Will self-driving cars embarrass people?

Beyond the pony farm - is a restricted life losing its value? DLF Kultur 2020


55:00 minutes

In this feature, people have their say who, under adverse circumstances, are struggling for a different kind of happiness in their lives.


The one, the one or the gender? - An exploration with acting students NDR 2019


54:00 minutes

The sociological term gender comes from English and refers to the societal and thus social dimension of the gender assigned at birth. In particular, it is about the culture-specific and historically variable values, expectations and roles. Eleven students from the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media explore what this term and the associated discussions mean for them. The five women and six men are in their early twenties and are on their way to a job in which role models are of fundamental importance and the gender pay gap is part of everyday life.


HahnenkleeNDR 2019


54:00 minutes

A young man is admitted to the emergency room with a vague state of consciousness. The noises, fragments of words and sentences from this hectic and chaotic situation penetrate him as if through a veil. A doctor speaks of a life-threatening gunshot wound, while a commissioner wants to interrogate him. The brain tries to recap what happened or what could have happened. You can hear the soundtrack of the life of Mathias Hahnenklee.


Farewell to the human factorNDR 2016

Self-driving cars and the moral of the algorithms

53:30 minutes

If you believe the engineers at Daimler or Google, self-driving cars will soon radically change the way we see the streets. Controlled by a computer, these automobiles will independently increase the speed or step on the brakes, head for traffic jam-free roads or parking spaces and significantly reduce the risk of accidents: There will no longer be offenses such as drink-driving or distraction by mobile phones in the road traffic of the future. The human factor is switched off. What criteria does a machine use to decide whether the car will race into a person or rather to the lamp post? How far can corporations and political decision-makers see the cards? Only recently was a person killed by trusting this technology.


Shortlist Ernst Schneider Prize 2017 in the radio / major business broadcast category

More about it here.

Paragraphs do not bathe DLF 2016

Ralf Steeg and his fight for a clean Spree

44:30 minutes

Ralf Steeg has a vision: Berliners should be able to bathe carefree in the river that flows through their city. In principle, this is feasible, as the Spree leads to clean water as far as the edge of the capital. The problem is heavy rains that overwhelm the sewer system about thirty times a year.


Going HomeDLR 2016

A search for home

54:30 minutes

When the author plans to buy an apartment in Berlin, he realizes that he doesn't really feel at home in the city where he has lived for almost 30 years. The real estate idea is canceled, but the question of home remains.


The devil is in troubleNDR / WDR 2015

The miraculous transformation of the Liberian warlord Joshua Milton Blahyi

53:08 minutes

Blahyi was a warlord, master of up to 7000 mostly underage warriors. He was a black magic priest who regularly sacrificed children before his fights to eat their hearts. He is said to be responsible for the deaths of 20,000 people. His battle name was "Butt-Naked" because he stormed into combat completely naked until a man dared to go to his headquarters to lead him on the path of God.


In the border area DLF / BR 2015

A German surgeon on emergency aid in South Sudan

53:45 minutes

It is Carla Boehme's eleventh assignment for an aid organization abroad. The 63-year-old surgeon doesn't know exactly what to expect. One thing is certain: she is not looking for danger, she wants to help. She agrees that the author accompanies her during the first days of her assignment.


The love for the StandardSWR 2014

Field research in the world of rabbit breeders

54:00 minutes

"The goal of breeding is never achieved. It will come close to the goal one time, but the accessibility will remain difficult. And that's why I say to everyone again and again: Uh, not idleness but serenity is the virtue of patience, perseverance, experience, of wanting, of doing and, above all, of togetherness. And for this I would like to call on all breeder friends: Keep going! That is the best. Thank you! "


West Point, Monrovia DLF 2014

Out and about in one of the most dangerous slums in West Africa

43:48 minutes

It's tight, it's loud, and it stinks. There is exactly one working toilet in this slum called West Point. Even the leader of one of the dreaded gangs wants better schools and something that could be called “medical care”.


Here is an interview for the Bremer Hörkino to research in Liberia.

“I'm built of iron.” DLF / NDR 2014

Encounters in an Israeli parents' home

54:36 minutes

He is tired. But there is one more story he wants to tell. A story from Germany in the seventies. Sheffi officially came on behalf of his army. In a corner of a north German barracks he discovered a hook-and-loop smear. He was silent until his hosts in the officers' mess later praised his good knowledge of German. He slowly undid the buttons on his left shirt sleeve. His German, said Chaim Sheffi to the Bundeswehr officers and rolled up his sleeve, he had learned as Hermann Spiegel. “At the University of Auschwitz.” Anyone who wanted to could see it: the “B 12339” tattooed on his forearm. For ten minutes, says Sheffi, no one would have said a word.


Leak in the tax havenNDR 2014 ard-feature

54:00 minutes

About the business of the beautiful Cayman Islands and other tax havens in the world.

