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5 diverse websites that will inspire your creative genius in 2021

Can't decide what step to take next for your design? Got stuck with the introduction of your item? Artists keep running into roadblocks. Don't worry, here at we're a creative group of people who are always on the lookout for things that can further fuel our creativity. And we have just the thing - five fountains of visual creativity. Basically five different websites to help you get your mojo back!

These aesthetically centered places will open your mind to the world and what people are watching right now.

The fantasy

A lot of great designs come from looking at other great designs. The late Steve Jobs attributed his innovations from his observations at Xerox PARC to this: “Picasso had a saying, 'Good artists copy, good artists steal,' and we have always been shameless about stealing good ideas. "

I don't necessarily recommend that you steal ideas, but a lot of great ideas can be carried over. I know that when I see a good design that I can admire and share with the world, I definitely get excited. Exactly for that is The fancy there : Things to collect and share that you think is cool. The Fancy specializes in sharing things - sculptures, pencil cases, boots, travel destinations, and the like.

The Fancy has a homepage that is a stream that other users have "introduced" themselves to. You can imagine something by hovering your mouse pointer over it and clicking the green "Fancy" button.

Once you've found something on the internet that you really love (and will) use the bookmark provided by Fancy to add it to your collection and the Fancy database.

Do you like what you read? Register for free and try The Fancy.


Image streams are becoming increasingly popular. There is no shortage of visual appeal with the hilarious Reddit memes and 9GAG images. FFFFOUND! is just that: a stream of images that want to inspire. These pictures are collections of people's favorite pictures from the internet.

FFFFOUND! has an enormous variety of images, from architecture to industrial design to graphics and much more.

Of course, FFFFOUND! also adapts to your styles and preferences. If you love a picture, you will have FFFFOUND shown! Which pictures do you prefer and which ones inspire you? If you like what you're reading, check out FFFFOUND!


There are cool things and businesses around us. I am sure that those of you who live near your city center or heart, or have had the opportunity to be in such an environment, will understand what I am talking about. That is the premise of Wanelo, short for Want Need Love.

Wanelo is the only service that forces you to log in through Facebook. While irritating at first, this is actually a feature that forces people to be social and share Wanelo experiences with their Facebook account by default. That's great! It prompts you to share and displays your closest network objects that you discover, even though they may not have an account with Wanelo.

Of course, Wanelo also offers a bookmark with which you can expand your Wanelo collections from the Internet with a click of the mouse.

Wanelo will show you unique products and stores that you have never heard of. If you like the sound check out Wanelo!


If you are specifically interested in fashion, this is Lyst maybe just that right one for her. Lyst is a collection of clothes, runway pictures, and anything people have collected.

While this was a little too fashionable for my tastes (I prefer the simpler things in life), I know there are a lot of designers who find inspiration in what they wear or what other people wear. You may not come across fashionable strangers if you want, but Lyst allows you to specifically seek inspiration from fashion and the way people express themselves.

Check out Lyst for your fashion inspiration. As a side benefit, you can actually stay up to date on styles.


To conclude, let me introduce you to what I think is the cleanest and most refined of the world whole Pile hold : Svpply .

Of course, Svpply also has the bookmark functions of the other services. It focuses on cool gadgets and fashions. In addition, Svpply only has a very nice, clear user interface. This is not always done so well, and in a network of this aesthetic nature it has become an expectation for me. Like the other services, it also integrates shopping into the service very well.

Check out Svpply and see what everyone on the web loves!

Hopefully these fountains will be able to break your writer's / designer / artist's block! You are just the tip of the iceberg. If you're more thirsty, check out Nuji, Gimmebar, and Sumally. They all require an invitation, but some are easier to come by than others! Good luck.