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Baby names - 7 tips for choosing a name

Leon, Mia or maybe Arya - finding the right name for your own offspring is not that easy. After all, the name should emphasize the uniqueness of the offspring, sound good, match the surname and not invite other children to tease. The closer the day of the birth approaches, the more often you will be asked the question of choosing a baby name. High time to think about it.

How do I choose a suitable baby name?

Have you already come up with a few favorites or are you still looking for inspiration?

If you are still at the very beginning, you should first get an overview. A book of first names can help here, but research can also be done on the Internet.

It is helpful if you first create an unfiltered list of suggested names that you and your partner will like. Then cross out all suggestions that are out of the question for the other person.

It is best to put the list of suggested names to one side for now. Allow yourself at least a few days, even better a few weeks, before you look at them again. Have your tastes changed in the meantime? Do you / do you still like your / your favorites? Everything that you no longer like is crossed out and new suggestions are added. Little by little, as long as there are no more new ideas for a name, the list gets shorter and you get closer to your decision. If you don't have a partner to help you make a decision, discuss your list with good friends or your parents.

Choosing the right baby name for your own offspring is primarily a matter of taste. But there are a few things that you should think about beforehand so that the name does not cause problems in later life. We have put together seven tips for you.

1. Are Chanel and Tarzan allowed?

When choosing a name, a lot is now allowed, but not everything. Ultimately, the responsible registry offices in Germany have the right to veto unusual names that could become a burden for the children. In this case, the parents have to come up with a new name.

In the meantime, the regulations of the local courts have relaxed, so that more unusual first names have also been allowed.

For girls, for example, the name became Chanel approved, but also Milka has already been approved. On the list of special first names for boys is next Tarzan z. B. the name November to find. 

It is important: The first name must be recognizable as such, i. H. Place names or job titles are normally not permitted. Information on whether a name can be assigned, recommendations and decision-making aids for choosing a name are available from the Leipzig University Advice Center.

2. Soft or hard?

It should sound beautiful - the name for your own offspring. Girl names often sound a little softer than boy names, which is because they often end with a vowel such as viola or Annalena. This trend of “softer” names also applies to boy names such as Noah or Luca.Alexander and Maximilian on the other hand, are perceived as hard names.

Soft or hard, you should like the baby name and especially its sound. You'll say it a lot, and you will likely call it out too - so you should enjoy hearing it.

3. Is Leander a wimp?

A name does not determine the personality, but it can decide how other people perceive us, judge us and what opportunities we are denied in the course of our lives. You surely remember the discussions about the "behaviorally disturbed Kevin" and you know the idea of ​​the "less educated Jaqueline". These examples illustrate how quickly people can be guided by such unconscious messages.

Even if we don't know anything about someone other than their first name, we immediately have a certain idea of ​​the person in our head. We are not always aware of the expectations that we associate with first names. You should keep this in mind when choosing a name for your baby.

4. Klara Fall does not work

Clearly: you don't want your son Quay wall or your daughter Klara case be called. It sounds funny, but the fun will soon be over. However, it does happen that such name blossoms creep in quite unconsciously, for example with meanings in a foreign language. When surnames and first names rhyme, it also seems more funny than serious.

One thing is certain: Even the greatest and most sonorous first name in connection with your own surname may not always be the best choice.

In general, first names that end with a vowel do not go well with surnames that begin with a vowel. The longer the surname, the more suitable a short first name is.

5. Anna-Lena is the sunny one ...

and Andreas the "male" or the "brave". In order not to experience any unpleasant surprises in retrospect: To be on the safe side, look up the meaning of your favorite baby names in a name dictionary. Here you can find out something about the origin of the names, how they were used in times gone by and what they mean.

Many of the most popular German first names, for example, have a religious background or they originally come from Old German, but regional references are also quite common.

6. Can you spell that?

"I beg your pardon? Can you spell that? ”That might be the reaction if the little one Schantall is asked for her name. An unusual pronunciation or an unusual spelling does not necessarily bring advantages. Variants that are already known are better suited to avoid possible misunderstandings.

7. From baby names like Khaleesi, Jona and Finn-Luca

Rare names are more in demand these days. Who would want five more in addition to their own little Lena in kindergarten? You can find inspiration for original baby names almost everywhere: Popular series characters or celebrities and their children, for example, are a good source of ideas for finding a name. But remember: many other couples also become aware of the names through the media. You could therefore move up in the ranking of the most popular first names in the future.

Another idea would be to choose between first names apart from the current trend names. Name lists of rare baby names with exciting alternatives can be found on the Internet. How about B. with Jonah, Cara or Bente?

But if you are rather toying with one of the currently most popular first names, a middle name could also rule out any likelihood of confusion. Take a look at the names further down the list to see if there is someone that you and your partner like.

Whichever baby name you choose: It will be off at school at the latest Astrid a Assi, out Paul a Paule and from Benjamin a Ben or Benny. Children are usually very inventive and nicknames are not always flattering. A tip: from short first names like Ida, Till or Erik nicknames are created less often. However, they are not a guarantee of this.

We wish you lots of great ideas when looking for a name for your baby!

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