There is more information here, as well as the option to download and comment.

Welcome to Luckenbach DLF 2013

The state of the Texan soul

43:43 minutes

Virgil's father said never ask a man where he's from. If he's from Texas, he'll tell you by himself. And if not, you shouldn't embarrass him about it.


The flawless professionalism of Andrej SmolenskijNDR / DLF 2013

From everyday life in Transnistria

53:52 minutes

Nominated for the Prix Italia 2013!

A friend in a country that doesn't even exist.

Many thanks to the Robert Bosch Foundation for their cross-border commuter scholarship.


Made in MoldovaNDR / DLF 2012

From kidney trade in Europe

52:46 minutes

One man sold one of his kidneys, another will soon.

Many thanks to the Robert Bosch Foundation for their cross-border commuter scholarship.

The feature was nominated for the shortlist at the n-ost-REPORTAGEPREIS 2013.


My brother and his village DLF 2012

How you can make a living from jazz

49:44 minutes

The best band from my big brother.

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Mr. Meyer is now on TV ... NDR 2011

... and tells about his criminal life

54:22 minutes

Robert Geisendörfer Prize 2012

"This jail is actually my home. When I got in there, it started: Hey Walter, you're back. Wonderful."


Global-TexNDR / SR 2009

A t-shirt for traveling

53:43 minutes

With a speaking T-shirt on the way from the Indian "world capital of T-shirts" to German discounters, used clothes collectors and finally to an African second-hand market.

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At the very edge and soon at the end of DLF 2009

An Inupiat village sinks into the polar sea

43:44 minutes

A small island north of the Bering Strait. A sad place. And yet I will always like to think of the midsummer night when I was allowed to go seal hunting with two Inupiat in the boat between huge ice floes.

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In the shadow of the towers, BR 2008

Construction workers in Dubai

27:19 minutes

No place in the world has depressed me as much as Dubai. And that was certainly not just due to the Indian construction workers who are at stake here.

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Men are also allowed to take part in DLF 2008

A women's association in Zambia's Eastern Province

43:25 minutes

"I am very strong. They always say that woman is a man, then I always tell them I am not a man, I am a woman." Helen Banda is really a really great woman.

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The Happy Angels of IslayBR 2008

Visit to a Scottish whiskey island

24:46 minutes

After this visit, my brother and I bought a freshly filled 225 liter keg that we want to enjoy from around 2020.

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The 20 coins of the broken cherry blossom SWR 2008

Japan's youngest women authors

55:09 minutes

"Some stood on enemas or fiddled with toys. I was also used to slaps, blows or anal intercourse. The only thing I didn't want to see was blood. Once a guy pushed a hip flask into my cunt, which he then tried to break with a hammer . That almost went wrong. " Hitomi Kanehara was just under 20 when her debut "Tokyo Love" became a bestseller and received the highest Japanese literary award.

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The World Justice Bazaar DLF / NDR 2007

The Bhutan case and the United Nations Human Rights Council

52:02 minutes

Robert Geisendörfer Prize 2008

Ratan Gazmere became a friend when he took me to the remote Maoist valleys in Nepal. He is Bhutanese himself. He has not been allowed to enter his homeland - a small, absolutely ruled kingdom between India and China - for fifteen years. Ratan fell victim to ethnic cleansing along with around 100,000 fellow sufferers.

When he protested in 1989, he ended up on a torture and death row from which he was only rescued thanks to the rapid help of Amnesty International. Once a year, Ratan travels for a week to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. A Willi Loman of the United Nations, a sad traveling salesman in matters of human rights.

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Haute Route DLR Culture 2007

On skis from the Matterhorn to Mont-Blanc

46:02 minutes

THE classic ski tour. Exhausting but above all wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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Always at the RandSWR 2007

The story of the Afghan Hamidulla Azkerzada

26:34 minutes

I meet Hamidulla on the streets of Van, in the far east of Turkey. He tells me his story of his home village in Afghanistan, his homosexuality, the first sex in a Pakistani mosque, his flight through Iran to Turkey, and surviving as a hustler. And he shows me the gasoline he bought to burn himself.

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The loud summit DLR culture 2007

Fuji-San, Japan's sacred mountain

45:21 minutes

Ascent to Fui-San, the 3776 meter high, sacred mountain and symbol of Japan. A truly absurd experience.

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No matter how far the way is DLF / WDR 2007

With the Maoists in Nepal

52:16 minutes

A week long hike on foot and with mules in the remote valleys of the Nepalese Maoists in Nepal. Wonderful landscape, sad stories. I have the best interview with a constantly laughing 27-year-old comrade who leads a division with 400 fighters. "What was the best moment in your life, comrade Nabina?" "When we win the battle, capture our enemies and destroy their structures. That is the best thing for me."

