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The Fourthrich


I. Obedient to suicide 2

1. The coup 4

2. The Turks 6


II Getting stupid 9

1. The sour grapes 9

2. The games of the Germans 12

3. Degrees of freedom 16

4. The process machine 17

III On the situation of the unemployed class in Germany 19

1. What happened? 19th

2. What should happen? 24

2. a) Passive labor market policy 24

2. b) Active labor market policy 25

3. What could happen? 26

4. If not the unemployed, who will? 29

5. The victim 31

6. Next, please! 34

IV Berlin remains Berlin 35

Injustice is the prison of truth.

Romans 1:18

V Rome becomes Berlin 39

1. The triumvirate and its domestic political causes 39

2. The triumvirate and its internal political stability factors 42

3. The triumvirate and its foreign policy causes and

Stability factors 44

4. The Future of the Triumvirate 45

VI Gone with the Wind 47

1. The geo-imperative 47

2. Strategy and tactics, space and time 50

3. The German geo-imperative 52

VII The Legacy 54

VIII The Heir 56

1. The modernization of National Socialism 56

2. The leader principle 57

3. Germany versus England: tie

after extension 59

4. The bifurcation of the West 60

IX Totalitarian Democracy 62

1. Marvin the Computer 62

2. Marvin's Brave New World 63

3. Totalitarian democracy 63

4. Law, religion, form of government 67

5. On the theoretical sociology of TD 69


X The task 75

XI The Demiurge 82

a) The way 82

b) Morality and immorality 84

c) Peoples 86

XII The Running to Death 95

Literature 99

Register 100




I Obedient to suicide

The death penalty awaits the murderer: this law is universal for all peoples and cultures

and times. The people of the Germans murdered the people of the Jews. For this it experiences the

own death. Nobody sat in court over the Germans and this judgment

like. On the contrary, the victorious powers did everything to preserve Germany

and straighten up again. Apparently it is needed. But that doesn't change anything. Laws

are fulfilled independently of the conscious will. They are eternal and immutable. In this

there is great consolation. There is something indestructible: the law. Executioner of Germany

is Turkey. She sends her people to Germany to help the German population

extinguish and replace with the Turkish. In the past the Armenians, today the

Germans. But the executioner is only the last link in the chain, and of all

Chain links perhaps the most ignorant. Ignorance is the condition of

Possibility to act, and so everyone involved in the process and himself are mistaken

acting advocates about the purpose of their doing. They consider themselves the authors of theirs

Actions and yet are just the wheels of the process machine.

The Holocaust continues because the machine is immortal. But now he's part of the

Execution, because it is directed against Germans, against the former perpetrators. Built

against those of them who happen to be poor. The others come later. The

Concentration camps are no longer cordoned off by barbed wire, they are

Defined abstractly, by the paragraphs of the Social Code. This is known as

Functional change: The machine is constant in its processes, but the functions or

Purpose causes of these identical processes change in accordance with execution

The Law. Murder turns into suicide. Makes between Germans and non-Germans

the social code no difference, and there three Fourthl the long-term unemployed

Are foreigners, it is racist in its intention. The Volks-Germans are called

Collateral damage accepted. The description of a people consists in the

List of all processes of his inner machine, as well as the functional changes

that this machine is capable of. To study this machine, to describe its laws

and to use their power is probably the most fascinating thing that the human mind is

can devote.


Kohl 1 had set up the concentration camp by excluding the unemployed and keeping them quiet. The

was the most important event in German political history since the appearance of

Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf." The German people were reorganized, and his

Layers have been redefined by defining and targeting a specific audience

was outsourced: the unemployed. That broke the very foundation on which the

German state had been built after the Second World War: The basic idea

of the German people as a community of fate. "One for all and all for one.

