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What does the warning app NINA stand for?

NINA stands for Emergency Information and Message App.


Where do the official warnings come from?

The civil protection warnings are issued by the responsible civil protection authorities or by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. The publisher and a contact option are listed under each warning message.


Where does the flood information come from?

The flood information from the transnational flood portal is used in the app. The reports are valid for an entire federal state and can therefore concern several subscribed locations at the same time. The data and further information can be found at www.hochwasserzentralen.de.


How accurate are the messages displayed?

The messages are always displayed for the area and marked on the map for which they are pronounced. These can be city districts or entire federal states, but also an area defined by the authorities. Due to technical restrictions, there may be minor inaccuracies in the display on the map and in determining your current location.

Due to the responsibilities in disaster control, in a dangerous situation it can happen that a district issues a warning while the neighboring district does not.


How reliable are the warnings displayed?

All warnings and reports are issued by official bodies after careful examination. If you have any questions about specific messages, you will find the relevant contact information at the end of each warning message.


Why are one or more symbols highlighted in orange?

As soon as there is a warning for the respective area, the symbol is shown in orange. Gray symbols indicate that there are no current warnings or messages for this category.


Why should I enable push notifications?

If the push notification is activated, you will receive the warning messages for the locations you have subscribed to and - if activated - for your current location immediately after they have been issued. In this way, you will be informed promptly about possibly relevant events and dangers. For this, however, your smartphone needs an active data connection.

If the push notification is switched off, you have to update it manually under the menu item “My Places” (swipe down once) to see whether there are any new (possibly relevant) warning messages.


Will I also receive warnings for my current location?

Yes. You have the option of activating "Push notification for current location" under the menu item "Settings". This will give you warnings about your current location.


Can I set the push notifications individually?

You have the option to subscribe to the push notifications according to your needs. You can select a specific warning tone and switch the vibration alarm on or off. We recommend that you subscribe to the push notifications so that you can always be warned about possible dangers.


Do I have to turn on GPS to use the app?

No, NINA can also be used without the location function. Access to your location only needs to be activated in order to use location-based warnings. The radio cell of your smartphone is sufficient for the location and thus the location-related warnings. The location works more precisely via GPS and WLAN. If you have activated the location-based push notification, GPS is only switched on by the app to check whether you are affected by an alert. The location data is only processed on your device and not forwarded to the BBK.


I am in an area affected by an alert. What should I do?

In general, you will find four sections in every civil protection warning:

* Warning: What is being warned of? * Recommendation for action: What those affected should do. * Affected region: The areas affected by a warning. * Further information: Information on the citizen's hotline, website or other information options * Responsible: Name of the authority or institution that the Issues warning or information.

In addition, in the Emergency Tips section, you will find recommendations for action for various emergency situations and further information on emergency preparedness topics.

You can also find out more via radio, television or the Internet. Also pay attention to possible loudspeaker announcements on site.


How do I know if a warning is still up to date?

If there are warnings, they are indicated by the orange symbol under the menu item “My Places”. The number of warnings is shown in orange on the same line. The warning messages are current until an all-clear or the warning message has expired.

If a civil protection warning is canceled, the warning, which is no longer valid, is stored for 6 hours in the subscribed location (tap on the arrow next to the subscribed location).

Warnings from the German Weather Service and the transnational flood portal are updated regularly. Only the currently valid warnings are published in the app.


Can read messages be removed?

NINA always shows the currently valid civil protection warnings, weather warnings and flood information for your subscribed locations. Warnings that are no longer valid are automatically removed from the display. Read messages cannot be removed manually.


Nothing special is shown on the map. Why?

If no information is displayed on the map, there are no current warning messages for the currently selected category. You can use the symbol at the bottom right to switch between the display of the individual categories (civil protection warnings, weather warnings and flood information).


Although there is a warning, I did not receive a push notification. What could be the reason for this?

Check the settings menu to see whether the "Receive push notification" button is activated and the correct warning level is set.


Is there a charge to use the app or receive push notifications?

No. The use of the app and the receipt of push messages are free of charge. Only for the data traffic through the installation and use of the app can costs be incurred. As a rule, however, this is covered by standard mobile phone tariffs for mobile Internet use. However, we recommend installing and updating the app with a WiFi connection.


How can I customize tones for a push notification?

