How was Rocky Marciano's success a mystery

Marcos Nader on "Rocky": The stuff dreams are made of

Marcos Nader was allowed to mime Rocky for one day of shooting on ORF. The creators of the previous evening magazine 25, which was only broadcast for two years, had the newly crowned bronze medalist of the U15 European Championship in 2004 hit pork halves in a hall of the former St. Marx slaughterhouse in Vienna, sent the motivated boy to a training run over the Naschmarkt and finally up the stairs to the Viennese Main library.

It was difficult for Nader, the super talented boxer, to imitate the expression of Sylvester Stallone in the required jubilation high above the traffic noise of the belt. After all, "Slys" facial expressions are as unique as the success story of the first of a series of eight films to date. A ninth prank is already being planned.

In 1976, Marcos Nader wasn't even a sinful thought from his parents, Rocky - The Chance of his Life was a completely unexpected box-office hit. Sylvester Stallone, a rather desperate than a good actor and until then unsuccessful screenwriter, had written the role of his life for himself, inspired by a fight between the giant Muhammad Ali and an improper challenger named Chuck Wepner. In contrast to Wepner, who, despite his limited resources, only lost to Ali in the 15th and last round by knockout, Rocky was to become heavyweight world champion in the second part of the film against the gifted black champion named Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).

Lastingly impressed

The 30-year-old middleweight Marcos Nader, currently International Champion of the IBF (International Boxing Federation) in Corona-related compulsory break, saw Rocky as a "six- or seven-year-old boy" and was unsurprisingly impressed. "When I heard the word actor, I automatically saw Rocky, which is Sylvester Stallone." For the boxer, the film about the Philadelphia underdog, which has won three Oscars, is "really Hollywood. A good story, well done with a great deal of imagination.

The later films in the series convinced the winner of 22 of his 24 professional fights so far more specifically in terms of sport. "It got better from part to part. After all, real, good boxers also played." One of them, Tommy Morrison, Rocky's boxing foster son in the fifth part of the saga, was even world heavyweight champion.


Still valid for Nader is the story told in Rocky of the not particularly talented outsider who receives a golden opportunity and gives everything to use it. She is the stuff of many dreams in Nader's boxing club Bounce.

It wasn't difficult for little Nader to recreate iconic scenes he had inhaled over and over again. To give the Rocky Balboa, who, like Joe Frazier, works in the slaughterhouse and trains on beef halves, jogs through his neighborhood to more and more cheers and finally races up the 72 steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to cheer upstairs.

Today a life-size Rocky statue adorns the park in front of the most famous movie staircase in history. Rocky tours are the big hit in the Delaware city. The fictional grave of Adrian Balboa, Rocky's wife, played by Talia Shire, can still be found at Laurel Hill Cemetery in North Philly. The love story of the two, in part one not just a minor matter, has probably less interested Marcos, the boy who dreamed of boxing. (Sigi L├╝tzow, April 30, 2020)