What would Lucifer's worst nightmare be?

V: Since Yeollliee was the only one who had volunteered to let us dissect her story, we invited our triumph card and prepared an incredibly cool interview with Light, L and Misa in this special from 'Incredible Intelligence'. Please join me in welcoming our professional journalist. A big applause for: Questions-Freddy !!!
All: * applaud *
Questions-Freddy (FF): So let's start.

FF: What's your worst nightmare?
V: Death
Ryuk: That the apples are running out.
L: That violence and death rule the world and people no longer know what it means to make a difference and to find friends and what significance friendship and love have for our society
V: Ryuzaki, how incredibly touching! * ^ *
Light: You don't have any friends, L.
Misa: Yes, he has V, you and me. And Ryuk and Rem.
V: Who are Ryuk and Rem? (Õ.o)
Light: My ... uh ... half-brothers
Misa: You look a lot like him.
Ryuk: * burst into roaring laughter *
FF: So, Light and Misa, what are your worst nightmares?
Misa: A scandal about me in BILD
Light: That the whole world will be ryuzakized.
L: Ryuzakized ...? (-_-)
V: You know ... I don't even know whether you write nightmare with p or b.
L: Neither do I ... * lower your head and eat the biscuit *
Light: My autocorrection allows for both
Misa: It's so frustrating ...

FF: If you could get famous with one thing, what would it be?
Misa: I AM famous already
L: Determine.
Ryuk: Better think twice about saying 'kill criminals', Light.
Light: I've already formed a band! *

* The pop-punk group 'TwiLight and the Shinigamis' is a formatting of front singer Light Yagami and Ryuk and Rem (without last name), founded in 2016, who only took part because they were so bored that they also put up with Light's business ideas. With hits like 'When you are dead', 'Where is the Apple' or 'How I suddenly died, because the Light Yagami loving girl I adore got in Danger by Eyering-Ryuzaki and I had to protect her' they conquered the charts and the hearts of their fans by storm. Official fan products such as signed death notes, bitten apples and blindfolds marked 'And then I died' have been on the market since this year.

FF: What was your childhood dream?
Light: To study law
Ryuk: JURA! (: 'DD)
V: Go to Hogwarts (._.)
L: Become a detective
Misa: To be who I am now * handing out autographs *

FF: What do you think is the greatest plague of this time?
L: Kira.
Light: L ........ liens
V: Companies that make their money from helpless people.
Misa: PokémonGO
FF: Why is that?
Misa: That distracts people too much from ME

FF: What do you need at the moment?
L: According to Misa, a concealer
V: Good nerves
Misa: Love from Light
Light: pepper spray.

FF: Anything else you want to tell Yeollliee now that we are through with her story?
Light: I know a good German course
V: Light ... shh!
Ryuk: Horse droppings aren't real apples
Light: Buy our first album 'The Gods of Death and Justice' **
Misa: Please buy my new album too!
L: Buy me candy.

** The debut album 'The Gods of Death and Justice' contains 16 songs + lyrics. On the cover you can see a scribble painted by Light Yagami, which shows the band in the realm of the Shinigamis, because you don't see the Shinigamis in photos. Here Light wears a suit and Rem a cheerful party hat. Ryuk says: "I'm a Shinigami ghahaha"

V: I'll publish a picture of the cover later. Buy Lights album or he'll kill you.
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