The prince is the first servant of his state. One people, one rich, a leader: "On this one

Prussian ideals, Germany had been rebuilt, and by one

ignorant elephants they became in obedience to Churchill and Thatcher


Kohl's understanding of politics ended with the idea of ​​inner cemetery calm and

Morality. Before the elections, the earnings of the unemployed tripled

extended and increased by one and a half times to meet political change requests

suffocate. In it he applied the Bismarckian strategy of the socialist laws. The

The optimistic dilettantism of "You are fine!" replaced the political one

Perception and historical memory. The internal stagnation produced nonetheless

Dissatisfaction, and in 1998, after 16 years of Kohl, Gerhard Schröder came along. Whose

Concept of politics followed the ideology with which he grew up, the idea of

Representation of the will of Soviet Russia as the political alternative. That was the idea

Red Army Faction (RAF) implemented terroristically, the SPD followed politically. after the

The Prussian form of the state idea had been destroyed by Kohl, obedience became

towards the Soviet Union, previously as a political parliamentary like

extra-parliamentary opposition present, on the idea that supports the state. Germany got into it

under foreign rule. In the course of the machine's processes, the actors

also exchanged if this is necessary for the success of the process. Helmut Kohl

was voted out because the Holocaust modified its continuation

Fraud theory needed. Gerhard Schröder was ready to represent them. The

He was re-elected after four years, in 2002, due to a mistake by the opposition, who acted as a

personal alternative only had to offer an indecisive old man. 2 After all

The SPD's power base dwindled due to lost regional elections and party withdrawals

rapidly, which forced Schrödern to work out his future on his five fingers. He

found it, of course, in the power to which he owed his thinking: Russia.

Since the richFounded in 1871, Germany had a promising one only time

Obsessed with future prospects, namely with the conclusion of the Hitler-Stalin Pact in 1939. This one

The contract appeared as a guarantee for victory over the aggressor England 3 and for the

Unification of Europe. He was suited to Germany's lack of maritime domination

to compensate, since it allowed access by land to all raw materials that England

dangerous, but ubiquitous to bring across the sea. This singular

Bright spot during the short historical period since Germany became a nation-state,

has shaped German political thinking. All other politically inspired cultural

Currents, such as the grateful solidarity with the Americans for the "liberation,"

the hatred of the same Americans because of the Vietnam War, the envy of them again

1 Helmut Kohl, * 1930, Federal Chancellor 1982 - 1998

2 Edmund Stoiber, * 1941, found his way into politics as a criminal lawyer. He knows through his lack

German to shine.

3 World War II began on April 5, 1940 with the British attack on the

neutral Norway, which was repulsed by rushing German troops. All previous

Operations were bilateral and did not involve neutral states.


same Americans for their lavish wealth, and consequently that

Aping their way of life, disdain for still the same Americans for

their lack of culture: All of these were just upsets for the talkers and

Illustrator writers, served the agitation of a youth who tested their driving forces

and intelligentsia, supplied the media with airtime fillers, but remained peripheral and

did not touch German being. The neighbor in the east, with the help of the aggressors, is different

conquered and held two thirds of the nation's land area. Without any Coca Cola

he was unchangeable in his presence, power and danger, and he had them

needed raw materials without a neon advertisement ever being able to change anything.

Schröder is therefore not obedient to ideology, but to geography and tradition,

National Socialism. Kohl destroyed his own tradition, Prussia,

but obeyed the process machine, i.e. history.

Schröder used the time of his chancellorship to develop the idea of ​​a direct one

Gas pipeline from Russia to Germany and by yourself as its director. The

promised more sustainable power for the future than the job of the Federal Chancellor. With the

Russian President Putin got on very well and was perfect with him

Mastered German, by yourself. Putin guaranteed him the post if Schröder's government

would be replaced by an equally pro-Soviet one.

1. The coup

In the meantime, the German opposition, the CDU, had its old regulars through a

SBZ Heroine replaced 4 those in the apparatus of the Soviet-occupied zone a scientific one

Had made a career, which was only possible with loyalty to the line. Of course she spoke

fluent Russian. Schröder, however, had 5 his party chairmanship to an agitator

named Müntefering 6 lost. The announced on the occasion of a lost state election, 18

Months before the end of the legislature and the foreseeable end of the government

Schröder, the Chancellor will seek early elections. Supposedly should

this would stop the loss of power, while everyone knew that it would

would only be accelerated and sealed. Instantly and as expected

the GDR woman chosen by her party as candidate for chancellor. 7 The only hurdle was that

stupid constitution, new elections not dependent on the career plans of frustrated chancellors

makes. The Federal President, a party friend of the political amazon, gave him the job

8 but closed both eyes - as a former banker, he did

Learned to turn a blind eye - and so the coup could take place. True stumbled

Mama Bismarck a little, but in the end Müntefering, Schröder and them held on

New but happily embraced. Schröder became gas governor, Münte was ousted, 9

and Angela Chancellor. 10 Moscow had installed its Berlin Duumvirat.

