How do I decorate my diary

DIY video | Decorate the diary cover in Traveler’s Notebook style

Hey, I'm Julia. Today I'll show you how to stamp this cover for a book. In my case a diary for the mother-in-law 😊.

The diary is quite thick, which is why I have given a lot of leeway to the external dimensions of the book. But you're flexible there.

I also watched some YouTube videos on how to make covers for Traveler’s notebooks yourself. I followed these tips. And this is how the unprinted cover was created.

And how I then proceeded, you can follow in the following video.


I hope I was able to inspire you with this little project.

best regards
Your Julia

Used moment stamp from PAPIERPROJEKT
# 18 Magical / # 69 Winter Wonderland

Used ink pads
Versa Color (63 split pea, 64 khaki, 69 bamboo, 184 misty mauve, 186 laurel leaf, 187 sage)

Tools used
Faux Leather Paper, elastic band, scissors, cutter

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