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Would you like to know what's new at Lupe Reisen? Here you will find information on new travel offers, upcoming travel fairs and much more.

New: Hiking study trip to the Black Forest & Kaiserstuhl & Breisgau

(03/26/2021) Have you ever been to Upper Austria? It is not south of the Alps, but of course Empress Maria Theresa had her hands in the game. As early as the 14th century, what is now Baden's Breisgau came under partial ownership of the Habsburgs, who left their mark over the centuries.
One of many interesting aspects that our new 8-day hiking study trip around the picturesque small town of Staufen takes up.
From the sun-drenched Breisgau, we not only hike the lofty heights of the Black Forest, but also the vineyards in the Markgräflerland and the Kaiserstuhl. A detour to a traditional Black Forest farm, to the Staufen castle ruins, to the St. Trudpert monastery, to Freiburg and of course to the Vorderösterreichmuseum in Endingen are cultural highlights of this varied group tour (dates in early July and late September 2021).

New: Individual hiking tour on the Moselle

(15.03.2021) Our 6-day individual hiking tour on the Moselle is ideal as a little break for in between, also thanks to the low travel price. On your own you can travel over vineyards, through narrow side stream valleys and to spectacular castles such as Eltz Castle and Kobern Castle.

Don't worry, we won't leave you alone. Comfortable accommodation in a wine-growing village on the Moselle, delicious half-board meals and train rides on the way are all organized. You will also receive detailed hiking trail descriptions and GPS data for all tours.

Themed catalogs from Lupe Reisen at your fingertips

(28.02.2021) In order to protect the environment and work sustainably, we have not been running the beautiful, colored annual catalog since 2019. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without a "travel catalog" from Lupe Reisen.
Via “Catalog Download” in the “About Us” menu on our homepage we provide more than ten thematic travel catalogs in handy PDF format for downloading. Whether 'Classic hiking trips', 'Individual travel offers' or 'Catalog Southeast Europe' - simply click on the corresponding catalog title and save the catalog. So you can browse & dream and be inspired for your next trips.

Desired catalogs by post:
If you prefer to hold paper in your hand while dreaming about a trip, we will be happy to send you the desired travel catalogs as a color printout by post.

New Albania trip: Individual hiking in southern Albania

(20.02.2021) Our Albania offer has been expanded to include a new individual tour. The one-week hiking tour in southern Albania combines varied tours in the pristine coastal mountains of the Albanian Riviera and in the Vjosa valley, one of the last untamed rivers in Europe. The accommodations are small and typical of the country and allow encounters with the Albanians in their everyday life.

Let yourself be inspired by the many travel photos in the travel advertisement!

Sustainable travel in Germany and Europe with Lupe Reisen in 2021

(30.01.2021) Dear travel guests, Do not let Corona spoil your desire to travel. It doesn't have to be far away, there are also many insider tips in Germany.

From A for Albania to I for Italy to Z for Cyprus, many travel destinations in Europe are waiting for you.

We guarantee you the following: If you have received a travel warning from the Foreign Office or quarantine regulations for your return to Germany, we will cancel the trip and you will receive your payments back immediately and in full.

If a travel booking seems too uncertain due to the current Corona situation, we look forward to receiving a non-binding reservation for your desired trip.

Off to Bavaria in Kronach in Upper Franconia

(15.01.2021) Do you know from which German fortress the later French President Charles de Gaulle was able to break out trickily twice during his captivity? A fortress that was never captured and that crowns the city where a famous painter was born, who later named himself after her?
The picturesque gem is called Kronach and is located in northern Bavaria, more precisely in Franconia. In addition to Lucas Cranach, our colleague Barbara Schöfer also comes from Kronach. And she worked out a special hiking trip together with tour guide Rosi Ross.
Around the fortress city, there are beautiful paths to castles and pilgrimage churches, but also to the brewers and raftsmen who once transported the local wood over the waterways to the Netherlands.

Bonn on the Rhine with the Siebengebirge and Siegaue

(20.12.2020) Germany offers a great variety of different regions, which on closer inspection turn out to be fascinating habitats.
With this in mind, Axel Neuhaus, the founder of Lupe Reisen, used the previous lockdown weeks to implement a project that has long been close to his heart: In August 2021, he will be presenting his adopted home of Bonn with its varied surroundings in a one-week trip to the site.
Whether the natural areas on the banks of the Rhine and Sieg, the volcanic peaks of the Siebengebirge that have been in use since Roman times or the livable city of Bonn with its 2000-year history, he was able to draw on unlimited resources. You can already see his overflowing enthusiasm in the travel advertisement with the many photos.
A visit to an artist in the Siebengebirge will be a very special encounter! The head in the courtyard of the Lupe Reisen office is one of her works.