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Kalis ChaosNDR 2007

Survive in Kolkata

54:19 minutes

Kolkata, which was still called Calcutta until 2001, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. A juggernaut instead of a metropolis. "The most Indian of all cities," as many say. 16 million people. An official number, an approximation that means nothing.

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Papa's Holocaust DLR Culture 2007

and how Israeli writers deal with it

54:01 minutes

Lea Aini, Savyon Liebrecht, Amir Gutfreund and Etgar Keret tell how their parents' Holocaust experiences influence their childhood, their life and their writing in different ways.

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Fairy Tales and Other Stories DLR Culture 2007

Out and about on the Silk Road

54:03 minutes

An exciting journey along the Central Asian Silk Road from Turkmenistan via Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to northern China. In the cities of Ashgabad, Merw, Bukhara, Samarkand, Osh and Kashgar, women and men who live there tell old and new fairy tales.

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Cracks in Paradise DLR Culture 2006

Literature from Thailand

28:53 minutes

Huge palm trees, endless beaches, magnificent cultural monuments, friendly people - when viewed from a distance or even superficial proximity, Thailand looks like an endless series of postcards. But the country's contemporary literature shows everyday social life full of contradictions and contradictions.

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AraratNDR 2006

Noah's Mountain in the land of the Kurds

54:23 minutes

The arduous ascent to a 5167 meter high extinct volcano. A mountain full of stories and legends.

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Ramadan DLR Culture 2006

Fasting in Damascus

45:39 minutes

Ramadan in what is probably the oldest inhabited city in the world. An ambivalent and fascinating experience.

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Between the LinesDLR Culture 2006

Writing in Syria

29:37 minutes

A visit to Syrian writers who talk about walking the tightrope.

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Forest is Life DLR Culture 2006

The Ashaninka in the Peruvian Amazon

45:54 minutes

Chamiriari is a small village on the Rio Perené in the Peruvian rainforest. The 200 or so people who live here belong to the Asháninka indigenous tribe. There is no road, no electricity, not even candles, and it's a day's journey to the nearest doctor.

But there is forest, a great deal of forest. Since time immemorial it has offered protection, food, medicine and spiritual orientation. It is said that an Asháninka cannot live without a forest. But the world of the Asháninka, of whom very few speak Spanish to this day, is threatened. This has been the case since the conquest of America, say the ancients. The name of the brave people reveals that it could be a fundamental battle that is being fought here. Asháninka means translated: people.

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Saving Rotors DLR Culture 2006

Helicopter use on the Matterhorn

27:26 minutes

A few days on the road with an Air Zermatt rescue helicopter. Good team, wonderful views.

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The home is called Rot-FrontDLR-Kultur 2005

A German teacher in Kyrgyzstan

26:57 minutes

Red Front has seen a lot. Little luck and a lot of tragedy. Rot-Front is a beautiful village in Central Asia, in the middle of the former Soviet Kyrgyzstan. For a long time it was a settlement of German Mennonites. The story behind it is long. Soon it will end.

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Speechless in KashgarDLR culture 2005

The Uighur minority in northwest China

48:10 minutes

"It is cooked, grilled, steamed, baked, carved, played, but above all traded and debated. Some of the food stalls lure with prestige-seeking signs that read" Fast Food "in English. The entire restaurant sits on small wobbly benches Neighbors with sweet tea and fresh bread. The smoke from the barbecue fires regularly takes their sight and breath away. " Kashgar, located in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China, is over 2000 years old and was once one of the most splendid markets on the Silk Road.

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"He deserves neither freedom nor security ..." DLF 2004

The USA Patriots Act and the Indians

44:10 minutes

Endless, hilly prairie, wide sky. Pine Ridge Reservation in upstate South Dakota and the heart of the United States - picture-perfect Indian land and the saddest area I've ever been to. An old woman who claims to be Sitting Bull's granddaughter relates:

"America is bulit on stolen land. Original landowners are the true Lakota people. And that is the reason why they wanted the land. The land holds everything. Everything that we are. That is going on today, no changes. United States is the land of freedom for themselves, because they have the finest weapons, airplanes, APCs, guns, grenades.They license to kill so it is for them land of freedom, They can shot and kill anybody as they pleased. Afghanistan - shooting women and children. That is all what it is. Same thing happened here earlier. Still happening today. No changes. It is a repeat of everything, that happened here at Wounded Knee. "

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The rest of the 2004 risk DLR culture

About the appraisal of offenders

50:54 minutes

"I can tell of a prisoner who is two years before his release, who has already been imprisoned for about thirty or thirty-five years with very brief interruptions in the relaxation. And in each of the relaxation he has committed serious crimes. And now the question was, how do you structure the last two or three years of execution with the. " To respect the good about the problem and to prevent crime.

