Why does LastPass sometimes not work

LastPass Password Manager 5.0.2

The LastPass Password Manager remembers user data and passwords and logs the user on to websites on which he has an account.

Password manager as a browser extension and app

The password manager makes it easier to log into websites where you have an account. The LastPass Password Manager remembers the necessary access data and saves them on the manufacturer's server. The password manager's mobile apps and browser extensions have access to this and can update the data and synchronize it across devices, although the latter is only possible to a limited extent with the free version.

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Fill out forms and generate passwords

The LastPass Password Manager registers users on websites and automatically fills out registration forms to facilitate the registration on websites and the payment process for online purchases. In addition, the password manager comes with a password generator that creates long and random passwords that are supposed to offer optimal protection against hacker attacks. There is also a note function for storing important information.

Freeware with limited synchronization

The user can use the password manager free of charge with the free version, which does not support synchronization between desktop computers and mobile devices. The more extensive, paid premium version can be tested for 30 days free of charge and requires registration with the manufacturer.

Download LastPass

The LastPass Password Manager is available as an app for mobile devices in the respective mobile stores and as a desktop browser extension for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari on the manufacturer's download page, which we have linked in our download area.