How do you tease a girl

What loves teasing himself! Psychology on the subject: women teasing while flirting

Each of us has heard the saying: What loves teasing himself! But, is this really the truth? And if so, why are we doing this? In this blog article I want to answer these questions. I'm going to get to the bottom of the meaning of this ancient idiom and dive into the psychology of teasing men and women. You will of course also get a lot of tips from me ...

What does tease mean? Brief definition of what this word actually means

Someone "teases" you: The term has a very special quality when you let it melt in your mouth. He does not mean an insult in the classic sense, not even a real provocation. Because teasing shouldn't upset the other person - just annoy them a little, in a friendly and playful way.

So you can say: Whoever teases, wants to provoke a person in such a way that they perceive the remark as a funny expression and feel challenged by it in a playful way. To put it graphically, it is a “tickle for the soul”, but not a verbal “punching” or “kicking”. Mutual teasing actually happens everywhere in life. Not only those in love have such an exchange of blows, also family members, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues like to drag themselves through the cocoa.

My experiences from school: When boys and girls tease each other

What loves each other is teasing: I had to listen to this stupid saying when I was a little boy in the schoolyard. My classmates rubbed this grandmotherly wisdom under my nose with relish when I got along well - or not so well - with girls. The message behind it was clear: Even if you argue with Lisa or Anne, I know that you are still in love with them.

According to this logic, of course, you always had a crush, regardless of whether you were nice or mean to the girls. But today I have to say that the six-year-olds from back then were not so wrong with their child's head psychology. The saying “what loves itself teases” seems to be true even with adults. Because it is often the case that we ostensibly fight each other, but this is really just a game that shows that we like each other. Crazy world, right?

Why do people in love tease each other? The psychology of flirting

But why does this saying “What loves, that teases” hits the nail on the head? Why do people or couples who are newly in love regularly fall in love with each other? Even if I am not one of the trained experts in psychology, I believe that I have found the answers to this question.

The hobby psychology of a flirt coach, why lovers have fun

Those who tease try to get closer to the other indirectly by flirting and to win their love. Because it's like in physics: Friction generates heat, and this cozy warmth can literally make the other person sweat. At the same time, we tease a little bit of distance and rejection, because we don't want to openly show our interest as long as we don't know whether the other person feels the same way.

During our little provocations, we expect to be teased back by the (hopefully) also in love so that a hot exchange ensues. So with gentle teasing we can test in secret how much the woman (or the man) likes us, without running into the open knife through an overly open-hearted confession of love.

Conclusion: The playful trickery is the ideal way to express your interest in a hidden way, without exposing yourself and making yourself vulnerable.

Joking quarrels in the relationship for stability and trust

But also those who tease the partner from time to time in the relationship provide the necessary crackling to keep the love going. Because almost nothing in the world is as deadly for a partnership as too much harmony. The little taunts in everyday life show familiarity and appreciation - because this openness to being able to throw such things at each other in a friendly manner only exists among people who are very close and respect each other.

Why and how do men tease women while flirting? - Tips for getting to know each other

Perhaps you've noticed this before: There are quite a few men out there who are really bold when it comes to flirting and they can get away with it! Indeed, there is nothing better to impress women these days than being cheeky - without being rude, of course. The reason: Many guys are way too nice, polite, shy and therefore just boring when they come into contact with the opposite sex. The charming rascal is a pleasant change!

If you are teasing while getting to know each other, you stand out from all the other average men who just give slimy compliments all evening or say “yes and amen” to everything. Especially pretty women can tell you a thing or two about this ... With the playful fooling around you, on the other hand, ensure an “aha effect” and a decent tingling in her stomach.

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Naughty men show a lion-like self-confidence when flirting

All those slouches are actually so polite for only one reason: They believe that they will end up with the lady with this scam and that they will be allowed to do her laundry at some point. After all, we've all learned how to be nice to women, haven't we? The opposite is the case. The ladies are just bored of nice guys, I see that every weekend when I'm out and about in trams and bars in Berlin.

However, if you are cheeky when flirting, you show a self-confidence like a lion. Because he not only plays the game according to completely different rules, but also clearly signals that the woman is actually not important to him. Why else should he risk annoying the beautiful woman with these playful sayings? This apparent "pushing away" does exactly the opposite: women like these are magically attracted to such independent guys.

Tips: How to fool women into flirting without being offensive

Anyone who teases others is walking a fine line, as you've probably seen before. If we are too careful, the lady will simply ignore our little taunts. If we cut a line that is too rough, the beloved feels offended - and the flirtation may be destroyed forever. I also used it to break many dates in the past ...

Unfortunately, many men do not know where these hard-to-define boundaries lie. They ask me for help on how to properly go about messing around when looking for a partner. Therefore, in this article I would like to show you a few valuable guides so that your meeting or Facebook chat does not become a total flop.

The right amount is required, because the ladies are sensitive!

