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Author:Herrmann Ecarius

Is believing naive? A philosophy of religion



(ISBN-13: 9783881903059)
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Since the beginning of our existence, belief has been part of the human being. At all times people believed in the “supernatural”, in gods, in one God. They have always prayed, pleaded, hoped or feared.
Enlightenment, emancipation, centuries of philosophical reflection, rapid expansion of our scientific knowledge - none of this has anything
changed it. Because there was always a new, big question mark in the end. Life is and will ultimately remain a secret.
And where discovering, recognizing, understanding end, there it is again: suspecting, guessing, hoping, and ultimately believing.
Belief - no matter how and to what extent is fundamentally connected with the human being. It is peculiar and original to man. Isn't it ultimately even naive - naive not in the negative sense of childish and inexperienced, but in the positive sense of natural, genuine and unadulterated.

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Keywords:Religion, belief, philosophy, belief, Alfred Stümper, Dr. Alfred Stümper, Stümper
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