Russia's culture consists entirely of imported goods. The spiritual comes from

Bulgaria, the secular from Germany. Russia has always endeavored to move in the direction of

of its two sources: to the west and to the south-west. The sources

4 on April 10, 2000 at the instigation of the Lower Saxony CDU chairman Wulff (* 1959), whom she pretty much

exactly 10 years later (June 30, 2010) made in return for the Federal President.

5 on March 21, 2004

6 *1940

7 on May 30, 2005

8 on May 23, 2004

9 Resignation as Federal Minister on November 13, 2007

10 on 11/22 2005


were therefore subject to continuous Russification. They imported Russian

Conditions. The west is constantly being conquered and reshaped by the east. Causal

are the forces that make this happen. The verbal ones accompanying the transformations

Justifications take the form of ideas grouped into ideologies, but they are

only accompanying chatter to remove cognitive inconsistency, and no causes.

Such accompanying chatter is called narration. Even before

Schröder's coup d'état had expressly agreed between the SPD and CDU

Implementation of a new Holocaust, this time on the unemployed, agreed. Only in theirs

They differ in narrativizations. The SPD strives to impoverish the masses,

because according to Marxism this is the prerequisite for world domination. The CDU thinks

racist and wants, while accepting the ethnic German collateral damage, the

Meet foreigners. In fact, this new Holocaust is just like that

previous an event in the course of the process of approximation of the West to the

East. The essence of Russia is the simple structure. The essence of the West is that

Sophistication. Adjusting oneself to the unfamiliar is called accommodation, that

Adapting the foreign to oneself up to transforming the foreign into one's own means

Assimilation. The simple structure cannot assimilate. A sophistication

assimilates constantly, because it is for the sake of this ability that it has differentiated itself. Under

The West dedifferentiates itself to the influence of the East and becomes the Russian East

more similar. This makes it easier to export Western culture to Russia. East minus west

equal to zero, 11 and Russia minus Germany equal to zero. During the

War of liberation against Napoleon, Kutuzov asked the tsar not to make him field marshal,

but to be promoted to German: Without German officers, there would be no Russian

Army, there would be no education in Russia without German teachers. As the Napoleonic

Army had been driven back across the western border, two German officers, one of them

in Prussian, the other in Russian service, an armistice through which

Russia assured Prussia as an ally. This has been promoting since Schröder

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) high-tech projects only

if Eastern Europe or Russia are supported by it. The information, the software,

always migrates from west to east - nowadays to China and India - the rule, or

Form of rule, from east to west.

How does Russia benefit if Germany exterminates part of the German people?

Very much. It benefits from it to the maximum. Because Russia is on the obedience of the West

reliant. However, the more differentiated a system, the more difficult it is to obey

bring to. A system to be "enslaved", as the synergetic must say

be as simple as possible and should ideally consist of only one simple substrate,

E.g. a noble gas that is as pure as possible for generating laser light. In the area of ​​the

The same applies to living people. Compared to their wild forms, pets have around one

Brains reduced in size and structurally coarser. Konrad Lorenz speaks in this

Connection of "Verhausschweinung," and with regard to the civilizational

Softening of the human being from the "domestic deprivation of the human being." 12 The

cultural dedifferentiation of the German people through the liquidation of social ones

Layers represents the disgrace of the German people for the benefit of Russia.

The Germans are their livestock. Social forces and parties that support this

Moscow's fifth column in Germany calls for and promotes dedifferentiation.

This also applies to the so-called Neo-Nazis insofar as they hunt down ethnic diversity

Jews and blacks want to concentrate on a uniform Siegfried race. On the other hand

11 This is the title of a bestseller from the 1950s: Werner Keller: East minus West equals zero.

Munich: Droemer. Special edition European Book Club 1960.