Ulm and the Swabian Alb around Ulm

(28.11.2020) Löwenmensch & Frauenschuh - under this motto we have launched an unusual Swabian Alb trip.
Humans have been living in this low mountain range for thousands of years. The result is particularly delightful for those interested in botanical studies. Because if early humans had not cleared and cleared the forest, there would not have been the perfect living conditions for the lady's slipper orchid and other botanical rarities today.
But also the Ice Age art from the UNESCO World Heritage caves such as the lion man carved from mammoth ivory around 40,000 years ago and the remarkable architecture of the city of Ulm provide highlights on this trip.
The tour guide Günther Krämer, who is very close to his home country, never runs out of topics during the intensive week of travel.

Lecture Königsberg in the VHS Cologne on Friday, October 30th, 2020

(15.10.2020) Janne Neuman, journalist and companion on our Königsberg trip, reports in the VHS Cologne(Link is deactivated) as an insider on this historically so exciting region: "30 years of opening of the Kaliningrad region 1991 - 2021".
It was not until 1991 that the restricted military area was opened to travelers from the west and it was recognized that it was worth restoring. The former manor houses of the German nobility shine in new splendor and the history of the Teutonic Knight Order is present again in castle ruins.
The Kaliningrad Oblast, which belongs to Russia, also offers a lot in terms of landscape. Thomas Mann once raved about the dune landscapes of the Curonian Spit of the "Sahara on the Baltic Sea". Exciting pictures are to be expected that will also put you in the right mood for our Königsberg trip.

In autumn 2020 on the sunny island of Cyprus

(06.09.2020) If you still want to enjoy sunny bathing days on the Mediterranean, you are currently in good hands in South Cyprus. The sunny island got through the Corona crisis well and there is no travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office.

So why not travel south in autumn and combine swimming and culture there. We would be happy to book your flight, rental car and accommodation for you. We recommend the Hotel Aphrodite Beach in a secluded location near Polis, it is located directly on the sea and our guests always feel very comfortable there. Certainly also because the landlady Gregoria cooks superbly!

Incidentally, our groups on the hiking tour South Cyprus are also accommodated in the Hotel Aphrodite Beach. After a few days in a small guesthouse in the mountains, you can explore the near-natural Akamas peninsula and the historically attractive region of Paphos.

Why not to Saxon Switzerland or the Ahr Valley?

(02.08.2020) Again and again uphill and downhill, albeit on a low mountain range, our group trip to Saxon Switzerland goes. The changes in perspective are sensational. On a detour to the Czech Republic we walk in the footsteps of the robber barons, Caspar David sends his regards to Friedrich on the Malerweg!

For those who prefer to hike on their own in Corona times, we have included an individual hiking tour in the Ahr valley in the program. There are detailed descriptions and maps for the tours, and all tours can be reached comfortably and environmentally friendly by train. And after the hike, the local wine tastes good - the palette ranges from Rotburgunder to Portuguese to Domina!

With Lupe Reisen founder Axel Neuhaus in the Vulkanpark Osteifel

(04.07.2020) We invite you to discover the Vulkanpark Osteifel with Lupe Reisen founder Axel Neuhaus in August or October 2020.
The Eastern Eifel between the Rhine near Koblenz, the Laacher See and the towns of Mayen and Mendig was formed thousands of years ago by violent volcanism. The people living here recognized the special properties of lava and tuff stones early on, the Celts and Romans already knocked millstones out of the rough stone, and oven stones later became legendary. In Andernach, the end products were loaded onto ships on the Rhine and sold widely.
You hike on dream paths and forest paths through the most beautiful natural areas of the Eastern Eifel and also visit the Maria Laach monastery in the ring wall of the Laacher See and the medieval town of Monreal in a picturesque location in the narrow Elz valley.

Finally traveling again!

