to feed the clan at home ... Since there is no market regulation - the market goes up to junk price. Supply / demand - capitalism (social is NOTHING in this business!) - called Manchester capitalism - up to the “lumpenproletariat” - standing at the station corner for 5 euros.
Regulations may certainly not be “nice” on the part of the state in this trade….

BUSINESS without ANY rules is inhumane.

What do YOU ​​think of a regulating “Chamber of Commerce” that represents the commercial girls?
Market regulation ... commercial space standards, .... by the traders?

Unregulated prostitution is evil. EXACTLY like unregulated temporary work // temporary employment.