12 The innate forms of possible experience. in: Zeitschrift für Tierpsychologie 5, 1943, 235-409.


with their colorful flag-fluttering, they are themselves a folkloric contribution to diversity

and should therefore enjoy nature conservation. But the other parties also do

their contribution to obedience. Red and Black put the Holocaust in exchange for the

Target group. The Greens are Stalinists who inherited totalitarianisms through thriving

Modernize environmental ideologies. The yellow ones want globalization and consequently that

indistinguishable streamlined shape of the nation, and the bright reds are old communists

with the long-term goal "dictatorship of the proletariat." They all see the future only in good behavior,

interpret obedience as achievement. Your honor is loyalty. 13th

When the Germans get up, the gas and oil taps are turned off. For that too

care is Schröder's job. Before 1989, resistance was compulsory: the Germans were that

servile outposts of America against that rich of evil beyond the iron curtain

and only too willing to sacrifice the brothers for their basket by the warm NATO fireplace,

"Who carried the fate of our separation". Obedience as a guideline for German politics

is now, after the end of the Cold War, only symmetrically expanded by

this maxim experiences its eastward expansion.Ludwig Erhard had already demanded

Germany must be "open to all sides". Anyone who is open to all sides can

not be very tight. The leaks show up in the inability to distinguish

detect. In particular, Germans believe that everyone else is just as nice as they are.

It would be necessary to distinguish those feet that they pat from those that they are

Use doormats and bite hard into the latter. But that would be disobedience, and

the Germans go against the grain. 14 You consequently avoid such perceptions

and knowledge that would be followed by disobedience. There perceiving and

Knowing, i.e. thinking, but precisely what their masters cannot and cannot do

what they consider them to be, they become like with the disappearance of this faculty

increasingly worthless like an old cow that no longer gives milk. So to continue

to be able to be obedient - and to whom should they be obedient without a master? -

they always have to develop new qualities that make them beneficial insects. There

they may be creative, but not headstrong, because it is always the will of the

other. So you have to improve or invent things that affect the other, not them

are valuable themselves. This explains the technological failure puzzling to historians

Germany in World War II. German obedience is empathic, that

Japanese mimicry without insight. That Einstein gave the Americans the atomic bomb

Hope they would throw them on his homeland does not justify a German

Anti-Semitism, on the contrary, it is an expression of deeply German nature. If the

Germans start to wonder what they would like to have themselves, then nothing comes next

out that they want to be loved by as many as possible. Nothing works with that

Reality even further past. The world despises them. There is none in the whole world

only people they did not consider everyone else's useful idiot (while

in front of the uncomprehending Japanese all have a hell of a jolt). Even before this

They have to protect themselves from insight, and so they interpret contempt as recognition, like

even a dog is happy about the hand that pats his head, since he concludes from it,

to have done everything right.

2. The Turks

Before the Turks came the Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards - and left again.

13 This was the slogan of the SS.

14 Craig, Gordon A. (1913-2005): About the Germans. Munich: Beck 1982.


Occasionally they took a moped or a German woman with them as a souvenir.

In 1986, Lynkeus met a campsite supervisor in Morocco who was not German

was able to, but spoke Bernkastell Kusan in such an unadulterated way that he was there as a seasonal

Waiter had learned that he might as well have spoken Moroccan for Mr Lynkeus

can. - It's different with the Turks. They force the Germans into their language, theirs

Ethics and their administrative structures. One can choose to have the driver's license

Do German or Turkish. The job centers are modernizations of the Millet system:

An excluded part of the German population becomes total at the local level, i.e. in

in all respects. It is planned that the job center will also provide training and

Take on the training of the Hartz IV children. Soon they will also -

Permit-required - to certify marriages of the Hartzvierlinge, their

Issue or collect personal papers and represent them in court. - In

The Germans take over the culture of the Turks, the

For their part, in all innocence, Christians have never seen anything other than beneficials

can. For Germany the fate of Albania is planned: Since it is not militarily

was to be conquered, it was ethnically infiltrated and its culture from Christian to

reversed islamic. The Turks don't mean it badly with the Germans, really not.

