Have you ever eaten a schnitzel


1. What time is it? 15: 512. What is your name as it appears on the birth certificate? Mira Emilia Parusel 3. When is your birthday? 11/11/20094. Place of birth? Dortmund 5. What color are the pants that you are currently wearing? white 6. Your current favorite song? Heartbeat of mom7. What are you listening to right now? Mom's voice 8. And your hair color? dark blond9. What's the last thing you ate? Milk 10. Do you have a favorite animal? Cat11. If you were a crayon, what color would you like to be? Red 12. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? can't decide 13. What's the weather like right now? cold14. Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone? Have never made a phone call in my life15. What do you notice first about the opposite sex? ... 16. How are you today? supiiee17.What is your favorite drink? Milk, is there anything else? Are you pierced? Nobody pierces that early19. Do you have a tattoo ? also not20. How do you eat a hanuta? not at all21. Favorite sport to watch? ... 22. Which CD are you going to buy next? Nobody has internet23. Eye color? Blue24. Do you wear contact lenses? I'm still so small25. Siblings and age? none26. Last movie that you saw? --27. Favorite day of the year? 11.1128. Are you too shy to take someone out for dinner? ... 29. Have you ever had a car accident? Nööö30. Do you prefer funny or scary films? --- 31. Your favorite vacation spot? --- 32. Summer or winter? --- 33. Hugs or kisses? --34. Relationship or one night stand? --35. Have you ever loved someone so much that they made you cry? --- 36. ---? 37. In which place would you like to be kissed? --- 38. Your favorite book? --- 39. When did you eat your first schnitzel in your life? don't have any teeth yet40. Have you ever been punished for a crime? Nööö41. What do you do when you are bored? scream 42. When is your time to go to bed? when my parents are wide awake43. What's the best thing in your life right now? That I came into such a nice family44. Chocolate or vanilla? --45. How much do you love your job? --46. Why are you in the SgvvEv? I had no other choice47. In which business would you use your credit card to the maximum? Toys R us49. What is your preferred way of preparing a schnitzel? I can't say yet50. What measures do you take to prepare for a SgvvEv meeting? shout beforehand to draw everyone's attention to me51. Here is space for your spiritual ideas

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