Kennedy was murdered by the Freemasons

The Kennedy Conspiracy - Was It a Masonic Execution? Kennedy's son still alive today? What did JFK and Marilyn Monroe know about UFOs? - Buy a new book

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Author:Davis, Dan; van Helsing, Jan

The Kennedy Conspiracy - Was It a Masonic Execution? Kennedy's son still alive today? What did JFK and Marilyn Monroe know about UFOs? What is the role of Donald Trump and QAnon?



(ISBN-10: 3938656522)
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Publisher's text:About 2,800 previously classified documents relating to the murder of John F. Kennedy have been released for publication by President Donald Trump. This book discusses and lists the latest findings about the murder of JFK on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.
In addition to the brand new facts, further open questions are answered for the first time:
Why did it get lost in the heat of the moment that almost all of the decision makers involved in “solving” the murder were Freemasons? Why were key eyewitnesses systematically ignored? Which legislative changes planned by JFK disappeared immediately into the desk drawer after the assassination by JFK's successor, high degree Freemason Lyndon B. Johnson? Why was there a mass death of eyewitnesses who contradicted the official version?
In this book, Dan Davis brings completely new facts to light that have never been published anywhere in the world and thus documents a scenario that clearly shows the reader how one of the greatest lies in world history was systematically constructed and why. He also brings the murder of Senator Robert Kennedy back to the table and makes it clear how deeply everything is interrelated. Dan Davis also cites indisputable facts about the "suicide" of Marilyn Monroe - coincidentally the day before a press conference she had scheduled to bring information to the public that could have toppled the government. Was it a "coincidence" that Kennedy's son crashed his plane in 1999, a few days before a planned candidacy for US president? And what does Donald Trump know about it, one of Kennedy's son's closest friends? Did you know that John F. Kennedy's grave site is shaped like a Q? Who do you think the whistleblower QAnon is? Could it be that we are witnessing a great campaign of revenge?
Keywords:Conspiracy, Kennedy, Freemasons, Illuminati
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