Because from the Turkish point of view the slaves form the second highest social class, because they are

come immediately after their Lord. Probably the Germans will even be alive

serene, because to the civilizing achievements on which their society is based,

Turks are incapable. You can see that in the fact that it was always functioning, organized

Conquering states, not cultures of retreat. They learned this from the Romans.

Now it is Europe's turn. The current abolition of Christianity is for

Reformation in parallel. The distance between God and man is increased. Like that

Reformation had the Peasant Wars and the Thirty Years' War in its wake, so will the

Fall of Christianity trigger a new religious war in which the Turks the

The role of Catholicism and the Counter-Enlightenment will take on. In Europe the

sinking Catholic Church inherited by the Turks. This also has history

because politically the Turks are the heirs of Byzantium, that is, of the Orthodox Church. These

was the inventor of the pogroms. Its political core is the Millet, the local total

Anarchy. So the future of Germany is the history of Turkey. What the Turks in

Learned, inherited and absorbed in the course of their history - that is what they will do with the

Resurrecting Germans. - This phenomenon that history becomes future,

is called the symmetrization of time. Such symmetrizations seem under

to be under the control of Islam or Proto-Islam. The reason could be physiological

be explainable. *)

Without the collapse of the self-esteem of the German people after the first

The exchange of peoples is unthinkable during World War II. After the Second World War it led

the conviction of one's own dispensability to import workers

Southern Europe. One had in the third rich six days a week 10 hours a day

If you worked, you suddenly thought you were too weak to continue doing the same thing

provide, and for too needy to deal with a less in prosperity and

To be satisfied. Once opened, the locks could no longer be opened

shut down. The unwanted pushed the called aside. The Turks won the day

of who belonged to both groups. This fractionation legitimizes itself externally

15 The millionth guest worker, Armando Rodrigues de Sá, a Portuguese, received on his arrival in Cologne

a moped as a welcome present - a photo that went around the world in 1964. He had to go to Deutz

doing dirty work, got stomach cancer, and since he didn't even know that he was in Germany

Of course, he had health insurance, he went home and died there. - With everything and

the Germans walk over corpses to everyone.


as tolerance: the foreign is asserted as something equal to one's own, and thus that

One sees one's own as seamlessly replaceable by the foreign. Where it doesn't go through

What is foreign is replaced because what is foreign lacks a correspondence, what is one's own becomes as

dispensable, possibly seen as an error and replaced by nothing. But one's own

was the result of historical effort, toil and achievement, their worthlessness through

this ex-and-hop mentality is enshrined. The emerging patchwork culture is

Composed of what is one's own, what is foreign and blanks, thus consists of negations and

Quotes. The mathematical term for this is "fractal" or "fractionated."

Only cultures are carriers of history. The natural man has no history.

He attributes history to the gods and heroes and therefore not to the time in which he

himself lives, rather a time before, a primeval time. With the symmetrical envelope

this concept of time, namely now the pre- or primordial time as standing still, eternal

and understand one's own as rolling, historical, culture begins. Theirs

Achievements are the result of this reversal of the concept of time. The symmetrical envelope

can only be brought about by force, namely by layering a people with

another. The precondition is less the military inferiority of the

layered people rather than its voluntary, endogenous fractionation of its

own culture. Only this makes the layering possible and explains why

Throughout history, conquerors outnumbered the conquered catastrophically

were. And they were by no means mentally superior, but nomadic

Primitives. It is only as a result of the layering that a patchwork culture emerges

historical high culture. The layering as such is causal, not the quality

of the ingredients. So first of all it is the longing to have another story in which

To return to history that moved the Germans, to the conquerors as a patchwork

Prostitute culture.

*) Yes, why the Turks? Is there an inner relationship? Of the

Obedience, which distinguishes the Germans, has never been noticed in the Ottomans.

But what does obedience actually mean? It means that listening and listening is that

Same is. “Hasso fass!“ - and Hasso rushes off. It also means that obeying

that is to say, the act was preceded by a listening, and not a thinking or a

Perceive. - To whom did the Germans lend their ears in World War I before they died?

marched? The emperor. He would have become a tribune if he hadn't already done so

would have been emperor. “Yellow danger“ - “Pardon will not be given“ - “on

German beings should the world recover ”: How big a speaker he would be

accrued if he had been forced to take on a leadership position,

instead of being born into it! He was a hitler by talent

probably even superior. What fell to the former, the latter had to work hard to achieve.

