Greetings are always returned in the military

Slang in the military - The big military ABC

ABVEvening readout. Report the availability of rooms to the FeldweibelNBC defenseShort for atomic, biological and chemical defense, feared by all AdAs
Training against nuclear, biological and chemical threatsResignGo to the weekend
DangerPosition for formal reporting where the arms are flat against the body and the feet are touching each other
AdAArmy officerAnti-buck teaRumor has it that a pleasure inhibitor is mixed into the tea in the kitchen. In fact, vitamin C was added to it.
ExitFree time in the evening, which is mostly spent in a barExitAnother name for the Tenu A (gray veston)
ExitTake a short break
AVRead-out: inventory control by the Feldweibel and report of the troops to the commanding officer.
Afterwards, you will usually be informed about the rest of the dayAvPMedical certificate from the psychiatristBanana gasGas for leak testing the protective mask. Strictly smells like bananas, although others say it smells more like strawberries

Leg messName for the elastic straps that hold the Taz trousers over the combat bootsBG-4Highest level of readiness for NBC protection and the most feared term used by the Swiss ArmyBOCareer officerBöFeiAbbreviation for bad enemy. Nowadays the opponent is usually spoken of during exercisesBrideBad, useless AdAB-TazColloquially for the Tenue BBUProfessional sergeant

BUSAProfessional sergeant school of the army, which is located in Herisauto brushHarassment of the troops, also called "Figgen"
C-alarmWarning of approaching warfare agents. As a rule, ABC BG-4 must be created immediately (see above)CBAChill until rested, take a long rest
CdAChief of the Army. The current CdA is corps commander Thomas SüssliCharlieColloquial language for opponentsDBShort for service bookletThereforeOrder to stand in a semicircle around the platoon leaderDDIn short for end-users, an AdA that does its entire service in one pieceDetachSeconding individual AdAs away from the force to fulfill an assignmentDHUPerseverance exercise: long exercise, mostly at the end of the RS / UOS / OSDRAbbreviation for Service Regulations 04, which are binding for all AdAs. It is therefore worth taking a look inside.
DuroShort for the Mowag Duro, an all-terrain transport vehicle. Often used for moving troops. & Nbsp;EBUCreate, operate and maintain. For example: EBU of a locationEFShort for "fulfilled"
Eff pocketSlang for the green shoulder bag. This is officially called the Effects Bag 04
EmbarkGet into a vehicle or get out (disembark), for example in a Bucher Duro or on the back of a truckEKFElectronic warfareCreateBring something back to its original state, also used for packs (create the pack)Fac exitGrand exit where dinner is optional. If you want to eat in the canteen, you usually have to put yourself on a listbarrelShort for Fusile d'assault, French for the assault rifleGraspPick up something (e.g. material)
Fax to BernShredding documentsField hairdresserSpotter. Based on the troop badge, as the crossed sabers look like scissorsFeldiShort for Feldweibel or Hauptfeldweibel, a higher non-commissioned officer who is responsible for maintaining the troopsField phoneOld phone, which you make to ring with cranks and used for connection checks. & Nbsp;FiggenHarassment of the troops, especially in the RS. See also: brushes
FiggermutzSpecial way of wearing the Mutz, so that the Mutz is high on the head. A sign that a manager is being particularly strictFigger-PDRepeated exercises by the troops at the parking service (cleaning of material). Often combined with push-ups or repeated logging into the supervisorfishRaincoat of the Tenu AFluffyRemovable inner cover of the sleeping bagFoufouColloquially for Fourier, senior non-commissioned officer who is responsible for the catering and bookkeeping of the troopsFüsel
Colloquial language for fusilier, now an infantrymanGamelleName for the three-part cookware that is used in the field for eatingGnägiName for the brown or gray turtleneck that was introduced under Rudolf Gnägi
GreniGrenadier, either infantry grenadier or tank grenadierGuestGeneral StaffGTEBasic carrying unit, which is part of the basic equipment. Several pockets are attached to it, such as the ammunition pouch
hamburgerAdA in the first WK after the RSHasibe& nbsp; Stand by, a somewhat cumbersome term for pauseHibaObstacle coursePodsCollect cartridge cases after firingPod sack, recruit
A simple recruit is often used as an example. The military version of Mr. Meyer
HVMain selection. Arriving before the holiday or going outi GstIn the general staff. Formal designation for a general staff officer (e.g. Colonel i Gst)IDInternal service - cleaning of the accommodation or the facility. Also: personal hygiene of every AdAIKEAPractice a room if the room rules are repeatedly incorrect. The entire room content (including beds) must be carried to the AV area or into a hall in order to create the correct room arrangement thereIVPIndividual bandage package. Vacuum-sealed bag containing gauze and bandagesJohnnyCanned food, which is mostly given out during field exercises. There is either Chili con Carne (Chili-Johnny) or Curry (Curry-Johnny)KASick departmentKadiCompany commander, usually with the rank of captain90th birthday
Cigarette that can be smoked in 90 seconds
Kanugi Rapport & nbsp;This means the Kaffi-Nussgipfel report, i.e. a report in which there is coffee and nut croissants.KarusaCombat backpack
Kebab chef
Day officer, named after the armband that one has to wear that says KC (control / contrôle)KD boxShort distance box. Shooting range that is used in the WK and RS for shooting exercises over short distancesChild molesterDerogatory term for the daypack 04KKKCommand, control, correct. Motto of the cadre during the training, also ZZZ (show, watch, shit together)KNPWarfare evidence paper. Glues that discolor when they come into contact with chemical warfare agentsKPCommand post, mostly an officeKSCombat boots
KissesHead chef (actually kitchen)

