Can I use Python for commercial purposes?

Free Python IDE for commercial use

Important!This software is suggested using a web search and research.There is no personal experience with this application.I hope my answer helps you anyway!

I would recommend using Ninja IDE. According to Wikipedia and the official website, the above features are available

  • Light IDE
  • General functions such as: file management, searching in the file code locator, switching to line, tabs,
  • automatic indentation, editor zoom, etc.
  • Multi-platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows.
  • Syntax highlighting for a variety of languages. Although it's primarily intended to be a Python IDE, it can handle several other languages ​​as well.
  • Highlighting static and PEP 8 errors.
  • View tips for migrating code from Python2 to Python3.
  • Embedded Python console.
  • Project management, which enables files and folders to be added, changed and deleted from projects, whereby the " init .py "files can be created in each module, etc.
  • Allows to show and hide the user interface panels in a very easy way to suit any programmer's preferences.
  • Fully configurable user interface.
  • Allows multiple editors to be used at the same time.
  • An extensible plug-in system supported by the IDE.
  • Session handling: remembers open files and projects after closing the IDE.
  • Auto-complete code.
  • Code Locator: Lets you jump to any code in your project with just a few keystrokes.

For Ubuntu users

I also hope this resource will help you find a good IDE.

In any case, be warned that support for Python 3 is not complete as the developer who created the plug-in says here:

I am very happy to hear that you recommend this plugin. Unfortunately the Python 3 support never ended (barely started) even though I don't think it's a lot of work, I could never finish it. The past year has been insane and I couldn't find time to tweak the plugin with the new ninja if you or your friend want to contribute and maybe make a pull request with the Python 3 support that will be great.

As Joaquin Sargiotto said, you can contact his Github profile:


I actually used it (+1) but the debugger plugin seems to be broken for Python3 as it uses Python2 style printing instructions which are incompatible :-( file "/home/me/.ninja_ide/addins/" plugins / debugger_plugin /ndb3/ ", line 92 print" Exception when debugging: "+ repr (e) ^ SyntaxError: Invalid syntax

Pathum Anjana

@Mawg Most of the time they may not reply, but I emailed the developers regarding [email protected], [email protected]

Pathum Anjana

@Mawg I just got a response for Dev Diego when he mentioned. The debugger plugin is not an official plugin, it was created for someone in the community, so I cannot provide any help there. However, we will have full full feature debugging support for NINJA-IDE 3.0.

Pathum Anjana

@Mawg I was able to find the official developer who contributed to the plugin. I edited my post with the response I received from him

Peter Cordes

I now want to write something in Python just so I can try Ninja. Your website is hilarious and written by real ninjas. Stuff like, "Ninja IDE is GPLv3. This doesn't mean Greatest Power Level, but it's pretty cool too."