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For a handful of tin DLR culture 2004

A minute village in the Bolivian Andes

46:26 minutes

On the way to Llallagua, which is well over 3000 meters high, and its Siglo XX mine. It was once the largest tin mine in the world. When I talk about my destination on the trip through Bolivia, I keep saying: "You want to go to the city of revolutionaries?" - Yes, I want to go there.

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Coca is not cocaineNDR 2004

From medicinal plants to party drugs

53:53 minutes

A German dealer talks about his life with the drug. A military command rushes through the Bolivian jungle. An Indian healer celebrates an ancient ritual. A young man goes on a smuggling trip to Europe. A widow visits the grave of her husband, who was shot by soldiers in his field. A peasant leader who is now the President of Bolivia is fighting against the omnipotence of the USA, which, as he says, is using the drug war for its power interests.

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Imprisoned DLR Culture 2004

Voices from a secure world

49:57 minutes

The prisoners who have their say here are sitting in various German prisons. Sometimes they have spent more than half their lives behind walls and bars. Most of them didn't want to give their names, but wanted to know when they could hear their voices on the radio.

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Childhood SoldLR Culture 2003

About global business with minors

56:52 minutes

According to Anti Slavery International, there are around 27 million slaves today. Other organizations speak of 200 million victims. Research on child trafficking in Bolivia, Zambia, Nepal, Greece and Germany.

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My friend the LöweNDR 2003

The Sikhs in Punjab, northern India

51:45 minutes

I research the Sikhs in Punjab, I am allowed to live in the Golden Temple of Amritsar for a few days and I attend the wedding of my friend Balvinder's sister in his home village. We had already celebrated his own wedding there a few years earlier. When he accompanied me to the train station the next morning, a terrible accident happened. Balvinder dies. This feature is dedicated to him.

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Makbul and his ComputerBR 2003

Polo in the Himalayas

14:10 minutes

The guy looks like a robber chief. His gait is heavy, his sturdy body compact, his head and beard hair thick and jet black, his voice mostly too loud. A barely restrained temper lurks behind small, alert eyes. The sound of the name fits: Makbul Ali Khan. There is also a loyal gang. A dozen or so men surround their leader, who is sitting on a folding chair in the middle of his tent camp. Like him, they wear the typical wide trousers and shirts made of cotton. Makbul Ali Khan is the leader of the polo team from the Pakistani Chitral Valley.

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Searching for the futureDLR culture 2003

Everyday life in Albania

46:08 minutes

Korca is a desolate place in northern Albania with slums where parents sell their children to Greece.

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Hard times in the Hindu Kush DLR culture 2001

Northern Afghanistan

40:10 minutes

In the summer before September 11th. The Taliban control Afghanistan except for a small corner in the north of the country. In Rustaq, about 40 km behind the front, I meet a ten-year-old boy who miraculously speaks a few words in English: "I don't want to fight, because fight is bad. If I was, I want it, I want it. They will kill me, my enemy will kill me. I and my classmates don't want to be soldier. We want to be teachers, engineers, doctors and other occupations. "

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Living with the IntifadaDLR culture 2001

Ramallah in West Jordan

45:21 minutes

The everyday, depressing madness in Palestine.

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Living on the Edge WDR 2000

One night in Tel Aviv

56:17 minutes

"Lea is beautiful. Lea laughs. And when Lea laughs, she is even more beautiful." With my friend Uri through Tel Aviv by night.

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The King of Birds DLR Culture 2000

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the desert

58:55 minutes

In a Moroccan desert nest on the Atlantic coast. In his pocket is a pile of books by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The author of the "Little Prince" ran a post office here before he became famous.

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Everyday life in paradise DLR culture 1999

Village life in Bali

42:46 minutes

Bali is beautiful.

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Guest at the Hotel TangerDLR-Kultur 1998

A literary myth in Morocco

Together with Thomas Jaedicke54: 45 minutes

The craziest moment: we are in Paul Bowles' bedroom. He is sick and, we were told, can only talk for half an hour. Then he starts and tells his whole life. At some point, I'll never forget: "I never had a home."

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Riding the WaveSWR 1998

Surfing in Hawaii

28:57 minutes

"The fun of surfing? (Laughter) Oh, my god - everything!" Maui, Hawaii. Big waves and loads of guys who love them. An incredible photo of the big wave rider Buzzy Kerbox has been hanging in my study ever since.

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Storyteller in ParisSWR 1997

29:48 minutes

A small restaurant, simple food and a few men telling stories. This is her job.

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One Night in RioDLR Culture 1996

57:25 minutes

Crazy Town. Especially at night.

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Night Shift DLR Culture 1995

By taxi through Berlin

55:17 minutes

My first job for the radio. Traveling all night as a taxi driver in Berlin. A small microphone in the car. The whole show was then produced in two hours.

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