Don't be too shy, but don't move like the elephant in a china shop on your first date either, which crushes all dishes with one jolt! Don't become an asshole and find the right mediocrity in your jokes! You play it safe when you start with very light teasing - always with a friendly smile on your face.

Note: Women are very sensitive, especially when it comes to interpersonal communication. They usually come into contact with us with extremely fine antennas and perceive more subtle nuances. Therefore, comments with the mallet method that we guys are used to from our get-togethers should be taboo in love.

The 8 best tips for teasing women while flirting

Here are the most important rules again, if you playfully take them on your arm:

  • Start very carefully with light teasing and, if necessary, work your way up to mediocrity step by step. Better to tease too gently than to destroy the flirtation with a provocation!
  • No derogatory remarks about your looks or your figure! Especially women who struggle with themselves react extremely sensitively here!
  • Body language (gestures and facial expressions) is important so that what is being said does not get caught in the wrong throat. Speak in a friendly voice - and don't forget to smile!
  • You can combine teasing comments with a compliment in a conversation. For example, say, “Hey cool hat! I think my little cousin has one too. "
  • Not only with words, you can also tease her physically: for example, plucking out a daisy while you are sitting on the park bench and tickling her ear with it.
  • It always depends on the right amount: Don't keep teasing her in conversation while you're on a date. Because that way you don't look like a charming man, but more like a break clown.
  • A healthy mix of fun and seriousness is best. Challenge them a little with gentle provocations to fuel their interest. But also cut deep topics that will build healthy trust between you.
  • Oh yes: be careful with jokes about Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail and Co.! On the Internet, fun can quickly be misunderstood because voice and body language are missing. Better to do without something like this or use laughing emojis in case of doubt to prevent misunderstandings.

If you follow these rules, you will become an expert and play the hot game of flirting properly - without having to buy an expensive guide to help!

How do women tease men? How we are tested by the ladies!

Yes, women also have a lot of fun when it comes to dating. However, they don't just provoke to make us guys interesting and to get our attention. The ladies tease us for another reason: They want to put us to the test with “psychological traps” to test our male strength.

Why are you doing this? Women are always looking for a strong man who can take care of them and protect them. So these trials are the feminine tool of choice to separate the good guys from all the rivets. Only those who pass these tests will be shortlisted for a relationship or affair - and may even turn out to be the main prize in the end.

What teasing in flirting and in the relationship are waiting for you

This blog article is designed to help you pass the girls' dating tests. Therefore: keep your eyes open, every day-to-day situation, no matter how unimportant, can serve as a small test! Typical teasing can be tricky questions, but also provocations and reproaches with which the ladies want to see whether you are a stable man who can keep your nerve with such heavy stuff.

I mean, for example, sentences and questions like:

  • Do you talk to every woman on the street / in the disco with this saying?
  • Do you always go so briskly?
  • Are you gay?
  • Do you think the woman over there is pretty in that miniskirt?
  • Your shirt doesn't look particularly well ironed ...
  • You have hair on your chest ...

You should never let yourself be upset or act aggressively with such small meanings in life. Then you failed the test mercilessly, grade 6! In such cases it can lose interest in you faster than a tree can lose its withered leaves in autumn.

Tips on how to react to the woman's teasing - humor is required!

Humor is the best advisor here. Just react in a relaxed, funny and ironic way, because you will pass 99 percent of the tests with flying colors. When asked about the unironed shirt, you can reply, for example: "My housekeeper was off duty today" or "Fortunately, the wrinkles are only on my shirt ..." And whether you tell every woman with this saying? Of course not everyone, just the blond ones who smile so sweetly ... :-)

You should also show her that you are not ashamed of your sexual needs. Feel free to admit that you like beauty in a sexy mini skirt, after all, you are only a man ... This shows you self-confidence, because many insecure men suppress their own sexuality these days - which women do not find attractive at all.

The best recipe to react quickly to your tests

She gave you a stupid nickname ("Pupsi"), asked a mean trick question ("How do I look in that dress?") Or made a small reproach (you are always late! ")? You should practice reacting quickly to such a tease and always have a suitable answer ready. It's a matter of experience: at some point you've heard most things and know how the gun was fired and what you can answer them.

But if you ever get speechless, that's not a big deal. Every man fails one of the women's tests and has a blackout while flirting. The only thing that matters is that you learn from this. In retrospect, think about how you could have reacted better. Make a careful note of these fictitious answers (or even write them down) so that you can use them the next time in a comparable situation.

... but also the lady shouldn't go too far with her games

However, the following applies: only what teases itself loves itself - insults, on the other hand, are not a sign of affection. If the woman is just outrageous - yes, there’s something like that too - then that has nothing to do with jokes and you shouldn't play her stupid game. Instead of a funny reaction, only plain text helps.

Apart from that, the mutual, loving taunts are something very beautiful in life, I think. Regardless of whether you are getting to know each other for the first time, dating or later in the relationship. Even more: These little swipes are the essence of flirting, which is what really gets you tingling. So enjoy it!

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