(10.06.2020) Dear travel guests, we are pleased that the decline in the corona pandemic in Germany and Europe makes you think of traveling again. As hard as the last weeks and months have been, we are now very happy to be on the road with you again from August.
In carefully selected destinations, we offer you classic Lupe trips, where the aim is to take a closer look and become sensitive to nature and the local people. In the last few weeks of the lockdown, many of us have rediscovered how nice it can be to do small things at leisure.
The fact that we travel individually or in small groups of a maximum of 14 to 18 people with our Lupe Reisen travel offers and use family accommodation is only an advantage in Corona times!

Lupe Reisen is also active for its travel guests in Corona times!

Switch off on the small Greek island of Tilos - individually or in a small group

(01.03.2020) "The hotel on Tilos was wonderful, really to switch off" wrote Gabriele K. after returning from her trip. Switching off, an aspect that plays a special role on our individual hiking trip on the tranquil, small Aegean island with only 500 inhabitants.
Easy hikes in the Mediterranean nature, the quiet, secluded location of the family hotel on a wide beach bay and traditional island cuisine with ingredients from the hotel garden guarantee pure relaxation. Comforting for everyone without knowledge of Greek: Hotelier Michael and his family lived in Germany for a long time and speak excellent German.

You can also enjoy the hospitality on Tilos on our group tour Kos, Tilos, Kalymnos - island hopping in the South Aegean.

Hike individually or in a group in Northern Cyprus - travel suggestion for 2020

(28.01.2020) Pleasant hiking temperatures make Northern Cyprus attractive in early spring from March and also in late autumn until December.

We offer you a completely pre-organized, individual hiking trip with rental cars and transfers, which leads to the most beautiful corners of the island. For all hiking tours we have exclusively and elaborately created detailed directions and maps.
Our guests appreciate that: "Everything worked out wonderfully, the accommodations were all different, but we really liked the mix," wrote Anneliese T.

You can also hike North Cyprus in a group as a participant in our classic hiking tour under the motto "Hiking, Swimming & Encounters".

Use our catalog service!

(18.12.2019) We haven't been printing a full catalog for a long time. Instead, we have developed a catalog system on our homepage that organizes our travel offers according to topic catalogs.
The catalog “Hiking Travel Classics” is just as much a part of it as the “Culture and Enjoyment” catalog, in which cultural and study trips without hiking claims are presented. Or are you more interested in our "individual travel offers"?
Country-specific catalogs are also available, e.g. for Albania, Cyprus or Germany. You will also find regional catalogs such as "Northern Europe" or "Vorderasisen & North Africa".

We will be happy to send you these tenders by post if you wish. Please contact us!

100% offsetting of CO2 emissions via atmosfair at Lupe Reisen from the 2020 season

(11/28/2019) From the 2020 season onwards, all of our travel offers that require a flight will include an atmosfair contribution to 100% offsetting the CO2 emissions of the flight arrival in the travel price.
This applies to both our group tours and our individual tours. You will receive a compensation certificate with your booking confirmation.
In this way, we ensure that the impact of emissions on the climate is reduced as much as possible.

The climate protection organization Atmosfair invests in solar, hydropower, biomass or energy saving projects in developing and emerging countries. This saves CO2 that would otherwise have been generated on site by fossil fuels.

Northern Albania - mountains, customs, magic of flowers

(03.11.2019) The rugged mountain region in northern Albania with typical alpine trough valleys and steep rock faces seems inaccessible, but in summer the mountains are still used by flocks of sheep and shepherds in many places.
Thousands of wild herbs and medicinal plants transform the mountain meadows into a magical sea of ​​flowers, which the mountain goats also enjoy.
The accommodations are exceptional on our group tour in the Albanian Alps. The locals have converted their parents' houses into cozy guesthouses and treat guests to delicious home-style cooking. Our customers are enthusiastic and always praise the excellent food and hospitality.
You can also book this Albanian Alpine region individually with Lupe Reisen!

LUPE REISEN live at the Bonn travel fair on November 9th, 2019

(15.10.2019) On Saturday, November 9th, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lupe Reisen will be on the second Bonn travel fair(Link is deactivated) of the Bonn “General-Anzeiger” will be represented with an exhibition stand. The fair takes place in the town hall in Bonn-Bad Godesberg.
Take the opportunity to talk to us personally and find out more about our way of traveling.
Also visit our lectures about two important travel countries from the Lupe Reisen program:
1.30pm - 2.00pm: Cyprus - nature, culture and hiking on the sunny island (Axel Neuhaus)
3.00 p.m. - 3.30 p.m .: Albania - diverse, hospitable, hikable (Martin Heusinger)

