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These are the worst hurricanes ever

Heavy rains and storm surges, floods and damage in the millions - these are the consequences of violent hurricanes. Cyclone Dorian, which hit the northern Bahamas with full force, is no exception. We have summarized the most violent storms for you.

With wind speeds of up to 295 kilometers per hour, Hurricane “Irma” sweeps across the Caribbean - and leaves a trail of devastation. But it can be even more drastic: Read here which hurricanes have broken records.

Hurricane "Camille"

At a speed of up to 306 kilometers per hour, Hurricane “Camille” swirled not only Cuba, but also the US states of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana in August 1969 - the storm paralyzed all meteorological instruments when it reached the American mainland. The hurricane held a record up to 2005: At a good seven meters, it caused the highest storm surge in US history to date, killing 259 people and injuring almost 9,000 people.

Hurricane "Camille". Source: NOAA / National Climatic Data Center

Hurricane "Allen"

Hurricane Allen was moving at a similarly rapid pace. In July and August 1980 he swept over Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica and northern Mexico. Although the financial damage of 1.5 billion US dollars was lower compared to "Camille", there were almost as many deaths - 290 people died as a result of the hurricane.

Hurricane "Allen". Source: NOAA

Hurricane "Gilbert"

Cyclone "Gilbert" was arguably one of the deadliest and most intense hurricanes since records began in the mid-19th century. With wind speeds of up to 295 kilometers per hour, it caused damage running into billions in almost nine days in September 1988. "Gilbert" claimed hundreds of lives - 202 in Mexico, 45 in Jamaica, 30 in Haiti, twelve in Guatemala and five in Venezuela.