Can i drive an ATV in India?

Quad tires for on-road terrain and racing

Driving through the terrain with a quad is a man's dream for which there are hardly any comparable experiences. Quads are particularly popular with young drivers. For some people, quads are also a means of transport on the road or on the field or forest path. In the event that a quad is to be driven on the public road, this vehicle needs a license plate and insurance coverage.

Since a quad is designed as a sports and off-road vehicle, it is not automatically approved for road use. It is therefore necessary that the quad is converted by the TÜV before it is approved for road use. Because about

  • indicator
  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Parking light
  • Speedometer

does not have a quad if it is at the dealer or is delivered directly by the manufacturer. A specialist workshop is able to attach these things to a quad so that the vehicle can be presented to the TÜV for road approval. For a higher surcharge, you can of course also get a quad that is already street legal and has the relevant details.

A street legal quad is not a racing machine on the road. Of course, the quad driver also has to adhere to the given rules and speeds. This also applies if the quad, which is approved for road use, is driven on forest or forest paths. Because a quad is quite capable of this, even if it has indicators and the other details necessary for road traffic. Because the road approval does not make it impossible that a quad cannot also be driven on an off-road route. However, you should be careful here, as the quad has a number of attachments that can easily be damaged on the off-road route.

Which driver's license do you need for a quad?

Decisive whether a quad with street legal can also be moved there that the quad driver has the correct driver's license. Basically, if you have a car driver's license, you can also automatically drive a quad on public roads. However, a certain practice process should have preceded this, as a quad can be driven differently than a car. A motorcycle can also be driven differently than a quad. So you can't say that if you've ever ridden a motorcycle that you can handle a quad 100 percent. Because even compared to a motorcycle, driving a quad is a different feeling and needs to be learned first. Only after repeated practice does a driving experience emerge on the quad that you can say that you take it with you and dare to take it on the public road.

Tips for safety on the road

In order to drive the quad safely on the road, you should focus on safety. Motorcycle clothing is also ideal for quad bikes. It is mandatory to wear a helmet on the street. Shorts, T-shirts and sandals should not be worn on the quad for your own safety. Wearing gloves is also recommended. Sturdy shoes should also be worn. Training in driving safety should also be carried out if possible. It is also important to keep your posture on the quad. The driver should have a good body feeling, as his weight and certain movements on the quad significantly influence its position.