How does astrology connect to one's own personality?


Astrologers assume that the cosmos - i.e. the entire universe - through meaningfully interwoven Regularities is shaped and that these are observable. They see connections between astronomical events or between certain constellations of the stars and interpret them with regard to earthly processes, i.e. above all the thinking, feeling and acting of people, but also natural events.

In order to illustrate these contexts of meaning or the possibilities contained therein, create a model, the horoscope. It is based on astronomical principles and draws the position of celestial bodies in another model, the zodiac. They connect this position with local and spatial reference points to each other (e.g. the place or day of birth in a natal chart). They use astronomical calculations, the ephemeris tables. Then the horoscope - depending on the question - is interpreted. There are different astrological schools and directions according to which the interpretation can be made.

A horoscope builds on the elements of the twelve signs of the zodiac, seven planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn; Note: Sun and Moon are categorized as planets in astrology) and Houses on. A house describes the point of view of a geographical point on the zodiac. When creating horoscopes, astrologers differentiate between oral astrology (analysis of historical relationships, business cycles, natural disasters, etc.) and individual astrology for people and objects.

Independent astrologers are in constant contact with their clients in order to clarify the content, financial and administrative matters of their assignments. Above all, they have contact with customers in order to create and discuss horoscopes via the Internet, by telephone or in person.