Why are gaming emulators written in C.

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c't-uplink from the home office continues: This time the retrogaming specialist group got together for an all-round blow. Jan-Keno Janssen explains how to hack the Playstation Classic to use it like a Raspberry Pi. Sony's miniature console not only emulates more beautifully, but also offers access to games from Nintendo, Sega or SNK.

However, emulation always reaches its limits or requires disproportionately wasteful resources. This is where replicas and hacks of the original hardware come onto the field. Analogue Interactive has repackaged Neo Geo, NES and Co or emulates the hardware via FPGA chips, as Michael Wieczorek explains.

Finally, Alexander Spier and the group discussed the future of Raspberry Pi 4 and what the egg-laying woolly milk pig called Mister (also an FPGA structure) is all about.

This time with: Michael Wieczorek, Alexander Spier and Jan-Keno Janssen

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