To adjust the tones of a push notification, go to the "Settings" menu item. There you can set different tones for official civil protection warnings, weather warnings and flood information. To do this, tap on the individual sections and then configure push notifications and warning sounds.


Why is there no warning about sirens?

Sirens are still an established warning device with a good wake-up effect. The use of sirens is the responsibility of the municipalities and is controlled from there. This is also possible via the modular warning system (MoWaS) on which the app is also based. The population can be warned in parallel by sirens and the app via MoWaS. While sirens have the better wake-up effect, the app can provide helpful additional information.


Will my data be collected or saved?

The NINA warning app can be used without providing personal data. Personal data that the app uses (e.g. your location) remains local on your device and is never stored on the server. The app optionally uses Google Analytics. This means that usage statistics are recorded in anonymised form. This is only used to further develop the APP in a user-oriented manner. These data cannot be linked to your identity. We have no way of assigning this data to your person and we also do not merge this data with other data sources. Further information can be found in the data protection declaration.


Why is Google Maps or Apple Maps used?

Most users are familiar with the use of their own map applications from the operating system manufacturers Google and Apple. In addition, it offers a powerful map application that many users can use at the same time in the event of an incident.


Why is there no app for Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.?

The majority of the smartphones and tablets in use are operated with Android or iOS. Therefore, in the first development step, the app was only developed for these operating systems. Other operating systems may be supported in the future.

For other operating systems, all current warning messages and information are also available on the website http: www.warnung.bund.de. This site is also optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


I have display problems on my smartphone. What can I do?

Please send an email with the exact type of your smartphone and the version of the operating system you are using to [email protected]d.de. We will then try to get to the bottom of the display problems.


I have a comment / suggestion for improvement. Whom can I contact?

You can send us questions and feedback about the app by e-mail to [email protected]


Why is the wrong location under "My Places" as the current location?

Your current location is determined when you receive an alert or when you open the My Places view. For this, NINA uses the location function of your device. A manual update is possible by pulling down the page. Due to technical restrictions, it may happen in individual cases that your location cannot be correctly determined. The current location is always determined at the level of the independent city or district.


What do the symbols in the subscribed locations mean?

There are three symbols:

The "civil protection mark" stands for civil protection warnings. The "thundercloud" stands for weather warnings from the German Weather Service (DWD). The "house with water waves" displays information from the transnational flood portal.


What is the function of the symbol in the map view at the bottom right?

By tapping this symbol, you can choose between the display of the individual categories (civil protection warnings, weather warnings and flood information). After tapping one of the symbols, it appears on the map with an orange background and you get an overview of the currently active warnings (weather warnings) on the map.


Why doesn't NINA warn me if there is an event near me?

Hazard information that appears in NINA is entered via the federal modular warning system (MoWaS). All control centers connected to MoWaS at the state or municipal level can use NINA to warn the population of dangerous situations. Which events and from what extent warnings are issued via MoWaS and NINA is up to the decision of the responsible bodies within the scope of their responsibilities. The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief only provides the technical infrastructure for the warning, but cannot influence whether and how the federal states and municipalities use this infrastructure.


Where do the weather warnings come from?

The weather warnings of the German Weather Service are used in the app. Further information can be found on the DWD homepage at www.dwd.de/warnung.


What does the app use information about my location for?

If you have activated "Push notification for current location", NINA will check new warnings to determine whether they relate to your location. Your location is only checked within the app. Your location will not be processed or saved on a server. You also have the option of centering the map view on your current location.


Who is responsible for the app?

The app is published by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Aid (BBK). This is responsible for the operation and the app as such.

The respective publisher is responsible for the content of the individual reports. These are noted under each warning message and information.


Can the NINA warning app also be used on tablets?

Yes. However, the app is currently optimized for display on smartphones, so that the display on tablets with a large display may appear a bit “unbalanced”. In general, however, you can also install NINA on tablets.


What is the difference between alerts for subscribed locations and current location?

You have the option of subscribing to several locations (cities / districts / municipalities) under “My Places” and under “Settings” you can activate the push notification with different warning tones for the respective warnings / messages. You also have the option of activating the location-based push under the “Settings” menu item. This will give you warnings about your current location for all activated categories.


How can I remove subscribed (added) locations?

A subscribed location can be removed again by swiping out to the side. Swipe right on Android, swipe left on iOS.