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Focus, energy and more fats in your diet!

Designed for anyone on a low carb or keto diet.

MCT powder offers all the advantages of MCT oil, but is better tolerated in powder form and can usually be consumed in larger quantities than MCTs in oil form. It is also more convenient to transport.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder contains pure MCTs from coconut oil to support mental clarity and metabolism.

It is the only MCT oil that uses acacia fiber and does not contain any artificial additives - or fillers.
Acacia fiber is a probiotic that promotes gut and cell health. And it doesn't increase your blood sugar like fillers that are sometimes found in other MCT powders.

MCTs: the energy source your body prefers:

Research has shown that MCTs are a clean, fast-acting source of energy for the body and brain:

  • MCT fats are absorbed very quickly into the circulation (similar to glucose) and they need half less oxygen to burn than other fatty acids. They are characterized by a combustion energy that is twice as high (8.3 kcal / h) than is the case with carbohydrates or proteins (4 kcal / g).
  • MCTs are completely metabolized by the liver with the release of energy, without the predisposition to be stored in the organism in the form of adipose tissue.
  • they are more soluble in water and are therefore not dependent on bile salts
  • they are absorbed in the intestine independently of pancreatic enzymes
  • they are transported directly via the blood, independently of the lymphatic system
  • they are used faster and more easily by the body

Application: Mix Perfect Keto's MCT oil powder in coffee, tea, smoothies or just in water. No mixer required. Our MCT oil powders give any hot or cold drink a wonderfully creamy texture. Now also in flavors chocolate, vanilla and Salted caramel available.
Tip from the ketoshop: Excellent ingredient for keto pancakes! Depending on the flavor (chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel) you can vary the pancakes and the MCT powder gives them the perfect texture.
Works great with Erdschwalbe's protein flour mix. Then all that's missing is some cream cheese and eggs and you have the most delicious pancakes and the perfect keto start to the day!
Start with a small portion (1 teaspoon) and increase slowly. The digestive system has to get used to the MCTs.

Ingredients: Medium chain fatty acids from coconut oil, acacia fibers.

Nutritional values ​​per serving (approx 10g): 

- Energy: 70 kcal
- Fat: 7g
- of which saturated fatty acids: 7g
- Carbohydrates: 1g
- of which fiber 1g
- Salt: 0mg

Content: 300g

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