How good are Forever Living products

Food supplement from Forever Living

We do not recommend buying food supplements from Forever Living Products Germany GmbH for a number of reasons, which we will explain in more detail below.

The provider's website is confusing. All mandatory information about the products must also be available on the Internet before making a purchase, which you will find in the form of scanned labels under the "Ingredients" tab - if you can find them. This makes it difficult to evaluate the products.

What is also noticeable: some of the food supplements from Forever Living contain substances that are to be viewed critically.

For example, Forever Garcinia Plus contains the fruit bark extract from the Garcinia cambogia plant. According to the manufacturer, it should curb cravings and thus be suitable for people who want to eat figure-conscious. The supposed slimming effect could not be scientifically proven for humans. In addition, the safety of dietary supplements containing Garcinia has not been established. Animal experiments have shown, for example, that the ingestion of large quantities of Garcinia cambogia extracts can cause toxic effects. The product is no longer listed in the German FL shop, but can be ordered in the USA.

In addition to Garcinia cambogia, the dietary supplements from Forever Living Products contain numerous other plant extracts. Their supposed health benefits have mostly not been proven.

In addition, the quality and safety of dietary supplements are generally not checked by the authorities before they are put on the market. Adverse effects are also not systematically recorded. In the case of dietary supplements containing plant extracts in particular, interactions with nutrients or drugs, as well as allergic reactions, cannot be ruled out.

For example, garlic (Forever Garlic-Thym) and common wolfberry (Forever Lycium Plus) strengthen the effect of medicinal substances that have a blood-thinning effect. This increases the risk of bleeding. Furthermore, the shiitake extract in Forever Immublend, for example, can trigger intolerance reactions in the skin.

The Forever Calcium product also contains manganese and copper, while the Forever Nature-Min and Forever-Daily products also contain iron. According to the recommendation of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, these three minerals should not be used in food supplements for reasons of preventive health protection.

Some of the manufacturer's advertising statements are also not permitted in accordance with legal requirements.