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Startup profile: Walls.io - The Social Wall for Everyone

In this monthly section we present an interesting startup from the German-speaking area. This time: Walls.io. For organizers, website operators and other interested parties, the company offers the option of aggregating content from over 15 different social media platforms as a wall or widget.

Basic data

Name of the startup: Walls.io

Url: https://walls.io

Date of establishment: February 22, 2014

Place of foundation: Vienna

The startup explains - what it does, for whom and how:

Walls.io is the perfect social media wall for all needs - quick and easy to set up, and yet extremely flexible in terms of customization! Walls.io collects user-generated content around a hashtag or from selected social media profiles and presents them on displays, video projections or as an integrated widget on a website.

Walls.io is used as a social media marketing solution at events and conferences, trade shows, showrooms and as a social hub on websites and in hashtag campaigns. In addition, Walls.io offers an API that enables developers to source social media content from 15 platforms via a single API.


The most important milestone along the way:

After we financed the development of Walls.io ourselves, it was essential to achieve an operationally positive result as quickly as possible, in other words: to make a profit. Fortunately, we managed to do that after just under a year.

The most important next milestone:

With the launch of our Free Plan in March, we made a large investment in the further growth of our product. Now we have to prove that this investment will pay off at the end of the day. To do this, a sufficient number of our free users must be motivated to switch to our paid offer.

What are the financing and the business model?

We run Walls.io as part of our parent company “Die Socialisten”. Walls.io is 100% self-financed, so "bootstrapped" as the saying goes.

The business model is a classic software-as-a-service model: Our customers pay a monthly subscription to use our service. In addition to two payment options, we recently made a free option available (details: https://walls.io/features-and-pricing).

How do you get to your customers?

We use numerous inbound marketing channels and do content marketing on our blog and social media channels. Of course, SEM / paid advertising also plays a major role. The most effective way to get new customers is - as so often - the recommendation of our existing customers. Fortunately, this referral mechanism is, so to speak, “built into” the product, as Walls.io is usually used in a way that is publicly perceptible. :)

The tools, services, devices, etc. that this startup would not want to do without and why:

  • Github: code repository, issue tracking
  • Intercom: Customer Support & Live Chat
  • Hipchat: team chat
  • Google Drive: file sharing and collaboration
  • Google Analytics & AdWords


We usually choose the startups that appear here. But we are also open to suggestions. Write to us at [email protected] The company should have been founded in the German-speaking area in the past three years. We prefer startups that have our readership in mind - freelancers, founders, managers, entrepreneurs, agencies and others who use the Internet as a professional tool.

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