Omnipotence is a slave to Allah

Visiting the sick leads to the pleasure of Allah

Dear siblings!
One day while the Prophet (saas) was talking to his companions, he related the following:

“On Judgment Day, Allah will say,“ Oh child of Adam! I fell ill, but you didn't pay me a visit! "

Thereupon the latter is surprised and replies: “Oh my lord! You are the lord of the worlds. How could I have visited you? "

Allah will reply: “Didn't you know? My servant fell ill, but you did not visit him. Didn't you know that you would find Me with him if you had visited him? "

Dear Muslims!

Visiting a sick person is one of the rights of the Muslim that his fellow believers owe him. With such a visit one will not only have done one's duty, but at the same time gain an opportunity to have the infinite grace of Allah incite.

Our Prophet placed great emphasis on visiting the sick and said: "Help the hungry, visit the sick and set the slave free!"

My dear brothers and sisters!

He who visits a sick person and looks after him is actually doing something good for himself. Because it is not the sick who depend on us, but we are perhaps those who depend on the sick and weak. In this sense, the following exhortation from the Prophet is of great importance:

"Allah only helps you because of the weak among you and you obtain the gifts for livelihood only because of them." (3)

The mercy of the servant of Allah towards the creatures in the world also leads to the mercy of Allah towards him. Our Prophet said that those who, for the sake of Allah alone, visit a sick brother or sister will be removed from hell for well over 70 years (4).

Dear Muslims!

Visiting virtues include lingering briefly with the sick person, inquiring about his or her well-being and remembering the willingness to help within the scope of the possibilities. In doing so, one should avoid addressing questions and topics that could worry the patient. Instead, one should try to talk about nice things that he can do in a healthy state and thus cheer him up. In this regard, mutual supplication should not be avoided and the sick person should be reminded that both our illness and our existence are in the omnipotence of God.

"[Certainly, it is He] who created me and (now) guides me, and who gives me food and drink and who heals me when I am sick, and who lets me die and then brings me back to life . " (5)

Together, let us all listen to the following counsel from our prophet:
“When you visit a sick person, ask them to pray for you. Because his supplication is like the supplication of angels. "