Why should you avoid eating outside?

It is difficult to always eat top healthy. Cooking fresh every day is impossible for many people at lunchtime - especially at work. Even so, everyone can do a few simple things to make their lunch a little healthier. We'll tell you 5 lunch mistakes that make you fat unnecessarily.

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Lunch: These 5 Mistakes Make You Fat

1. Eating too late or not at all

Especially when we are stressed at work and can hardly find time, we always push the lunch break a little further back. Just make that call while our stomachs growl louder and louder. Take a break between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. at the latest - otherwise you are threatened with a nasty hunger attack. Once this occurs, we often no longer have the patience to look around for something healthy. Instead, when we have cravings, we increasingly resort to fast food and sugar bombs.

If we skip lunch altogether, our body switches to the back burner when we are very hungry. The metabolism is reduced to a minimum and we hardly burn any calories. Stupid side effect: Our performance and ability to concentrate decrease if we do not provide our body with enough energy. This is very impractical, especially at work! In addition, we are often overwhelmed by lust in the evening, and we randomly stuff unhealthy food into us.

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2. Lunch in front of the laptop

Eating in front of the screen can come in handy in the office. This saves us time, we can still check emails or finish a task. But stop! Those who spend their lunch with a computer, television or even smartphone run the risk of adding extra pounds. Because these distractions keep us from focusing on the meal. So we often overhear our body's own satiety signal and eat more than we need.

3. Eat away or ready-made meals

Do you always go to a restaurant for lunch? Of course, a change of place during a long working day is good - especially if you can then spend the break with colleagues. Even so, this should ideally not become a daily routine. Because in restaurants, the menus often entice you with dishes that contain many (hidden) calories. In addition, the portions are often larger than what we would put on our plates at home. However, once it is there, we often eat it up.

If you don't go to a restaurant but make a detour to the supermarket or kiosk every day to get a packaged sandwich or a sushi box, you're not doing your body a favor either. Even if the food looks healthy - there are usually innumerable preservatives, stabilizers and thickeners hidden here. Unhealthy and high in calories!

Instead, try to treat yourself to such excursions only from time to time and cook something yourself for most of the days that you can then bring to work. Here you have full control over ingredients and ingredients - and your wallet will be happy too!

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Eating salad makes you fat? I beg your pardon?! Well - lettuce itself is of course healthy, that's right. Above all, this means green leaf salads and pure raw vegetables such as cucumbers. They contain hardly any calories, no fat, no carbohydrates, but plenty of water and vitamins.

However, we often spice up the greens with unhealthy toppings: croutons, cheese, breaded meat, shrimp and lots of ready-made dressing. And already with a falsely good feeling we are eating a supposedly healthy meal that actually isn't really any more.

5. Drink light drinks

It looks similar with light drinks. Cola Zero, Light and Co. often accompany our canteen lunch or lunch in a restaurant. We think that this will save us a few calories - after all, the drinks do not contain any sugar.

This is correct, but the light lemonades have an unfavorable effect on the body: the sweeteners in the drinks trick our body into supplying sugar with their sweet taste. He then waits longingly for the announced energy - which he does not get and then reacts with cravings. So how about a delicious and healthy infused water next time instead?

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