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At the age of only 27, Anton Ivanov became a millionaire. You can find out how he did it on his own and what tips he has here.

Even in his tender teens, Anton Ivanov had only one wish - to be a millionaire once. But how should he do it? He did not come from a wealthy family - instead he was the child of Russian immigrants from San Diego. He also didn't found a successful startup with a brilliant idea and got so rich. Still, Ivanov made it eleven years later. Just by his iron will and "my habits and my principles that made me rich." He adhered to the simple rule that many self-made millionaires have discovered for themselves: Have a lifelong dream, work hard for it - and invest wisely.

On the way to becoming a self-made millionaire: Anton Ivanov proceeded this strategically

At the age of 16, the 30-year-old now worked at the fast food chain Subway and saved all of his earnings. He also read the book "Think and get rich" by bestselling author Napoleon Hill. By the end of his school days, he already had $ 10,000 (about 8,500 euros) saved. He opened a retirement account and - because he couldn't afford to study - joined the Navy when he was 20. He made one Training as an electrical engineer and received a gross salary of almost 47,000 euros annually.

In addition, he finally got the opportunity there, still Study information technology and programming. The state paid for the study costs. "When I compared university and the military, the latter was the wiser idea because I had an income there," Ivanov told Yahoo US in retrospect. "I also received free training."

His hard-earned money, which he made in the military, he again invested in the stock market. In funds that cover all major asset classes. He then ran them in parallel - and changed them once a year if necessary. He also took on smaller jobs as a designer or programmer and saved as much as he could. In the end, he was able to set aside $ 40,000 to $ 45,000 (between 34,000 and 38,000 euros) annually. After all, because of his life in the military, he didn't have to pay for housing, food, insurance or any means of transport, the state paid for everything.

Ivanov's strategy: save a lot, invest wisely, real estate deals and equity funds

But the financial crisis of 2008 thwarted his plans - he lost money again. But he waited patiently instead of selling everything in panic. "I persevered, and when the market was down I went even further. It was a sure-fire success for me," he says. When he had enough money he got into the real estate business and bought a $ 400,000 apartment in San Diego in 2009. That was smart - after all, the real estate market was still in crisis at that time - and the prices were very cheap. He rented these out for 36,000 US dollars a year (around 30,500 euros). Just five years later, the apartment was worth $ 600,000. It wasn't his only property.

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To be a millionaire means to work hard, keep track of expenses and believe in yourself

"I believe, to take reasonable risks", says the 30-year-old." If you see an opportunity and find it good, you should seize it and at the same time understand that you could be wrong and what the consequences are. " By the age of 40, Ivanov would like to own at least ten properties. In 2013 he finally left the Navy and worked as a software developer in San Diego. He ended up making $ 100,000 a year plus the income from his real estate and the equity funds in his portfolio.

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Still today he logs each of his expenses to keep track of his finances. "At the beginning of the year I look at my life and plan it for the next two years," he says. "I write down every expense that I cannot pay with my salary and think about how much I have to save for it." With success. Shortly before his 27th birthday, Ivanov had broken the million mark. "If you really want something, you can achieve it and overcome any obstacle," he says. "I believed in that when I was 16 and I still believe that today," says Ivanov with certainty.

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