LeftiTerm for an officer in the rank of lieutenantLBAArmy logistics base
LiloShort for lights offLieDo pushupsLie longThis is not about the push-ups, but simply lying aroundLügaLight gaiter. Reflective tape that is strapped around the left leg above the boot when it is darkMatAbbreviation for material
MatmagMaterial magazine, place for storing materialMat control
Checking the material, a time-consuming exercise
Mouse / cerealSmall round plastic disc for writing on personal materialMägiTerm for the magazine of the assault rifle or pistolMPAbbreviation for military police
MunmagAmmunition magazine, place for storing ammunition
pussyShort for mother ship, common name for the trolley case 04
MutzPeaked cap that is worn most of the timeHatsLie down briefly, usually after lunchNaziDisparaging name for an AdA from German-speaking SwitzerlandfogWarning of an approaching officer and request to behave inconspicuously
NEFShort for “not fulfilled”. In the military as a term for everything that is badOfofficerOberleftiShort for first lieutenant, see Lefti
ObliCompulsory shootingOSOfficers school
PAPersonal equipment. Everything that is taken home
PamirHearing protection that is worn during target practice
baboonIrritation of the buttocks after a long march (see also: Wolf)PDParking service. Cleaning of material after an exercise or after workPegIdiotic AdA
picassoName for the weekly schedule that is hung up
PimpHanging out with nothing to doPisaArmy personnel information system Polenta groupDisparaging name for an AdA from Ticino
PuchMilitary jeep. The Puch is now being continuously replaced with a Mercedes G-Class vehicleQMQuartermaster, the technical superior of a Fourier. Is responsible for controlling the accountingRe-establishRestore the initial state after an exercise. Also the exchange of damaged materialLatchesPracticing manipulations on the weaponRep etiquetteA label that is used to identify defective material so that it can either be repaired or exchanged. Rep etiquette is linked to the golden rule that everything can be damaged. The main thing is not to lose anything.RSRecruit schoolRSGAbbreviation for Irritant Sprayer 2000
RestPosition in which the arms are crossed behind the back and the feet are shoulder width apart. Basic attitude in a formation
RussianDisparaging name for an AdA from French-speaking Switzerland

SABTAConfident appearance with total ignorance - the motto of the squad

SAMSUKAPut on protective mask, pass on alarm, man detox, syringe in case of symptoms, put on cover, detoxify contact points, continue workSack orderList of items that must always be carried on manSaniShort for medical soldierSBG (SKA)
Search until found (otherwise no exit)
SE79Take over for the cell phone, as the radio often does not work. Then the SE79 is used.Bitch stoneA chicane in which a large stone is carried around by an AdA because it is a
has the incorrect rate (see below)Snout deepColloquial for the request to be calm
Chocolate tasteHarassment of an AdA by sticking the assault rifle with the barrel in the ground.
Is associated with laborious cleaning of the weaponSchukoSchool commander. Professional officer in charge of a recruiting school
ShumaCommon name for the protective mask 90, actually protective measuresSE-079Designation for the cell phone as an alternative radio device. SE stands for sender / receiver, 079
is derived from the Swisscom area codeSix and a halfAbbreviation for the notification form 6.005, with which any complaint, application or communication
communicated. The registration form must be passed on via official channelsSplishuFragmentation vestTazCamouflage suit - the green camouflage uniform
TenuGeneral name for the uniform
Tenu AExit uniformTenu BPersonal camouflage suit, worn with a beretTenu CWork camouflage suit, worn with MutzCorrect tenuCreate the «correct» tenu, i.e. close all zips and buttonsBitch bitchAdA that repeatedly has an incorrect tenuUOSNCO school

VBAAssociation training, also jokingly "trying to look busy"MoveAny movement of the forcewAdAFemale members of the armyStep awayRequest from a supervisor after you have auditioned or given your assignmentWEMARestoring the operational readiness of the material in the training service. Cleaning and
Return of the material collected at the beginning of the trainingWKRefresher course
wolfIrritation between the thighs after long walking (see
also: baboon)

XMVshort for Xunde Mannscheverstand (common sense)

ZMShort for time military. Officers or non-commissioned officers who are employed by the military for a certain period of time
ZSShit together, collect a ZS if you did something wrong
ZüghüslerLBA employees (see above)
ZwipfSnacks, mostly a green basket filled with bars, fruit, biscuits and sometimes military chocolate

ZZZShow, zueluege, zämeschiisse. Rubbish of KKK: command, control, correct