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Every now and then one hears complaints from managing directors or HR managers of large consulting firms about the offspring that the willingness to travel is decreasing from year to year - even abroad has in many cases lost its appeal. Frank Karcher, head of HR at the German branch of the global IT service provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), is in the fortunate position of not having to share this suffering with his colleagues in the industry. He believes that this has to do with the fact that only those people who are naturally open to foreign cultures apply to his company, which has Indian roots.

Last year the company initiated a European trainee program for IT-savvy young professionals. In 2017, the first round took place in Germany with 35 participants, now there are about 100 across Europe. And you have no problem, assures Karcher, to get enough participants for this training program. Applicants know that they will be spending a few months in India.

They are therefore open to foreign cultures in general and to Indian cultures in particular. Often it can be read from the résumé - for example through many stays abroad - whether the candidate has a positive attitude towards foreign cultures, reports HR professional Karcher, who has been doing this job at TCS for ten years and now has a feeling for whom he can trust. to work in such an international environment.

Same salary for men and women

Because it is very important to address cultural differences in a company with Indian roots and European or American customers, says Karcher. And because the situation of women in India is always causing discussions, great efforts are made to ensure transparency in salary and career issues. Incidentally, a female quota of 35 percent has been achieved, which is considered a solid basis for establishing more female executives in the next few years. In the same position, men and women earned the same salary.

And of course the career prospects are identical for all employees. And these are good, says Karcher, because after all, the company in Germany is growing by more than 20 percent annually, so that many doors are open to ambitious young talent. The experienced HR manager is particularly pleased with one more number: The fluctuation rate is in the single digits, which is not a matter of course in consulting firms.

On the other hand, Indian culture is "extremely warm-hearted and family aspects are very important," says Karcher. The aim is to practice harmonious coexistence through a wide variety of events and activities that involve the families of the employees. The Christmas party organized by the employees combined with the Indian festival of lights Diwali takes place under the motto "Light and Bells" - and the family members are also invited. In addition, TCS also organizes Family Days, a German-Indian cultural festival and Sports Days - including a soccer tournament.

Recruiting by your own employees

Perhaps these many activities also explain why the employee referral program is going so well. Around 35 percent of the new colleagues are placed by their own employees. Of course, as an HR manager, you work with the entire recruiting arsenal - from being present at university contact fairs to commissioning HR consultants - to hire new employees.

  1. Successful recruitment
    Skilled workers are hard to find, especially in IT. HR departments must therefore do everything in a comprehensive recruiting process to find and convince good applicants. HR and specialist departments should follow the following tips.
  2. job ad
    In a sense, recruiters are also profilers. The more precise the job description, job and applicant profile, the higher the chances of finding the right candidate.
  3. Applicant search
    For the success of recruiting, it is not only the content of the job advertisement that is important, but also where it is published. According to the study, candidates typically use up to 22 different sources for their job search.
  4. Employee recommendations
    Use smart software to sweeten employees' recommendations from friends and acquaintances. For example, those who share job advertisements on social networks and thus contribute to a new hiring can receive a bonus.
  5. Online application process
    The candidate experience, i.e. the experience of the candidates that they collect in the course of the application process, is a factor that should not be neglected when it comes to the success of your recruiting measures. High potentials in particular value a smooth application process.
  6. Onboarding
    The recruiting process is not completed with the signing of the contract. Onboarding, in which the employee is systematically introduced to the new work environment with its structures and rules, is absolutely necessary in order not to risk being fired after a short period of time.

Karcher has had good experiences with the career section on its own homepage and the videos shown there, in which employees report on their work. He is more cautious when it comes to active sourcing, where he does not necessarily share the euphoria of some HR managers, partly for legal reasons. In any case, interesting tasks still await the 1,800 employees in Germany. And for those who appreciate an international environment, TCS could be an alternative.