Fortunately he had the congenial Goebbels at his side.

It is said that hearing voices and having awareness are incompatible.

A schizophrenic who hears voices is disoriented in time and space. The Germans

have consciousness but still listen to voices and obey them. Hitler knew

that when he ordered the people's receivers to be distributed. His master's voice is enough

Germans. It is similar with Mohammedans. Moamar al-Gaddhafi heard voices and

obeyed them. Turkic peoples and Arabs are ethnically far apart, but all of them

Mohammedans obey the voice of the muezzin in spite of their full consciousness.

In terms of brain physiology, the Germans are obviously related to the Mohammedans. 16 you

16 And obviously Islam overcomes genetic boundaries and turns strangers into relatives!

will get along well: Pack fights, Pack gets along.


II Getting stupid

In a lecture at a technical university that should serve to be

Presenting companies and encouraging young graduates to apply,

remarked the executive director of an auto supplier in response to a question from his

Target group, the developers of hardware are dumber than the developers of software,

why he must expect that sooner or later his company will be -

for example - Google is being bought out. So the message was: “Stupid, applied

you with us, intelligent ones, better go straight to Google! ”- The rector of a southern German

Private university complained that the technological innovations in the US and on the

Area of ​​software, but not in Germany, which mainly

Hardware produce. These new software companies are much higher economically

valued as the hardware industries. As a remedy, he suggested increasing the

Tuition fees to ensure that the scarce study places are only given to the really talented

forgive. - A center for integrative neurocircus invited a professor for

Neurophysiology, about the neurophysiological foundations of religious experience

to sing. In his lecture, the invitee proved to be relevant to the

Bible passages as completely ignorant. The center only provided the protective framework for

his right to be stupid available.

All three examples have in common that they are located in institutions of the objective spirit.

Either he is not ticking right, or he has bad plans. Because he has epistemic deficits

ousted by an evasion into ethics, it can be assumed that it was in theories of deception 17

thinks. The whole of phenomenology consists in the substitution of the episteme by ethics

of getting stupid. One takes the point of view quite bluntly: “We refuse

us to provide the service Y as long as it is not ensured that the disadvantaged

social group X is appropriately involved. "This narrative is not the cause

but rather a consequence of becoming more stupid and at the same time protects against insight into it, thus represents

a fraud. Most of the time, X is the female half of humanity. So

In philosophy there is a complete refusal to perform in favor of "gender studies,"

Women's issues. Current philosophy is limited to the construction of the ethical,

So psychic 18, and can safely be recycled as an organic bin full of theories of fraud


1. The sour grapes

Humanity has agreed on a set of 5 theories within which all

Cognition and will formation happens. One can therefore call these 5 theories

Designate "gauge theories". “Theory” means “Weltanschauung.” So the term is

factually neutral and therefore definitely applicable. That is very strange

numerical restriction, moreover, to such a small sum. However, it could

at least it may be possible that a degree of complexity of grade 5 is actually sufficient

whole circle of creation in the narrow wooden house of the mind without gaps

stepping out, this may seem unlikely at first glance. It

4 colors are enough to draw any map. Really

17 see next section

18 Kant, From a recently raised noble tone in philosophy, p. A 423


What is worrying, however, is that all five theories originated in Germany.

German thinking rules the world, but history shows that this thinking is sick

is. 19 A people who do wrong cannot have the truth. In the 5

Theories are therefore “theories of fraud.” The East Frisian explains this term

Hermann Lübbe 20 using the example of Aesop's fable of the fox and the grapes. 21 The

Man corrects his worldview (available resources / possible satisfaction of

Interests) according to the discrepancy between efference copy 22 (experiment) and reafference

(Futility). If, frustration-tolerant, he maintains the discrepancy internally, he saves

So, as it were, without loss of data, then his uttered explanation serves his own

