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Mila Olsen - kidnapped - until you love me

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"Kidnapped - Until You Love Me" by Mila Olsen

Brief description according to Amazon.de:

Louisa hates nothing more than life in the tiny hamlet of Ash Springs, in the middle of the Nevada desert. She longs for fun and adventure. When she and her four brothers have to go camping in Sequoia National Park on vacation, she meets the mysterious Brendan. Their fate takes a dramatic turn, because Brendan is by no means in the same place by chance. He meticulously planned every step of Louisa's kidnapping. He takes her to the loneliness of Canada, to a place where there are only spruce trees, blue skies, wolves and ermines. He says she is his light in the dark. A time of fear and despair begins for Louisa, during which she is confronted more and more with Brendan's traumatic past. Soon he is much more to her than just her kidnapper. Compassion, affection and dependence mix and plunge Louisa into a deep emotional chaos. Two questions in particular are becoming more and more important: Can you love your kidnapper? And how dangerous is Brendan really?

My opinion:

A book about a kidnapping is usually more of a thriller, the attempt to romanticize such a crime often goes wrong and the result is implausible. That's why I viewed "Abducted" by Mila Olsen with some caution, because the book is touted as a romance novel. A man kidnaps a seventeen-year-old girl into the wilderness, drugged her, locked her in a box, threatened her - none of this even comes close to romanticism. When the victim falls in love with her kidnapper, the "Stockholm Syndrome" stamp is immediately on it and love is not true love, but a feeling born of addiction, crammed together out of fear, despair, the desire to please not to be threatened, etc.
Nevertheless, I bought the e-book, in the faint hope of learning something about the psychology of the kidnapper and his hostage. I got a reading highlight!

Of course, this book is also about love, but not primarily, so it is not a "pure" romance novel. It's a very successful mixture of romance novel and thriller, it's a book about growing up. The story is told from Louisa's point of view and while reading it I was blown away by the author's ability, because she let her heroine experience a wide range of emotions and all of them portrayed realistically. The writing style is clear and poetic without ever becoming cheesy, here reading becomes a pleasure.

According to the author, Mila Olsen is the pseudonym of a well-known fantasy author. Whoever she is - I really want more!