New: In March 2020 on an orchid stalking in Northern Cyprus with Eberhard Seliger

(22.09.2019) Our new orchid tour in Northern Cyprus opens up unusual perspectives. Eberhard Seliger, biologist, geographer and Cyprus expert, invites you to exciting discoveries in March 2020.
Whether Ophrys kotschyi, Brassica hilarionis or Tulipa cypria, the list of species endemic to Northern Cyprus is long. There are also numerous other Mediterranean wild plants and orchids that are in full bloom in March. When hiking through lonely landscapes you can also hear rare birds such as collared francolin and silk singer and, with a little luck, see them too.
A special trip in the classic magnifying glass style: don't forget to pack your magnifying glass and binoculars!

Raffle for a trip to Albania in the SZ magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung

(03.09.2019) Lupe Reisen is raffling off the Albanian feature film “A Light Between the Clouds” on September 19, 2019 5x 2 tickets(Link is deactivated). These can be redeemed in all participating art house cinemas!
Would you like to win a real trip to Albania? In the raffle of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, two places on a Lupe Reisen-Wanderreise in northern Albania will be raffled at the cinema release of the film. The journey leads to the alpine mountain region where the film was shot. The crowning glory is a joint dinner with director Robert Budina in Tirana.
His film takes you to the Albanian Alps with powerful images, where a culturally and religiously diverse society lives peacefully with one another. Besnik, a shepherd, discovers something incredible while praying in the mosque: a Christian saint can be seen under the plastering of the wall ...

New at Lupe Reisen in 2020: The Egadi Islands - Sicily's secret neighbors

(05.08.2019) If you are already wondering where next year we might go, we have a tip for you: West of Sicily are the three islands of Marettimo, Levanzo and Favignana. The unknown beauties are still originally and little developed for tourism, lie in a deep slumber, so to speak. Hikers and history buffs alike will enjoy themselves here.
Discover the Egadi Islands
There are 3 dates in 2020: one in spring and two more in autumn.
Not what you are looking for? More exciting new travel destinations from Lupe Reisen are already in the starting blocks! We'll keep you up to date.

Hiking trips for last-minute travelers

(08.07.2019) Are you still going to the mountains at the end of August and experience a guided hiking tour through spectacular, untouched nature in the mild climate? It is still possible!
For example in the national parks of Montenegro. Here you will explore canyons, glacial lakes and the primeval forests of the north for 13 days. On the secured date of 27.08. - 07.07.2019 are there any free seats!
Wait not far away the northern Albanian Alps for hikers. From 24.08. - 31.08.2019 For the last time this year, you can enjoy unique views of the gorge while driving over the Komanstausee and cross the pass between Teth and Valbona on our hiking tour. With the next booking, the trip is also secured!
We look forward to your messages.

Cool summer days in Iceland

(28.05.2019) While the temperatures in Germany can quickly exceed 30 degrees, in Iceland you experience rather cool summer days with around 13 degrees. A very pleasant hiking temperature and the perfect opportunity to escape the heat wave and go on an adventure!

Come with us on a 15-day, varied hiking and discovery tour around Iceland

Two of our discovery highlights are the Gylmur waterfalls, which at almost 100 meters is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland, and Dettifoss, one of the mightiest waterfalls in Europe. The famous Vatnajökull, one of the largest glaciers in Europe as well as the Eldhraun lava field and the Snaefells volcano let us experience Iceland between fire and ice. With the discovery of explosion craters and the solfatar field at Námafjal, the wonders of Icelandic geology are not neglected on our hiking trip.

Discover South Cyprus in autumn

(22.04.2019) The path winds narrowly through the most varied shades of green: Sometimes it's macchia from which the large mastic bushes protrude, sometimes it's brutal pines, sometimes just mossy trunks that line the path. And again and again views of the surrounding mountains and over the sea.
The Troodos Mountains in Cyprus offer excellent hiking experiences in pristine vegetation. With the barn roof churches and their colorful frescoes, there is a real world cultural heritage right by the wayside.
We are pleased to be able to offer you our newly designed South Cyprus trip with an attractive September date. Don't worry, you won't miss out on the sea on a boat tour, beach hike or with a beach hotel!

Nepal on the Climate Trek

(25.03.2019) Come with us into the realm of the Sherpas, enjoy extensive mountain tours, but also experience the world cultural heritage Kathmandu ... The core of the trip are the tours on the Climate Trek in the Helambu region.