Behavior that he would not have to give up if he were alone, namely, “The grapes

are sour, and I'm by no means hungry, but am a gourmet, “the deceit of the

social environment. If, on the other hand, he destroys the discrepancy internally, corrects it counterfactually

his experience and says to himself: “I could easily have reached the grapes, but they

are still angry and would not have satisfied my hunger, ”then he develops one

Ideology. Ideologies therefore consist of the lies whose truth the one on

most firmly believes who made it up. The Germans export the theories that

think them up, but do not believe in their truth themselves. So it is about

Theories of fraud. These are: relativity, quantum mechanics, Protestantism,

Communism, totalitarianism. If you like, you can have a nominally different classification

consider, but will neither go beyond the number 5 nor an un-German one

Find gauge theory. Assuming that humanity is not because of it

survived because she correctly recognized the world and herself, but because she was beyond

the one like the other made an illusion advantageous for survival, then describe them

Gauge theories the structure of the illusion. The latter would then correct the theories

prevent. The core problem of all 5 gauge theories is that of symmetry and theirs

Breakthrough together. It is therefore a 5-factor process machine

(if you want, you can say “computer”) whose sole purpose is to set the conditions

to discover symmetry and its breaking.

A machine is dumber than a human. The development of the 5 gauge theories was the

first act of the dumbering of the German spirit. In his “Phenomenology of

Geistes “Hegel describes its structure as a sine function with which the tools

of thinking, the concepts, between the extreme positions of complete material concreteness

and oscillate with extreme abstraction. Of course, the terms don't vibrate

independent of each other, but are, like the photons of a laser beam, to one

single, synchronous oscillation "enslaved." 23 This represents a limit curve that

Wittgenstein's world describes, namely everything that can ever become the "fall". 24 The 5-factorial

Conceptuality is sufficient for the ergonomic nature of the logo. An domestic or

Evolution cannot yet be seen here. To such a dynamic in the vibration

to bring it in, it has to be combined with a vector. Only then do concepts form

19 cf. Sedlmayr, Hans: The loss of the middle. 1948.

20 * 1926; On the history of the concept of ideology. in: Society-related philosophy. M: Claudius 1968.

21 You should be known. For Martians and members of the Pirate Party, this is the version of

LaFontaine: “Certain renard gascon, d'autres disent normand, mourant presque de faim, vit au haut d'une

treille des raisins murs apparemment, et couvert d'une peau vermeille. Le galant en eut fait volunteers un

repas; mais comme il n'y pouvait atteindre: Ils sont trop verts, dit-il, et bons pour des goujats. Fit-il pas

mieux que de se plaindre? "

22 Holst, Erich von & H. Mittelstaedt (1950): The Reafferenzprinzip. in: Die Naturwissenschaften, 20, 464-


23 Haken, Hermann: Synergetics. Berlin 1983 2.

24 Wittgenstein's world does not lie on the surface of the curve, but on its borderline.


Islands in contexts and thus gain that being for oneself which Hegel as all

Implicitly accepts terms. In truth, they are made up of an oscillator and a vector

put together - at least when they have the Hegelian properties.

The dumber is inherent in the model as that part of the sinus movement that

in the rich of the concrete and the matter descends. Concepts have their own there

lost spiritual origin and are dominated by the concrete. A shining one

The German legal system provides an example. After the First World War it could

huge ideas, the Jhering 26 and Windscheid 27 created with the BGB

had to be understood less and less. The judgments on identical laws

began to diverge, gaining more and more ad hoc quality as if it never had

given a tradition. 28 Presumably the two authors would have their work more foolproof

could write if they had foreseen something like that. You were mistaken

self-conscious that culture loss is impossible. They were convinced that an accomplished

Standard exerts a spiritual force that causes him to over- but never again

can be fallen below. 29 Today the world knows better. The right of the Germans is

geographically and sociologically regionalized and is in the hands of one-eyed Cyclops.

His concepts by no means have themselves as autonomous instances of self-knowledge of the

absolute spirit, but proved to be attributes of the German essence.

