Why was Goddess Durga created

What is the story of "Kali Maa"?

If you study Hindu gods and goddesses carefully, they represent a cosmic phenomenon like god SuryaDev represents the sun, Bhudevi represents the planet earth and so on. Mother Kali represents "time". The word Kali is derived from the Sanskrit work Kal (time). The attributes of time are represented as themselves in human form.

Time is infinite and we cannot cover anything that is infinite. That's why she's naked. Everything worsens and disappears over time and it is portrayed with her mouth. Where her tongue is outstretched as if she would never close it and swallow continuously. She wears a dress with hands that represents all of our deeds merging in time. She wears a necklace of skulls that represents all of our thoughts (can be great or evil) that merge in time. Holding a cut head in one hand that represents all of our egos becomes suppressed over time. You can correlate remaining things like this.

Origin of potash: According to Shiva Puraana Devi Bhagavatha

Since there is no origin or no end for time, we cannot say what its origin is. But we find their first appearance with the form we see now. This appearance was given to Lord Shiva of Sathidevi (Parvathi Devi's previous incarnation) when he refused her request to participate in a yagna to be performed by her father Daksh Prajapathi to insult Lord Shiva.

We can say that it is her first appearance because Lord Siva is afraid of her appearance as Kali. He later loves her more than any other form of her and meditates on that form. Later, mother Sathidevi renounced her body and was born as Parvathi (daughter of Parvatha Raja (personification of the Himalayan mountains)) in King Himavat's house. This is why Lord Shiva asks Mother Parvathi to show this form of her when he accepts to marry her.

It is not possible to understand the god / goddess through mere explanations / discussions. We have to do sadhana (spiritual practice) in order to get an insight into the knowledge of God for ourselves. Without the knowledge of God, we will not get inspiration for sadhana. This is a kind of deadlock situation. The best you can do at this point is to ask God for your knowledge and bhakthi to start and continue Saadhana. Books that have been written or the lectures given by perfected sadhakas serve as great support for aspiring sadhakas.

If you are genuinely interested in understanding the philosophy of a Devi (Goddess) and Shiva, please read David Frawley's "Tantric Yoga and the Goddesses of Wisdom". This is a very small book, but give enough knowledge about Dasa Maha Vidyaas and Kali is the first among them. There is also about the knowledge of Shiva and these goddesses are different representations of Mother Parvathi. The Shiva of Mother Parvathi as Sathidevi were declared before her departure for Daksha Yagna.

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