Why does nature images soothe

28 soothing nature photos so you can really take a breath

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* is immediately completely deeply relaxed *

Life is sometimes pretty stressful, so let's all take a deep breath, with pictures that are guaranteed to have a calming effect.

1. First up, we have this magnificent succulent, bursting with vitality, with perfect symmetry.

BuzzFeed.de © SpantaX / Via reddit.com

2. Next we see this unclouded reflection in which one can completely lose oneself.

BuzzFeed.de © SavageMan0615 / Via reddit.com

3. And if you already liked that, then first take a look at the breathtaking color gradient in these autumn leaves.

BuzzFeed.de © hn_ns / Via reddit.com

4. Here a freshly groomed ski slope.

BuzzFeed.de © Nikini845 / Via reddit.com

5. Nice, nice, but have you ever seen such a perfectly composed sunset?

BuzzFeed.de © SolarStorm85 / Via reddit.com

6. This bouquet of colorful mushrooms is also simply a caress for the soul.

BuzzFeed.de © Jill Bliss / thebayallday / Via reddit.com

7. And you almost want to bite into these flawless mushroom caps.

BuzzFeed.de © mike_pants / Via reddit.com

8. Here we see an incredible composition of four perfect landscape views.

BuzzFeed.de © Bongnazi / Via reddit.com

Yes, this is ONE photo!

9. If you enjoyed that, then you will also appreciate the varied shades of this magical sunset.

BuzzFeed.de © GallowBoob / Via reddit.com

10. Everything about this finely banded agate makes my tired heart sing.

BuzzFeed.de © d4hm3r / Via reddit.com

11. Herrjemine, just look at this gentle desert wave.

BuzzFeed.de © Jinkles6 / Via reddit.com

12. Who would have thought that a grove of trees could be such a satisfying sight?

BuzzFeed.de © WiiUvinate / Via reddit.com

13. The same goes for this red cabbage and the amazingly appealing patterns it forms.

BuzzFeed.de © insolent_swine / Via reddit.com

14. Look how well this cuddly little owl fits into this knothole.

BuzzFeed.de © D4rk4in / Via reddit.com

15. Very pleasant, isn't it? Okay, but look at this freshly washed and blown cow.

BuzzFeed.de © MatildabSpofforth / Via reddit.com


16. But we don't want to overlook this little creature either. The pattern on his shell is super cute and gorgeous in equal parts.

BuzzFeed.de © itman290 / Via reddit.com

17. Do you also feel the calming effect that emanates from this absolutely round stone?

BuzzFeed.de © scootnoodle / Via reddit.com

18. And speaking of stones - this colorful arrangement isn't bad either.

BuzzFeed.de © Lsai76 / Via reddit.com

19. Imagine if fate gave you such a fairy tale apple.

BuzzFeed.de © aquero / Via reddit.com

20. Or this remnant of a melted area of ​​snow. Looks like painted.

BuzzFeed.de © -GameOver- / Via reddit.com

21. These tiny little droplets make me feel great.

BuzzFeed.de © StrangeArchivist / Via reddit.com

22. Thank you to the person who sorted these blueberries so carefully according to the rainbow principle.

BuzzFeed.de © pr0gramm.com

23. And everyone who succeeds in growing such fresh and colorful looking carrots.

BuzzFeed.de © ambianceambiance / Via reddit.com

24. These perfectly planted trees with their delicate treetops are a pleasure to look at.

BuzzFeed.de © Cepheus7 / Via reddit.com

25. Likewise these hypnotic wave patterns.

BuzzFeed.de © Mymajesticmoose / Via reddit.com

26. Everyone likes flowers, but you just like these perfectly symmetrical beauties a little more.

BuzzFeed.de © imgur.com

27. And the snow on this snapshot of a winter wonderland? TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

BuzzFeed.de © imgur.com

28. And with these endless rows of lavender we close. May they make you satisfied.

BuzzFeed.de © gtaguy1234 / Via reddit.com

Thank you, r / oddlysatisfying, you make the world a little more beautiful and relaxing.

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