The latter consists in the ability to harm one's neighbor out of disinterested pleasure

to add. The English act out of greed, the Mediterranean indulge in

Malicious joy. Both are human, and humanly understandable, but un-German. German

it is to harm one's neighbor while remaining “decent” without doing the harm

to transform one's neighbor into one's own gain. The demonstrated ability is with

synonymous with successful socialization. It is a German being, “100 corpses, 500

To see corpses, 1000 corpses lying there "and to remain" decent "at the same time. 30 That does

the new as well as the old Holocaust so automatically: greed grows tired of itself,

Schadenfreude is exhausted, but decency never ends. 31 - A judge who the

Lawsuit one richen against a poor because of the all too clear legal situation

must reject acts indecently. He can save his decency if he does

Nevertheless does the intended harm to the poor. How? He uses one for this

Loophole in the law that Jhering and Windscheid did not think of because their concept of

Decency was still pre-Nietzschisch. They stipulated that the court costs dated

Inferior are to be worn. So they wrote it in the law, and so it is there. you

forgot to insert an appeal in the event that a judge willfully against the

Violates regulation. They couldn't imagine that this would ever happen.

They couldn't imagine that judges could be less educated than themselves

there were. They could not foresee the complete reversal of all values. As a result of this

For lack of imagination, a judge today can maintain his decency by making the

Legal costs - those of the riche has increased as a precaution, of course - dem

imposed on the winning arms and ruined him after all. There is a remedy against it

25 Bilotta, E. & P. ​​Pantano: The Language of Chaos. in: International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Vol.

16 No. 3 (2006) 523-557.

26 Rudolf von Jhering (1818-1892)

27 Bernhard Windscheid (1817-1892)

28 Hensen, H.-D .: The cost burden in a move-by-move judgment. in: NJW 6, 1999, 385-399.

29 They did not know Dollo's law, which states that this is very possible, and that the once

abandoned degree of complexity cannot be regained.

30 Heinrich Himmler, speech to SS men in Posen on October 4, 1943.

31 The Jenninger speech, which makes it clear that a German can never be guilty, also offers a beautiful one



Not. 32 - Concepts have proven to be the exact opposite of what Hegel believed

that they are. In this respect, he was still right in a roundabout way: terms circulate

lawfully turns into its opposite. 33

Since their substance is by no means a gaseous, but a very concrete vertebrate,

its dynamics must be epiphenomenon of its biology. Konrad Lorenz

distinguishes between two extreme states, between which the individuals of one ethnic group all

possible positions: In a completely pure and at the same time optimal

viable ethnicity are the dimensions of the order, the lawful in the

Knowledge or in thinking, the beautiful in perception and the good in behavior,

synchronous. In a “mixed race” they are asynchronous: the lawful cannot

obeys and it cannot be perceived because it appears evil and ugly.

The beautiful cannot be recognized or followed because it remains hidden and

announces evil. The good can neither be known nor perceived because it is

Lawless and ugly appear. To think the lawful, to see the beautiful and

Doing what is good leads to guilt and one's own downfall with the asynchrony of the collective

the individual. 34 - The causal chain is as follows: 1. First causal in the German spirit

obedience. 35 2. But the obedient is without (internal) law. 36 Its endogenous

Order systems are desynchronized. 3. From this follows the principle of reversibility

of all values, as explained by Hegel. 4. The only cultural achievement is then inheritance

possible that to an heir must for the self-preservation and the preservation of the

Self-identity is sake. - So the migrations of peoples were profoundly serious

emotional distress.

Lorenz and Hitler were convinced that racial unity was a condition of synchronicity and

can be produced through conscious biological selection. Thus, humanity could

can be improved biologically. Lorenz was thinking of high breeding for everyone

People, Hitler in a re-breeding only of the Nordic, genetically "Jewishized"

Race. 37 Biologically, the professor and the dilettante were of one heart and one soul. In your

But they differed in self-contradictions. The high breeding would be intensified

Represent domestication, which Lorenz just recognized as the basic evil of all evils

would have. Backbreeding the Nordic race would produce an elite in want

Adaptation to the indigenous in each of the habitats to be ruled by it

"Subhumans" would be hopelessly inferior. Both breeding programs

would decrease the number of degrees of freedom, and that is exactly definition and

Marks of getting stupid. By implementing his experience in be it a

Ideology, be it a fraud theory, the fox loses one degree of freedom. He would

Foregoing his ideology, he might find an alternative route to the grapes, so