How was your trip to Poland

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Poland has now been designated as a high incidence area. The classification as an area with a particularly high risk of infection took effect on March 21, 2021. People who have been in a high-incidence area within the last ten days before entering Germany are obliged to do so before starting the trip to Germany to be tested. You must present a negative test result or a corresponding medical certificate to the carrier (e.g. the airline) before departure.

The negative test result can also be required for controls by the federal police (e.g. entry controls at the airport or controls close to the border when entering by land at the border-free internal borders). The smear for the test is allowed 48 hours at the earliest have been made prior to entry.

Information on the current designation international risk areas can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

More information about theEnter from risk, high incidence and virus variant areas can be found in our overview and at the Federal Ministry of Health.

For travelers from high-risk areas as well as from high-incidence areas, according to the regulations of the federal states, the basic ten-day quarantine obligation applies second negative test can quit early. This second test is usually allowed at the earliest in risk areas and high-incidence areas On the fifth day after entry.

The quarantine is then ended when a negative test result is received. The competent authority can check the evidence of the second negative test until the end of the general quarantine period, i.e. until the end of the tenth day after entry.

Since the Federal states If you are responsible for implementing these regulations, please inform yourself about the regulations of the respective federal state in which you are traveling or in which you are staying.