The forum anders reisen and the climate protection initiative atmosfair saw the 2015 Nepal earthquake as an opportunity. They supported the local people in the reconstruction of tourist accommodation under the aspect of sustainability. Waste management and renewable energies are just as important as earthquake safety and comfort. The Climate Trek connects the guesthouses and makes a special hiking experience possible!

This way to travel: Nepal on the Climate Trek (Link is deactivated)

Special prices in summer at the Hotel Bellapais Gardens (Northern Cyprus)

(16.01.2019) One of our best hotels in Northern Cyprus, the Bellapais Gardens Hotel, has now published a special for the summer: If you book by June 1st, 2019 for the period June 28th. - 30.08.2019 a special price applies to all rooms!

The award-winning, exclusive small hotel has a fantastic location in the monastery garden of the former Bellapais Abbey. There is a pool with a great view, lovingly furnished rooms and of course the exquisite restaurant. So book your summer stay in this special accommodation quickly with a discount of up to 40%!

Tilos - Treasure Island in the Aegean Sea

(18.12.2018) Come with us on a special individual trip! We offer you hiking and relaxation with our new trip to the island of Tilos. Small but fine sights and a species-rich nature are waiting for you! In addition, tasty Greek home cooking and a hotel in a secluded location almost directly on the beach.

Incidentally, since autumn 2018 the island has been the first Mediterranean island to be almost energy self-sufficient: a wind turbine and a photovoltaic park provide electricity!

The new trip was worked out by our colleague Barbara Schöfer, who went on vacation to Tilos for the first time in 2014 and has been coming back with her family every year since then!

Many thanks to all trade fair visitors!

(25.11.2018) On the 1. Bonn travel fair(Link is deactivated) On November 17th, 2018 we had a lot to do and are very happy that so many people interested in traveling have come. Some old faces have visited us, but also many new ones. Our lecture room, in which we presented brand new and well-tried travel destinations, was almost always full. It's great that our trips were so popular!

Many thanks to all visitors who listened to our lectures, marveled at our new exhibition stand and found out about our 2019 travel offers. We will definitely be there again next year! You can find our detailed report on the fair here.

Slipping into the new year in Northern Cyprus

(09/12/2018) Do you want to make this New Year's Eve something very special? How about escaping the cold winter and toasting the New Year in Northern Cyprus?

From 27.12.18 - 05.01.19 we have the exclusive study trip Explore the north of Cyprus at the turn of the year(Link is deactivated) planned for you. During leisurely city walks, you will discover, among other things, the enchanting old town of the port city of Girne, the citadel in Famagusta and the divided capital Lefkosa. The trip offers a colorful mixture of history, culture, religion and, last but not least, culinary delicacies. A typical Cypriot dinner awaits you on New Year's Eve with live music, dance and lots of joie de vivre.

Would you prefer to spend New Year's Eve at home with your loved ones? No problem on ours Fall dates There are still places available for the Northern Cyprus trip hiking, swimming & encounters.
Take advantage of the pleasant temperatures in the October sun to relax with a swim in the Mediterranean Sea and recharge your batteries for hiking to medieval hilltop castles and through the mountains of Northern Cyprus.

New additional dates for our Georgia trips

(15.06.2018) Due to the high demand, it is now possible to book additional dates for our Georgia trips!

1st date: 15.08. - 08/29/2018
In the land of the Golden Fleece we not only visit the ancient culture of Georgia, but also get to know the diversity of the Georgian landscape!

2nd date: 11.07. - July 16, 2018
3rd date: 08.08. - 23.08.2018
Georgia - Svaneti and Lesser Caucasus - in these special areas we visit the towers of Ushguli and tiny village churches and meet hospitable people who show us their Georgia.

Welcome to our new website!

(12.01.2018) In the last few months we have given a lot of thought to colors and designs, but also to new travel ideas. The result was a completely redesigned website, including a new logo.

Now it is even easier for you to discover new travel destinations in the Lupe Reisen range and, thanks to our diverse travel images and customer voices, to get the most authentic impression possible of the trip. Of course, our employees are still available to answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy hiking & experience culture: that's what defines our travels. Regardless of whether the focus is on hiking or enjoying yourself: for us, the main focus is on the real travel experience and getting to know the host country intensively.

But now make an impression for yourself! Your Lupe Reisen team wishes you lots of fun discovering our new travel world.