What is the best ultrasonic mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent: ultrasound devices fail in the test

A mosquito on a finger. (Photo: dpa)Sound as mosquito protection - this is what manufacturers of devices that send out ultrasonic signals promise to keep mosquitoes away. Simply plug the device into the socket and it emits a very high-pitched sound that people can no longer hear, but which is said to be extremely unpleasant for mosquitoes. The consumer magazine "Markt" from WDR has tested such channels. Conclusion: Anyone who wants to fight mosquitoes with ultrasound will be left in the lurch.

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Five devices against 500 mosquitoes

The reporters tested five sound wave transmitters: the "insect repeller" from baby outfitter Reer, "mosquito repeller" and "Ultrasonic" from manufacturer Conrad and "anti-sting" and "vario protection" from Isotronic. The test took place in an experimental laboratory that specializes in testing insect repellants. The devices were each tested in a room with 500 mosquitoes. Test subjects had to measure the time it took for the first animals to sting.

Mosquitoes attacked

The attacks of the pests were not long in coming, and no device kept the mosquitos away. It took the first tricks in less than five minutes. The test subject eventually had to flee the mosquito room. Even two devices in one room offered no protection.

Miracle weapon against mosquitoes

The chemical club against mosquitoes makes more sense. So far, the most effective active ingredient is DEET. US researchers recently found substances that are said to be even more effective. In test subjects, some of the substances kept the poking pests off the body for up to 73 days, the scientists report in the "Proceedings" of the US Academy of Sciences. So far, the new agents have only been laboratory samples.

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Body odor is a magical attraction for mosquitoes

Why are some people getting stung all the time and others not getting a single sting? The vernacular assumes that the blood is too sweet and the mosquitoes allegedly fly like crazy on it. It's because of the blood. But more on the substances that are released through sweat. Attractants such as amino acids, lactic and butyric acid attract the blood-sucking insects. But not only the scent, but also the skin temperature plays a major role. People who naturally have skin a few tenths of a degree cooler than others are more likely to be spared the annoying mosquitoes. In addition, humidity, outside temperature as well as the color of the environment and brightness influence the mosquito attacks.

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