Is ROM temporary or permanent storage

Difference between RAM and ROM memory

RAM and ROM are both the internal memory of the computer. If R.A.M. a temporary Memory is, is ROME a more permanent Computer memory. There are many differences between the RAM and the ROM, but the fundamental difference is that the RAM is one Read-write Memory and the ROM Read only Memory is. I've discussed some differences between RAM and ROM using the comparison table shown below.

Comparison table

Basis of comparisonR.A.M.Rome
basicIt is a read and write memory.It is read-only memory.
To useUsed to store the data that the CPU currently needs to process temporarily.It stores the instructions required during the computer's bootstrap.
volatilityIt is volatile memory.It is a non-volatile memory.
Stands forRandom access memory.Read-only memory.
modificationData in the ROM can be changed.Data in ROM cannot be changed.
capacityRAM sizes from 64 MB to 4 GB.ROM is comparatively smaller than RAM.
costsRAM is expensive storage.ROM is comparatively cheaper than RAM.
ArtRAM types are static RAM and dynamic RAM.ROM types are PROM, EPROM, EEPROM.

Definition of RAM

RAM is a Random access storage . This means that the CPU directly can access every address area of ​​the RAM memory. RAM is a quickly accessible memory of the computer. It saves the data temporarily .

RAM is a more fleeting Storage. The RAM stores the data until the power supply is switched on. When the CPU is switched off, all data in the RAM are deleted. The data that are currently being processed must be in RAM. The storage capacity of the main memory ranges from 64 MB to 4 GB.

RAM is that fastest and most expensive Computer memory. It is a Read / write Computer memory. The processor can read the instructions from the RAM and write the result to the RAM. The data in RAM can be changed .

There are two types of RAM, static RAM and dynamic RAM . Static RAM is one that requires the constant flow of power to keep the data in it. It is more quickly and expensive as DRAM. It is called Cache memory used for the computer. Dynamic RAM must be updated to preserve the data it contains. It is slower and cheaper as static RAM.

Definition of ROM

ROM is a Read-only memory . The data in the ROM can only be read by the CPU, but cannot be changed. The CPU can not directly access the ROM memory, the data must first be transferred to the RAM, and then the CPU can access this data from the RAM.

The ROM stores the instruction the computer sends during the Bootstrapings required (a computer startup process). The content in the ROM cannot be changed. ROM is a non-volatile Memory, the data in the ROM is retained even when the power supply to the CPU is switched off.

The capacity the ROM is comparative less than the ram, he is slower and cheaper than the RAM. There are many types of ROMs which are as follows:

PROM : Programmable ROM, can only be changed once by the user.

EPROM : Erasable and programmable ROM, the contents of this ROM can be erased with ultraviolet rays, and the ROM can be reprogrammed.

EEPROM : Electrically erasable and programmable ROM. It can be erased electrically and reprogrammed approximately 10,000 times.

Main differences between RAM and ROM storage

  1. The main difference between RAM and ROM is that RAM is essentially one Read-write Memory is while ROM is one Read only Memory is.
  2. RAM temporarily stores the data that currently has to be processed by the CPU. On the other hand, the ROM stores the instructions that are required during bootstrap.
  3. RAM is a more fleeting Storage. However, ROM is a non-volatile Storage.
  4. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, RAM for Read only memory .
  5. On the one hand, the data can be in ROM if the data is in RAM easily modified can, hardly or never be modified .
  6. The RAM can be between 64 MB and 4 GB, while the ROME- Storage always comparatively is smaller than the RAM.
  7. RAM is expensive as ROM.
  8. RAM can be in static and dynamic RAM be classified. On the other hand, ROMs in PROM, EPROM and EEPROM be classified.


RAM and ROM are both necessary storage for the computer. A ROM is required to start a computer. RAM is important for CPU processing.