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Bachelor of Music - Electronic Composition

The training takes place in the work rooms of the electronic music studio at the university. Numerous fixed and mobile workplaces are available here, extensive software and hardware equipment as well as excellent listening opportunities.

The necessary technical skills are imparted in the basic course in practice-oriented seminars. The focus of the training is in the artistic field. The development and implementation of musical concepts and dealing with special forms of presentation for music in connection with various audiovisual media types are in the foreground as well as dealing with questions of media theory and networking with external institutions through joint projects.

The Cologne University of Music and Dance is currently the only German music university that offers a bachelor's degree in electronic composition. In this way, the interests and strengths of the students in dealing with electronic media can already be addressed at the beginning of the course and the specialization in the various profiles of the main course can be prepared. The focus here is on product performances with the option of specializing in the areas of internet / performance / visualization or instrumental composition.

Basic information

  • Degree: Bachelor of Music
  • Standard period of study: 8 semesters
  • Start of studies: winter semester
  • Scope of study: 240 credits
  • Possible main subjects: composition
  • Further study options: Master of Music Electronic Composition, Master of Music Instrumental Composition, concert exam