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Elemental forces

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Elemental forces are powers that allow certain species to use certain elements.


The Great Beings created the Elemental Lords on Spherus Magna from six warriors, also known as Glatorians, who have the power to control six elements. They soon took control of their tribes.

When the Great Beings created the Matoran universe, they also created Matoran associated with certain elements. Likewise, the great beings gave them the Toa, who could completely control their elements, and who the Matoran could become. According to the Toa, there should be the Turaga, who can control their elements but are not as strong as the Toa. The great beings created other beings that could control elements, like the Bohrok. Mata Nui created other beings that could use elemental powers, the Makuta.


Bara Magna / Spherus Magna

On Bara Magna, the six elemental lords were able to control these elements:

In addition, the Glatorians Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, Tarix and Vastus received elemental powers from Mata Nui through the Kanohi Ignika. However, Mata Nui followed the elements of the Matoran universe.

Matoran Universe

Main elements

These are the most widely represented elements of the Matoran universe:

Minor elements

These are also elements, but not so often represented:

Legendary elements

These elements are important for the existence of the universe:

  • Life: So far only used by three known Toa: A Toa from Jovan's team, Matoro and Toa Ignika (Mata Nui can also use this element in his body created by the Ignika).
  • Time: So far only used by two known Toa: Vakama and Tahu Nuva. Both could only do this with the Kanohi Vahi, both Toa could only use it briefly.
  • Creation: So far only used by Artakha with the mask of creation. He can see a later creation with it, know what materials he needs to create it and know how to create something. He can also create things with her if he already knows how to create something.


Are not elements in the strict sense of the word. Mostly there are only individual facets of other elements. Three forces are known:

  • Vacuum: A certain force of the element air.
  • silence: A certain force of the element sound.
  • acid


Elemental forces are natural forces that are available to many beings. With Matoran these powers are inactive; only Toa can access all of their elemental powers. If the Toa use their Element too much, they cannot use it until it is recharged. Another special power of the Toa are the Nova Blasts, this is an ability in which a Toa releases all of its elemental powers at once, which is very destructive. In this way you can change your environment by z. B. something multiplied or something absorbed.

The legendary elements life and time cannot be obtained or used in the normal way as they are a cornerstone of the universe. Known artifacts that can manipulate these elements are the Ignika and the Vahi. Voporak has some powers over time, but these are not due to elementary factors.


Elements can be used or combined in different ways, here are the possible combinations:


  • Six different elements together can create protodermis (except for light and shadow).
  • Earth + fire = lava
  • Air + water = thunderstorm
  • Sand + fire = glass
  • Air + fire = fire tornado
  • Stone + fire = lava
  • Fire + water = steam
  • Ice + fire = temporary seal
  • Ice + water = hailstorms


Skakdi can direct their elemental powers with elemental weapons or with the help of another Skakdi. Avak and Hakann once combined their powers:

  • Fire + Stone = A creature made of both.


  • Krahka is the only being that theoretically could take on all elements, since it is a shape shifter and also "copies" the forces of the opponent.