What do the Europeans think of Venezuela

VenezuelaPolitical scientist: Guaidó is legitimate interim president

"What Juan Guaidó is not is a self-appointed president," said political scientist Ivo Hernández in the Dlf. The media in Europe in particular would misrepresent that. "The European Union has recognized that these elections were falsified last year. The result can also be viewed as wrong. Maduro can no longer be president. Therefore, we cannot recognize him as president."

According to Article 233 of the Venezuelan Constitution, Guaidó as President of the National Assembly is the legal interim president in this case and enjoys the recognition of the great democracies of the world. "The days of dictatorships are over," said Hernández. Guaidó is there to ensure new, free elections. "Of course it brings many people back the hope that Venezuela can once again be a democracy among the world's democracies."

"This is really a humanitarian catastrophe"

Venezuela's problem could have global effects because global forces are currently operating in the country, such as "drug cartels, Islamic terrorism, narco guerrillas from Colombia. If these forces in Venezuela do not recognize that we have to go to a transition process, there could be problems "said Hernández. "That's why we all need support, mainly from Europe and democratic countries."

The political scientist welcomed the actions of the USA in Venezuela, even if he was not a supporter of President Donald Trump. "The American government is trying to save democracy at the moment."

On the situation of the people in the country, Hernández said: "In Germany we have experienced a refugee crisis with more than a million refugees. Venezuela has already lost more than ten percent of the population in two years, almost five million people." The country also lacks medicine and food. "This is a humanitarian catastrophe we're talking about. I'm really surprised that the media doesn't emphasize that." People die every day because there is no insulin for diabetics, no cancer drug for the sick, no food for children.